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FILESELE.EXE - Easy to use overlay file Selector
for C and PASCAL - style languages by Andy & Cow.

This program allows you to select a file from directory
for passing its name to your applications. It includes
full directory and drive changing functions, directory
sorting, search by mask and entry of new file name.

Main functions:

Cursor (highlighted name) movement: Up, Dn, PgUp, PgDn,
Home, End arrows.

File choose: Highlight required name and press .

Exit Selector without file select: . It will return
to caller only PATH where you pressed .

Catalog change: Select required directory name and press
. Directory name from which you just exited, will
be highlighted.

Drive change: Press and choose drive name in upper
line by Right and Left arrows and press , or press
required drive letter. returns to select function
without any drive change.

Additional functions:

Enter search mask: Press and enter new search
mask, then press . If you will press
instead of , search mask will be *.* (any file).

Choose sorting strategy: Press and choose
from four strategies (Size, Name, Extension, Date) or
None (files are in directory order). Press and
choose direction of sorting: or , and accept
chosen by . returns to main select function
without strategy change.

Enter new file name: Press and enter new file
name. will accept this file name, will
return to Selector main function.

OS shell: Press ^S and you will see usual DOS prompt.
Use usual EXIT command to return to Selector.

Mouse support: Movement up/down/right/left is equal to Up/Dn/
Right/Left arrows, left button is equal to , right
button is equal to in all subfunctions menu. In main
select function it switches to drive select subfunction.


Usage from high-level languages: Use EXEC or other similar
function to run Selector with passing parameters in command
line. First parameter is memory address in hexadecimal notation
Segment:Offset, where to look for initial selecting path with
mask and where to store selected file name. Second parameter
is optional for use in PASCAL language, /P - it forces Selector
to deal with PASCAL strings. Otherwise it uses C string standard
(ASCIIZ). Demo source coding for Turbo Pascal included in this
package. Don't forget to make {$M...} directive in your programs.

Config file:
FILESELE.CFG consists of two lines; in first there is a search
mask, which is used in case if there is no search mask in passed
initial string. In second line there are two digits: first is
number of sorting strategy (0=None, 1=Name, 2=Size, 3=Ext, 4=Date)
and the second one is sorting direction (0=Inc, 1=Dec).
If FILESELE.CFG is absent in current directory when FILESELE.EXE
started, then "*.*" mask and no sorting is used.

Restrictions: Maximum files number is 300, but I hope that
it's enough. This version has switched off mouse support
and screen saving functions.

This is SHAREWARE. If you intend to use this program after
evaluation, please send me five dollars for registration.
For ten dollars and post-paid floppy sender I'll send you
new version with included mouse support and screen saving/
restore function. If you want to use Selector as part of
commercial product, contact me for details. I'll accept
any suggestions and comments about Selector. Thanks.

Andrei N. Tsyganenko
7903 Mandan Rd., Apt. #103
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Turbo Pascal is a trademark of Borland International Corporation.

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