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#define MAXPARAM 6
#define VersionID "SCRIPT1"

//various record types in the script file, used also to identify the type
//of control
enum recType {Dlg, Button, SText, CText, InputL, Labl, Histry, ILong, CheckB,
RadioB, MultiCB, ListB, Memo, ScrollB, Done = -1};

//various type of validators--not useful in C++ yet
enum valType {Picture, Range, Filter, StringLookup, none = -1};

//the base struct. Overridden by objects that read the script file and
//again by objects that write source. Contains data that is common to
//the dialog and all controls. Read operations will be accomplished by
//the constructor, write operations by extensions to the methods.
struct ViewObj {
char *BaseObj, //base object, like TInputLine
*Obj; //actual class name, like TMyInputLine
int X1, Y1, X2, Y2, //the TRect
DefOptns, Optns, //default and actual options
DefEvMsk, EvMsk, //default and actual eventMask
HCtx, //helpCtx value
Grow; //growMode
char *Param[MAXPARAM]; //possible 6 extra parameters
char *HelpCtxSym, // like hcNoContext
*FieldName, //name you entered for dataRec fieldname
*VarName; //name you entered for variable name or 'control'

virtual void writeCode() {};
virtual void writeFields() {};
virtual void writeVars() {};

//the following objects will have their constructors defined to read the
//script file. They also contain fields special to the control type.
struct DialogObj : ViewObj { //the dialog itself
ushort Palette, WinFlags;
char *DlgFuncName, //like makeDialog
*KeyString, //ID string used when storing resource
*Title; //dialog title

struct ButtonObj : ViewObj {
char *CommandName, //like cmOK
*ButtonText; //like O~k~
ushort CommandValue, //value for Command

struct StaticTextObj : ViewObj {
ushort Attrib;
char *Text;

struct ColoredTextObj : StaticTextObj {
ColoredTextObj() : StaticTextObj() {};

// validator objects for TInputLine not used in C++ but which may be
//present in ascii file.
struct ValidatorObj {
ValidatorObj() {};
virtual void writeCode() {};
struct PictureValidatorObj : ValidatorObj {
int AutoFill;
char *PictureString;
struct RangeValidatorObj : ValidatorObj {
long int LowLim, UpLim;
ushort Transfer;
struct StringLookupValidatorObj : ValidatorObj {
char *List;
struct FilterValidatorObj : ValidatorObj {
char *CharSet;
long ActualCharSet[8]; //represents actual character set

struct InputLineObj : ViewObj {
ushort StringLeng; //AMaxLen parameter
char *ValPtrName; //Class name of validator (not used in C++
ValidatorObj* val;

struct InputLongObj : ViewObj {
char *LongLabelText; //Text of label, used for error reporting
ushort LongStrLeng; //AMaxLen parameter
long int LLim, ULim;
ushort ILOptions;

struct LabelObj : ViewObj {
char *LabelText,
*LinkName; //variable name of control to which label is linked

struct HistoryObj : ViewObj {
ushort HistoryID;
char *HistoryLink; //variable name of control to which history is linked

struct ClusterObj : ViewObj { //basis for RadioButtons, CheckBoxes, MultiCheckBoxes
ushort Items;
long int Mask; //enableMask, not used in C++
TStringCollection *LabelColl; //collection of label names
struct RadioButtonObj : ClusterObj {
RadioButtonObj() : ClusterObj() {};
struct CheckBoxObj : ClusterObj {
CheckBoxObj() : ClusterObj() {};
struct MultiCheckBoxObj : ClusterObj { //not useful in C++ yet
ushort MCBFlags;
int SelRange;
char *States;

struct ListBoxObj : ViewObj {
ushort Columns;
char *ScrollBar; //variable name of attached scrollbar
struct MemoObj : ViewObj {
char *TextFieldName;
ushort BufSize;
char *VScroll, *HScroll;
struct ScrollBarObj : ViewObj {
ScrollBarObj() : ViewObj() {};

extern TNSCollection *ScriptColl; //all controls read are stored in this collection
extern ViewObj* Dialog; //the dialog itself is stored here
extern Boolean present[ScrollB + 1]; //tells which Kinds are present
extern TStringCollection *classCollection; //a collection of all the Class names

ViewObj* getKind(recType Kind);
void readScriptFile(char* scriptName);
void checkMemory();

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Archive   : DLGDS411.ZIP
Filename : READSCPT.H

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