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Filename : CHANGES.TXT

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E! 5.01

- Bug with PUT command. Was testing printer in all cases.

- Created PasteFlag to allow Pasting from resident programs.
Works with DESQview.

- E! no longer PAUSEs after an EXIT command.

- bug in SEARCH function. =/string// didn't work.

E! 5.02

- Bug in STRIP command : change flag not modified.

- Added "quoted char" facility when assigning a string beginning with $, & or
@ to a key. Use "\" to disable character interpretation.

E! 5.03

- Changed keyboard handling to accept german s-tsett character. á.

- Added ECHO in default internal commands list.

E! 5.04

- Fixed bug with UNDO reserving only one page in EMS. Now reserves 2 pages
for DELLINEBUFFER and forces MaxSaveLines to 8192 maximum when using EMS.

- Updated E!.DOC for UNDO.

- Fixed bug with EMS allocation when only a small amount of EMS pages is

- Fixed bug with Zoom/UnZoom function. Current line not stored.

E! 5.05

- Fixed bug with "Delete Block" function when deleted block is in another

- Fixed bug with SDEF.

- Fixed bug with regular expression search (empty braces - {*}).

E! 5.06

- Fixed bug with "Delete Line" when line length is 255.

- Fixed bug with "Search and Replace".

- Fixed bug with regular expression search when a syntax error occured.

E! 5.07

- Modified E!.HLP.

- Fixed bug with Alt O when destination = source.

- Fixed bug with file size when using F4 (save and quit).

- Added control on filename when loading.

- Fixed bug with video setup when monochrome screen attached to EGA-VGA

E! 5.08

- Fixed new bug with SDEF.

- Changed secondary windows behaviour. When the same file is displayed in
several windows the file "image" in secondary windows is no more changed
when lines are deleted or added in the active window.

- Fixed bug with DisplayError routine when compiling (overlapped next window).

E! 5.10

- Fixed a bug with search and replace.

- Added multifile compilation support.

- Fixed bug with word only search option.

E! 5.11

- Fixed a bug with multifile compilation when file was not found.

E! 5.12

- Added 'TABINC' keyword in Profiles to allow change of tabs increment
(range allowed 1-80).

- Modified SETCOMP and API.PAS to be consistent with the modifications
in compilers support.

- Added E!.ICO, an icon for use with WINDOWS 3.0.

E! 5.13

- Added 'CLIPBOARD' command and related utilities.

E! 5.14

- Modified CLIPBOARD command (get and set options).

E! 5.15

- Fixed bug with SUBMIT.

- Fixed bug with directory names containing a dot.
Changed NotValidName function to be more reliable.

E! 5.16

- Fixed small bug in the "search matching brace" function for the

- Fixed typos in documentation files.

- Added return of first displayed line number in DI in function 8 of


- Adapted to new version of DESQview (fixed problems when shelling to DOS)

- Changed macro processing. AUTO.MAC is now searched in the current
directory first and in the E! directory next.

- Fixed bug with program names parsing when executing DOS command.

- Modified API.C (bad test in Request_E_Address function)

- Added '&&' place holder for full pathnames in compile commands.