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Sep 20, 1989

I think the snap program (snap312e.whatever) is an excellent, excellent
documentation tool for Clipper (or other Dbase dialects), but that one
very useful report was possibly missing. A report that lists where
(by line number) in a 'prg' file the functions and procedures could be found.
I often find in a multi module system, keeping track of function and
procedure names and specific locations can be somewhat of a pain, especially
if you have not worked on that application in a while. Well here is
a free 'exe' that can be of assistance. My program accepts Clipper
(and other compatible) type source files as input and produces a file
named which lists alphabetically all functions and procedures,
their originating 'prg' file, line number, and type (P for procedure,
F for function).

command line parameters are
1) to run only 1 'prg' file through process exec 'funclst util.prg'. This
will produce a file called which XREF's procs/funcs in util.prg

2) to scan all prg files in the current directory and produce a 'fun' file
with all functions and procedures, just exec 'funclst'. It will
produce a single combined 'fun' file. (i.e. produce your own
function and procedure XREF of the Straley Toolkit)

3) Funclst can use as input a link list type file. (i.e a text file
containing a listing all program names in a system (like make requires).
To execute using a linked list exec 'funclst @linked.lst'. The '@'
sign before the linked list file name is important.

If you have any questions or comments (positive only, you can't
beat the price), please feel free to leave mail for me on the BOSS BBS,
(201) 568-7293 or write

Al Albanese
60 Tarn Drive
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

I hope this is useful, it is for me.

****** New Features ******(1.2)

Funclst works cleanly with Turbo Pascal files. The only side effects
1) In Unit source files (TPU Source), functions and procedures will
be listed twice, once for their initial declaration (in the interface
section) and once for their implementation (in the implementation
2) Currently the program will only look up "prg" type files when in
directory scan mode (Option 2 above). For pascal use, options 1 and
3 are to be used.

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Archive   : FNKLST12.ZIP
Filename : FUNCLST.DOC

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