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Anomalies in ALINK 1.04

1. The error message 'Cannot find a symbol segment' does not display the name
of the offending object file. This message is generated when you try and
link a C or ASM object file in the overlay area.

Move this object file into the root area.

2. The temporary files with an extension of SYM are not deleted after

Use ALINK in a batch file that automatically deletes *.SYM when linking is

3. When using MS LINK, libraries are not found using the path in the OBJ
environment variable.

Set the LIB environment variable to contain the path of your libraries.

4. In certain cases where memory intensive operations are required recovery
of space occupied by inactive programs needs to be recovered.

Use AL_FLUSH() in your application immediately before activities like
invoking MEMOEDIT(), building ARRAYS or INDEXING.

5. Command line and interactive mode are not implemented.

In the interim use a script file.

6. The documentation says that ALINK will automatically look for
PLINK86.EXE if LINK.EXE is not found. This is incorrect.

In the interim use the syntax ALINK @