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Having problems with PLINK86 overlays?

Can't fit your program into 640K?

Ever tried fitting an 800K .EXE into under 400K free memory?

ALINK is the solution!

How is it done?

PLINK86 allocates fixed areas of memory to load Clipper compiled programs.
It always allocates enough memory to load the largest size program, and
wasting it when a small program is called upon.

ALINK, on the other hand, DYNAMICALLY allocates memory to load the module
and frees older modules when it is not needed. An average size program that
otherwise would need overlaying will never need to use more than 40K of free
memory at any one time. In fact as your application continues to run, it
determines for itself whether some modules can be freed or kept in memory
without reloading. Advantage of this system is that there is no need to know
the tree structure of your system. The overlay manager knows at any time
where the module in the overlay file, so it takes very little time load the
module and allow the program to continue.

ALINK itself is just a program which prepares an overlay file for you to be
used with the EXE file. The overlay can be either internal or external to
the EXE file.

ALINK uses a script file identical to PLINK86's script file to process.

ALINK syntax

The syntax of ALINK is as follows: