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Bdebug - Debugging tool for btrieve user.

Bdebug is a debugging tool designed to help programmers which are using the
Btrieve record manager.

Bdebug is a memory resident program which trace each call to Btrieve and
display all parameters sending to and receiving from Btrieve.

Having the ability to watch each parameter sending to or from Btrieve
mean a lot of time saving and more convenient way to trace error in program.

To activate the program just type bdebug. Note however that this program
must be loaded AFTER the Btrieve record manager.

Once loaded, the program is in a sleeping mode. to activate the program one
must press the ALT CTRL LEFT-SHIFT keys all together.

When activated, Bdebug display its menu which contain 6 options.

Use the arrow keys to move the lighted bar between options. Select option by
pressing the enter key.

The option that appear in the menu are.

1. Sleep/wake up.
2. Window position.
3. Window size.
4. Single/Double strike.
5. Unhook Bdebug.
6. Exit this menu.

1. Sleep/wake up.

Once loaded, the program is in sleep mode. In order to begin tracing of
Btrieve call, press the key combination to activate the menu, than select
the first option and press ENTER. The first paragraph will change from 'sleep'
to 'wake up'. From now on Bdebug will trace Each call to Btrieve and will
display the parameters in special window on screen.

After putting the program in the wake up mode, select option 6 to exit
menu and resume normal program execution. Note however that it is also
possible to quit the menu any time by pressing the ESC key.

2. Window position.

By selecting this option, the user have the ability to place the window at
any chosen location on the screen. After selecting this option, the menu
will disappear from screen and the data window will be shown. Use arrow keys
to bring this window to desired place, than press ENTER or ESC keys to
return to menu.

3. Window size.

By enlarging window size, The user have the ability to examine the content of
the key and the record. those are given both in ascii and hex format.
Again, use arrow keys to enlarge the window size. When done, press ENTER or
the ESC keys to return to menu.

4. Single/Double strike.

Usually, the Bdebug program will display all parameters which are sent and
receive from Btrieve in a window, Than it will wait for key to be pressed in
order to resume execution. Actually the program display all parameters twice.
Once before calling Btrieve and once after the call.
Sometimes it is desirable to examine parameters before AND after the call.
If this the case, choose this option and by pressing enter change it from
single to double strike. The program will wait for user input before it call
the Btrieve and after returning.

5. Unhook Bdebug.

select this option to remove Bdebug program entirely from memory.

Warning - NEVER uninstall the program while you are running another program.
always choose this option from DOS prompt only.

NEVER uninstall the program if there are other memory resident programs
above it. Uninstall them first.

Hope you benefit something by using this program

Jacob Gafny.
Israel 1987.

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