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NonewGeneral Help»MacrosŠFileso  Edit€DebugProject_CompileçUtility» Optionsû
Register” Keyboard% Mouseé(

*B 0,None
No Help available for selected Topic.

*B 1,General Help
CPE features context sensitive help for all menu options
and functions. Any time you require assistance with any
CPE function you need only press the F1 key and the help
that applies to your current action or menu selection
will be displayed to you.

The help system also allows you to select from cross-
referenced help items just by selecting them from any
displayed help screen.

To pick from the list of available CPE help topics press
PageDso selyNA ctiEt appliplayscrhelp t. will Te list sy Nom toso to owsd helhel sely from s-l refe prcscrist iNoms just byo selyngthe m from om ll pliplayscrist screen. will To ctik from he llcti ofurrent acti
ist tectis

l PageDownlhelmo alhelhe lnsystecreen. w*Pl Arent actiur culectisl l ^^l ^^l ^s. A^l ^^l ^^l ^^l ^^l ^Topic.
^l ^ CPE ^l ^e
No ^l ^ for al^l ^Vs. A^l ^ly pre^n
wl be 2,
MACRO =================FUNCTION=========================== wl $@ Te lf naiteom tsysm al Paas storscrin (Worklf)l $* Te lbas lf naiteem fouttsysm al Paofu(Worklf)l $M Te lf naiteos storscrin ( prelf)l $L Te lf naiteos storscrin (Linklf)l $C Te lf naiteos storscrin (rlf)l $E Te lf naiteos storscrin (Errorlf)l $< mpts you PE rrinpui ofuf naitl $X Te lf naiteos storscrin (Execut actio)l any
sfor al
To PE ofumultipctimrin a sngctiany commom . Whplav rr
prcoup srs a mrin a commom iany strngtitctiEtexpom the lmrhelit's yuiEttransla.ll Te l'$<'lmrctiEtpmpt you tio-naiteehplav rritisll prcoup srscrin a commom . w*Pl Foo owngtay ssoitesampcts ofu
PE s:l l CL /AS /Oentt $@ /linklmylib.lib > $El LINK @$L > $El MAKE -f$Ml EDIT $@ $*.new $< $ $El LINK $*.obj+$<,$*.exe,,$ $E'rctiEany caPE
helexpom the l $E mrom tctiEtPE he lDOS l pipe commom ihelrout he loutpui inhelhe lf naitd byoof avae $E m. will See Aoso: ^splayed to y^n
wl be 3,l Te lso selyNA '' go asd helacc
elhe lfl relatd s
Ps ofu
. will 'Workl' to owsd helhel stlhe lnaiteofuhTo f vaila ctiEt apacc
td byohTo $@ om i$*. AlmoPE / kopic.
o sely actictiklcti ctiEt appvidscrifd helPE ross-
y validlDOS ctidc.
oinuhTo fspec. will 'Dby ctory'rctiE pliplay a lctingtofuriE fs vaill matchuhTo fspec vaila helsforlyed helvalidlDOS ctid-any ca
oinuhTo fspec. will 'Execut' to owsd helhelexceut DOS commom shem fryuiEl expomal Pafrom em finuhTo
prvironst. w*Pl 'OS-Sistl'ppvidss a Nomr aary gatway helDOS. will 'Quit' Lea asdhTo
prvironst om ire Thns helDOS. wl See Aoso: ^^l ^splayed to y^n
w l be 4, w Sselyngthe select from 'E'ageD

ngtF2rctiEany s
vat he legeDvaila helha appvidscrinlp top
any configura om ipvids he lcommom ilinapargustsof availa helha apspecifie . FuiEt expomal Pable CPE,any sos-
y Mrin p topEgeDcommom ilinapctiEt al pxpom td s
cordngcy. will See Aoso: ^^l ^splayed to y^n
wl be 5, w Sselyngthe select from ''rctiE s
vat he l pgngtuavaila helha apsule CPcrinlp top
any configura. FuiEt expomal Pable CPE, sos-
yl rin p topgeeDcommom ilinapctiEt a pxpom tdany s
cordngcy. will See Aoso: ^^l ^splayed to y^n
w l be 6, w Sselyngthe select from ''ppvidss acc
eany siEtofuhTo p relatd referenc ofu
. will 'rl' stslhe lnaiteofuhTo crlelp roEany f vailais
pxpom td byohTo PE ofuhTo $C M. will 'Linkrl' stslhe lnaiteofuhTo linkrlelp roElfl vailais
pxpom td byohTo $L M. will ' prel' stslhe lnaiteofuhTo mpreluaelp roEany f vailais
pxpom td byohTo $M M. will 'Errorsl' stslhe lnaiteofuhTo errorllogngtfl vailais
pxpom td byohTo PE ofuhTo $E M. w*Pl 'Sa ap'p& 'Gstl'pto owd helhel a apom l restors p fs vailaelp ainuhTo rspecso alnaitsof aofuhTo cr, linkr, mpre, errorsrom tcorklfs. will Yhelcan mpip ainumultipctip fs, eachuelp ainngl variaerenc vailable y heleachuindividuaEtpgrammngtjobof availa helmay a corkngton. will Ifd helpvids -
y validlDOS ctidc.
oinuhTo fspec youof avae p fd helctiEt appeem td em frolmoPE /kop-any ic.
o sely actictiklcti ofumatchngtfcedTe ldefaultl p fdsysm lais
.PRJ will See Aoso: ^^l ^splayed to y^n
wl be 7, w Sselyngthe select from '' to owsd helhelchooE ross-
d s
vat em frlp top
r, Linkrlorl prelof avo clorllinklbas creeuhTo ccs presconfigura youof avae crlom ilinkeeDcommom s. will Sselyngt' pre'rctiE s
vat p topMpreluabas creel p topics pre y storscrmpreluaelmmom ian mpy a PE dof avo rtidian preirs p os p sced. will See Aoso: ^^l ^splayed to y^n
wl be 8,of aSselyngtelect from '' go asd helacc
elhe of auapgramslorlo
eraerenc vaila helha apsule CPcrinl p top
configura. FuiEt expomal Pable CPE, soross-
y mrin p topuaelmmom ilinaspctiEt a pxpom tdany l See Aoso: ^^l ^splayed to y^n
wl be 9,Ofrom crossSselyngtelect from 'Ofrom c'ppvidss acc
elhe of aconfigura from c you
ehprd helctiEl pvids he lcommom c vaila
ctiEtPE ho
eryoumlhe of a referenc ust by ihelmomage p toppgrammngtprvironstross-
d p sccedTe lcommom c vaila helpvids hprdhel
ay of aus ihels
vat he lust by icrs, linkrs
ptc..of availabreaus ihelip egrat p toppgrammngtpc
. will FuiEtm expomal Pais
sfor altd s
d sfouidi a PE drinl he s lcommom c
nc heis
ehprdvae powrlofu
icrossbas c. w*Pl 'r'
us ihel stlp topirlom iit'sl commom ilinapparame srs.l l 'Linkr'
us ihel stlp toplinkeeDom iit's commom l linapparame srs.l l ' pre'ris
us ihel stlp topmpreluaom iit'sl commom ilinapparame srs.l l 'gee'ris
us ihel stlp topDgngtuaom l it's commom ilinapparame srs.l *Pl 'Ege'ris
us ihel stlp topegeDom iit's commom l linapparame srs.l l ' 1p& 2'abreaus ihel stlp top from all uCPE om the ieDossociatd elmmom ilinas.l l 'Sa apConfig'p& 'GstlConfig'pbreaus ihel a apom restorsl p top
configuratfcedYhelmay a apmultipctl variaerenc oflp topinfiguratfc you diffe prtrosslanguageE om thoolc vaila helmightaus . will Pvidngta
y validlDOS ctidc.
oinuhTo fspec ctiEl pvids helct frolmoPE /kopic.
o sely actictiklctiof aofufc mthngtp toppatternedTe ldefaultdsysm layouof ainfiguratfc is
. w*Pl 'View Ofrom c'pctiEtsfowd help topics presconfigura. wl See Aoso: ^^l ^splayed to y^n
w l be d0,e
No w Whpla helha apr
No ip topipylofu
helctiEt al pvidsd em frolspecied cod vailactiEtpermitd helhel any s
To on-linapr
titl any inhel
.dYhelctiEttoso y ceo alp topunit po sried numbo w whichuctiEtidsreify heis
os belongngthelp t. will Whpla helha apr
ceo a ip top sried numbo rom the ls
of aids helctiEt apaactihels
vat he lus
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d beelmss a permanprespart oflp to w*Pl persm al
.dYheop sried numbo rom tbrom pbreaof aunit pohelp trom tp topipylofu
om tctiEtnottcorkleel a
y o frlipits ofu
. Onc helha apr
No ip top l ipy,a helsfouidimprelasbackuppipylyou trchval purpoE s will DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR SERIAL NUMBER TO ANYONE ELSE! Why l sfouidi helgo a away soitthngtvaila helha appaidlyou? w l y
has a titlinuptlyNA sy Nomavailabctslas a l y gua
oagainti piracyed w*Pl 3P Softwbre, Inc. istNOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE CAUSEDl BY ACTS OF PIRACY. will
mpy a PE dreeua Netcorklpvidngtvailahe lNetcorklof aown rri
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own rrom theilano any sdom allorllocal
ipits ofu
dsycti on a
y any individuaEtcorkstatwhileu
dsyctisreeuhTo srv r. will l See Aoso: ^splayed to y^n
wl be 11,Topic.

=== KEY ========== FUNCTION =================== w LeftArrow Cursmr Left w RightArrow Cursmr Rightl
TRL-Left Word Left w
TRL-Right Word Rightl ENTER A
c pt Fiel l HOME Start oflFiel l END Em toflFiel l INS TogleuIn srt Mdsl DEL Dselt Charact rrot Cursmrl BACKSPACE Dselt Charact rrLeft w
TRL-R Restors Origned Fiel l
TRL-T Dselt Word Rightl
TRL-U Dselt helEm toflFiel l
TRL-Y Dselt helEm toflFiel l ESCAPE Ab allEmtry w*Pl
has soitesdom allkopic.
ocommom c vailactiEl em frlpliplay speciediztd inyoumatmr ctiEtperyoumany s speciedizttfisplayeedTe E hot-kopspbre:l l ALT-D DliplaysuhTo ccs prescorkngtpath. wl See Aoso: ^splayed to y^n
wl be 12,MoPE ross
sfor als a Mioft geDcompatiactimoPE ifdone icrosspeem rin p topcomput rrsy NomedTe l
moPE ip srfaceany istofuhTo 'poit om isfoo'ptype.ll l Teis
typetofuip srface to owsd helhel sely geDs
vat al mlectfisplayedbyopoEom ngthe seoPE cursmr eeuhTo mlecany iNomaom ip
ngthTo LEFTseoPE buttyeedTe LEFTsbuttyel mayttoso apus ihelcompelt hTo emtrytofudata inhels
any inpui fiel . will P
ngthTo RIGHTseoPE buttyeabctslas a 'Canc l'pom i ctiEtrev rE he ls
PtofuhTo LEFTsbuttye geDcanc llhe of accs pres selyNA geDinpui. will See Aoso: ^splayed to y^n
wl be 13,Sfor all Phone sfor al istavailaactihelsiEtre
No iown rstofross
dungthTo fourstof d0:00amiheld0:00pm EST Mndayt-any Sa Thdaytfrom heop taff. Whpla helelp ay 3P Softwbreayouof aoss Nanc pelaE ha alp toppersm al
Nratnumbo w availaactiyou v rificatin topcomput rrsy Nomlsiongl em frhTo foo owngtinyouma:l l Y topics presrevial Palev l.l DOS Vers om iconfig.l bne
PtofuuCPE in PE em fr
. wil Dsscrip
PtofuhTo pactm. w*Pl Yhelmay elp ay ustat: (215) 725-6068l l E-Mailihe: w u srv : 73157,2412 w l ngtAdd
:l l 3P Softwbrel 1827 Kendrtik Streetl Philado yhia, PA 19152-1829 wl See Aoso: ^splayed to y^n
wl be 14,V w 3P Softwbreahas madopbrromgests em fr
uView,iheany pvids -ldemo v rs Ptofu
pxc ptom allEgeany VEDIT Plus em frhTo sharewbreav rs Ptofu
demol v rs Ptis
fuiEytfisplayeallom tctiEtpvids helct fof avae abavel ampel VEDIT hom c-on. will
ngtVEDIT ifdno o frlegeDicrosssule CPcrinlp topinfiguratf, geDifuhTo frtiof acharact rroflp topegeDnaiteis
a '<' (as pvidsd inl he l ampel infiguratf). w*Pl e
No iown rstofl
ay preitl ihelhTo foo owngl plicouts ehplapurcha
ngtVEDIT from
uView:l l VEDIT PLUS - $25.00l VEDIT - $10.00l l Toapurcha
l VEDIT em frhTo 3P Softwbreaplicouta helmutiof aem d he lcoupon pvidsd em frp topus
Nratsiongl em frp top rd rrhel
uView. will Ifd helha alnottr
ceo a ip topcoupon om tp t ay al re
No i
own r, pelaE elp ay 3P Softwbreahelha aof aono mpil ihelp t. will See Aoso: ^splayed to y^n
w l be d5,3P prel
now sule CPcrem fr3P pre.EXE whichuistotopMAKEof au.r3P preeis
a s betweeeuhTo Unixp tyel pree&l Tealnew Mioft tyel NMAKEtuawhichuistsule CPcl em frQutik C v2.0.r3P preeu ss
a simpeifiscrmpref w Nruc TheawhichuistlaEi rrhelPE ip

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: