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Product: The Finishing Touch
Version: 2.4, April 1, 1993
Purpose: Professional Software Installation Program
Requires: IBM Compatible PC, and DOS 2.1+
Target Market: Software Developers and Distributors
Registration Fee: $69.95
Author: ImagiSOFT, Inc.
Software Utilities Division
P.O. Box 13208
Albuquerque, NM 87192
(800) 767-1978
(505) 275-1920
(505) 275-9697 FAX / BBS

THE FINISHING TOUCH is a professional software installation program for
developers to distribute with their software. It compresses files
50%+, reads across floppies, checks hardware, modifies AUTOEXEC.BAT and
CONFIG.SYS, prints or views ASCII files, does error checking, and more!
Supports English, French, German and Spanish languages. Includes 67
pages of documentation and two sample script files. It can also be
used as a software update program. Registered version takes up less
than 35K of disk space. The $69.95 Registration fee allows a company to
distribute as many copies, and as many different products of their
software using the FINISHING TOUCH as they want to--no further
royalties are required. Written by ImagiSOFT, Inc., an ASP member.


The purpose of The Finishing Touch is two fold:
1. The Finishing Touch reduces the floppy disk space needed by
50 to 75% allowing them to distribute their software on fewer
disks. Depending upon the number of disks in the set, The
Finishing Touch should save its purchasers thousands of
dollars in software production, mailing, and distribution

2. The Finishing Touch gives the end user a simple, friendly, and
reliable way to install software. It can test the end user's
hardware so installation will go as smooth as possible. This
will please the user and will reduce support costs.
Developers only have one chance to make a first impression.
Why not make it the best one possible?

Anyone distributing The Finishing Touch for any kind of remuneration
must first contact ImagiSOFT, Inc. at the address below for
authorization. This authorization is automatically granted to
distributors recognized by the Association of Shareware Professionals
(ASP) as adhering to its guidelines for shareware distributors, and
such distributors may begin offering The Finishing Touch immediately;
however, ImagiSOFT, Inc. must still be advised so that the distributor
can be kept up-to-date with the latest version of The Finishing Touch.

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