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F i l e X r e f

Version 1.3


Last updated: October, 1991

This file contains a history of the FileXref modifications and
fixes since it was originally released.

October 1991 1.3 Release - Includes the following changes:

01. Now supporting embedded SQL in C, COBOL, PL/I, FORTRAN, and
Pascal source code.

02. Now supports word exclusion from the symbol cross
referencing. This enables you to exclude language
specific keywords.

03. Using 59 lines per page and 79 characters per line
text format for all documentation files to be compatible
with most printers and monitors.

04. Support for Oracle's PL SQL '--' comment lines.

05. Fixed bug in SQL parsing where /* comments span multiple

06. No longer generating cross references for numeric literals.

07. Changed the parsing to ignore '.' terminator on BAS

08. Changed the parsing to ignore '?' terminator on TXT

09. Added '-' to the list of allowable middle characters
in "TXT", "DOC" and "INP" symbols.

10. Miscellaneous documentation changes and corrections.

March 1991 1.2 Release - Includes the following changes:

01. Added support for .DOC and .MAK files.

02. Error processing - Improved the error messages for file
processing errors (open, close).

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03. Fixed bug - FileList was selecting VOLID files.

04. Fixed Bug - COBOL source. Was returning columns 73-80 as
symbols when continuation character was '/'.

05. Error processing - Improved the FILEXREF ? messages. (Help
on using FileXref)
06. Documentation - Added and improved examples.

07. Printer Support - Reduced linecount to 60 on all print files
written by FileXref.

08. Error processing - Improved messages when out of
conventional memory.

09. Fixed Bug - Run time error R6013 - illegal far pointer use.

10. Error processing - When a selected file is not found we now
write an error message to the .MSG file as well as to the

11. Quality - Formalized regression testing procedures for

12. Quality - Created additional internal debugging support

13. Error management - Now invoking the FileXref help screen
when file open errors occur. (Assuming the user mistyped a
file name when overriding)

14. Major changes in ancillary documentation to support BBS and
Catalog distribution.

15. Fixed bug - "Internal error - State Table index is invalid.

Oct 1990 1.1 Initial Release

CompuServe IBMPRO Forum Library 6
Public Brand Software Catalog
Public Software Library (PsL)

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