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Last updated: October, 1991

This file contains a list of ConVal Software products now

They work on the many types of files that make up an
application - language source code, MAKE files, DOS batch files,
and ASCII documentation. They support the following languages:
BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Macro Assembler, Oracle, PASCAL,
PL/I, REXX, embedded SQL, and xBASE. They will also support any
straight ASCII text file.

FileXref 1.3 - A New Type of Cross Reference Tool
October 1991 Release

If you already have a cross reference program for C or
PASCAL, don't stop reading. FileXref is not a competitor of
these products. It addresses a different problem altogether.
FileXref recognizes that developers use several types of
files when programming. (Perhaps C, MAKE, Batch files for
testing, and documentation).

Tell FileXref the names of the files in your
application (or let it scan your disk(s) for them). It will
scan those files, producing cross reference information. By
examining the output, you can tell the global impact of a
change to a file or symbol in your software. It will also
show you the interrelationship of your files. And it will
identify unreferenced, obsolete source and documentation!

ReNamer 1.1 - A Professional Programming Tool for Renaming an
Application's Files and Symbols
August 1991 - Initial Release

Globally renames filenames and symbol names in text

When porting a product to a new platform there are
often different file naming and external variable naming
conventions. RENAMER saves a lot of manual effort for the
developer who wants more sales by supporting additional
computing platforms.

Also, if a sale depends on conforming to the customer's
specific naming conventions before installing it at their
site, this product is for you! (For example IBM mainframe
IMS and CICS applications which must coexist with many other
applications where your names may conflict with theirs.)

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