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º MicroCom Systems, copyright 1987, all rights reserved. º
º LANGUAGE-10 Augusta 1.1a, subset of the DOD's new ADA programming language.º
º AUGUSTA .BAS 25462 Original Augusta compiler by Edward Mitchell. º
º ATERP .COM 23462 Compiled Turbo Pascal Aterp. º
º AUGUSTA .COM 34617 Compiled Turbo Pascal Augusta. º
º DISGUSTA.COM 15951 Compiled Turbo Pascal Disgusta. º
º ATERP .PAS 35145 Interpreter for compiled programs. º
º AUGUSTA .PAS 43224 Augusta translated into Turbo Pascal. º
º DISGUSTA.PAS 9109 Augusta de-compiler. º
º KEYWORDS.TXT 1664 Data file containing Augusta keywords. º
º README .TXT 4725 Documentation. º
º DEMO .AUG 2560 Sample program implements binary number guessing game. º
º SIEVE .AUG 768 Sample Sieve of Erastosthenes benchmark program. º

³ Hardware: No special requirements. ³
³ Software: Dos 2.0 or later. ³
³ To start: Enter "AUGUSTA", then respond to the prompts. ³
³ To end: Ends automatically upon completion. ³
³ For help: Read README.TXT. ³
³ Author: Edward Mitchell, pascal translation by Jim Castleberry. ³
³ AUGUSTA is a subset of the US Department of Defense computer language ³
³ ADA. ADA has been touted as the language of the future. More development ³
³ has been put into the design of ADA than of any other new programming ³
³ language ever! Augusta is a downsized version of ADA, devised by Edward ³
³ Mitchell and published in Dr. Dobb's Journal. Jim Castleberry has taken ³
³ the Augusta Basic source code and translated it into structured Pascal. ³
³ The source is provided along with the compiled interpreter so that you can ³
³ add your own extensions. ³
³ Augusta will compile the source program into "pseudo-code" which is ³
³ then executed by the interpreter ATERP. To run a program, first compile it ³
³ using Augusta, then execute it by entering "ATERP" followed by the name of ³
³ the ADA pseudo-code created by Augusta. Additionally, a pseudo-code ³
³ dissassembler is provided, which translates the compiled programs into ³
³ something more readable, similar to assembly language. ³
³ Two sample programs are provided with Augusta. SIEVE.AUG is the ³
³ popular Eratosthenes Sieve benchmark, while DEMO.AUG is a simple number ³
³ guessing game. ³
³ Those wishing further information on the ADA language and Augusta ³
³ specifically are directed to articles in four issues of Dr. Dobb's ³
³ Journal, totaling over fifty pages. They explain the operation of the ³
³ compiler, the language syntax, and the details of the system. Dr. Dobb's ³
³ issues 75, 77, 79, and 81, running every other month from January to July ³
³ of 1983. There is a 160 page book about Augusta mentioned in the article ³
³ available from Laboratory Microsystems Inc., 4147 Beethoven Street, Los ³
³ Angeles, CA, 90066. ³

MicroCom Systems distributes Public Domain and User-Supported (PD&US) software
for the IBM PC/XT/AT and compatible computers. Our software charter specifies
that we search for the best available PD&US software and distribute it for a
nominal charge. We understand that there are literally hundreds of megabytes
of PD&US software in existence and it is our goal to distribute only the best,
which constitutes only a small fraction of all PD&US software. Our prices are
also a reflection of the fact that we are a service oriented group.

In addition to offering only the best of what is available, we DO NOT offer
lots of redundant programs, which other public domain software groups tend to
do. We try to provide the service of distributing only the best program
available for a particular need, rather than every program on the market that
meets that need. For example, we sell only ONE variable size ram-disk (the
best one) whereas some of the other groups sell more than TEN of them!

BUSINESS 1 ... EZ-Forms 1.50 form generation, completion and printing program.
CAD 1 ........ Altamira 1.0 object oriented drawing program. Color required.
CAD 2ab ...... DanCad3D 1.3 advanced 3D/2D drafting. 640k & color req'd.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
CAD 3 ........ PC-Flow 1.0, computer aided flowchart generation. Color required.
COMM 1ab ..... The ever popular Qmodem 2.4 windowing modem program.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
COMM 2ab ..... Procomm 2.42 an excellent modem prog. w/term. emulation.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
COMM 3 ....... Compression/decompression, archival utils for communications.
COMM 4abcde .. RBBS 14.1d Bulletin Board System for information exchange.
(Five disks. The cost is 5 times that of a single disk!)
DATABASE 1ab . File-Express menu driven general purpose database manager.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
DATABASE 3 ... pBase 1.50, a powerful relational db manager with query lang.
EDUCATION 1 .. Dos Tutor 4.2 for beginning DOS users, and DOS cmd reference.
EDUCATION 2 .. Learn the Presidents, States (and capitals) and more. Color.
EDUCATION 5 .. Learn Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Color req'd.
EDUCATION 6 .. 17 Lesson Turbo Pascal tutorial with sample programs for each.
EDUCATION 7 .. PC-Professor interative Basic tutorial. Learn to program!
FINANCES 1ab . PC-Accountant 2.0, personal bookkeeping/finance manager.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
FINANCES 3ab . ExpressCalc 3.12 powerful spreadsheet program.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
FINANCES 4 ... AM-Tax, federal tax preparation software for 1986 tax year.
GAMES 1 ...... Chess, 3-D PacMan, Flightmare, Kong and more! Color req.
GAMES 2 ...... Monopoly, Qubert, Pango, Centipede, and more! Color req.
GAMES 3 ...... Blackjack, Arm-chair Quarterback, Empire, and more!
GAMES 4 ...... Startrek, the original colossal caves Adventure, and Castle.
GAMES 5 ...... The amazing Hack 3.5 adventure from the universities. Large!
GAMES 6 ...... PacMan, Othello, Pinball, Dragons, and more! Color req.
GAMES 7 ...... Backgammon, Centipede, Firefighting, more. Some require color.
GAMES 8 ...... Risk 1.1 world domination & Striker 1.2 arcade game. Color req.
GAMES 9 ...... EGARisk 1.1, world domination & EGARoids, asteroids. EGA req'd.
GAMES 10 ..... Solitaire, Golf, and Sailing in the Bermuda Triangle. Color req.
GAMES 12 ..... Chess, Backgammon, and Wheel of Fortune. Color not required.
GRAPHICS 1 ... Present, the sophisticated computer ""slide"" show facility.
HUMOR 1 ...... Practical, impractical & other jokes. Amusing pastimes for PCs.
INFO 1ab ..... The Chef 1.1 keyword based recipe management system.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
INFO 2ab ..... Zip-Phone V1.4, U.S. zipcode/state/areacode cross reference.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
LANGUAGE 1 ... PDProlog 1.91a Artificial Intelligence language.
LANGUAGE 2 ... The Small-C compiler and a C interpreter!
LANGUAGE 3ab . A86 8088/8086 v2.18 advanced macro assembler/debugger.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
LANGUAGE 4 ... 370 Assembler, linker and emulator for IBM mainframe fans.
LANGUAGE 5 ... Turbo Pascal utilities. Interactive debugger and more!
LANGUAGE 7 ... Visible Pascal, compiler and interactive debugger.
LANGUAGE 8 ... Xlisp 1.7, the standard for AI programming languages.
LANGUAGE 9 ... Icon 5.9 string and structure oriented programming language.
LANGUAGE 10 .. Augusta 1.1a, subset of the DOD's new ADA programming language.
LANGUAGE 11 .. Forth 83, 2.1, compiler, decompiler, and source editor.
MUSIC 1 ...... Many clever tunes, and an exc. color graphics music editor.
MUSIC 2ab .... PianoMan 3.04 polyphonic music recording/playback. PC-Dos.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
ORGANIZER 1 .. Sidekick-like DeskTeam 1.04 and Judy 1.02, your PC secretary.
ORGANIZER 2 .. Project management using critical path scheduling.
ORGANIZER 3 .. PC-Outline 3.22SW memory resident windowing outline editor.
ORGANIZER 4 .. DBS-Kat 1.3 disk cataloging/archival program.
PICTURE 1 .... From Darth Vader to Snoopy, printer and screen graphics.
PICTURE 2 .... High resolution digitized graphics pictures. Graphics req'd.
PINUP 1 ...... Provocative printer-graphics pinups for your computer room.
PINUP 2 ...... Provocative high resolution digitized pinups. Graphics req'd.
PRINTER 1 .... The compete printer kit: spooler, banner maker, and more.
PRINTER 2 .... ImagePrint 1.01 near letter quality from Epson compat. printers.
SHELL 1 ...... Still River Shell DOS windowing environment.
SHELL 2 ...... Unix-type programs, includes a C-shell, Emacs, wc and more.
SHELL 3 ...... Z80 emulator, ver 3.1. Run Z80 and CP/M programs under DOS!
SHELL 4 ...... Automenu 3.01 custom menu facility and HDM 4.04 hard disk menus.
SIMULATION 1 . Maze making, MIT's Life simulation, starfields, etc. Color.
SIMULATION 2 . The Super Mandelbrot ultra-powerful microscope, v2.0. Color.
UTILITIES 1 .. A collection of invaluable general purpose DOS utilities.
UTILITIES 2 .. More of the best general purpose utils. An absolute must!
UTILITIES 3 .. A comprehensive set of debugging and diagnostic utilities.
UTILITIES 4 .. The Ultra-File Utilities for advanced diskette manipulation.
UTILITIES 5 .. Hard disk utilities, including Autopark, and Disk Organizer.
UTILITIES 6 .. Advanced DOS utils including Dpaath, Pushdir and Popdir, etc.
UTILITIES 7 .. More advanced utils inc. Masterkey (undel for hard disks), etc.
WORD 1ab ..... PC-Write 2.7 sophisticated word processer w/spell checker.
(Two disks. The cost is double that of a single disk!)
WORD 2 ....... Script 2.01, IBM's popular text formatter, comes to the PC!
WORD 3 ....... Writing analysis programs PC-Style 1.0 and PC-Read 2.5.
WORD 4 ....... Spell checking with customization ability. 26000+ word dict.

The content and availability of the above disks is subject to change without

The programs we distribute generally require PC-DOS versions 2.0 or later
(including 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2) A few programs may not work on some
compatibles. The basic programs distributed require IBM BASIC or BASICA, but
in most cases are compatible with GWBASIC, and Compaq's BASICA.

This distribution diskette may or may not have been physically write protected.
In any case, files should be copied to a work disk before use. In some cases,
it may not be possible to successfully execute programs without copying the
relevant files to a non-write protected work disk with sufficient space.

For a summary of the programs on a diskette, read the file HELP.DOC.
HELP.DOC contains a one line summary section for all programs on the disk.
Many programs will come with a separate documentation file with extension
".DOC". These documentation files should prove quite helpful in learning how
to use the programs. To execute a program with the specified extension:

EXE Type the program name leaving off the extension.
COM Type the program name leaving off the extension.
BAS Type BASICA followed by the program name.

The programs distributed may be in subdirectories. To access a program in a
subdirectory, execute the DOS command "CHDIR (directory name)". This will then
make the specified directory the current one and the programs in it will be
directly accessible.

All files contained on this disk are either in the public domain or are
user-supported software, or are copyrighted by MicroCom Systems.
User-supported software is copyrighted and subject to restricted use as per the
author specifications. Some user-supported software may require non-voluntary
contributions. Please remember that the abundance of good useful user
supported software is due to talented programmers spending much of their free
time writing software and that any contribution you make helps promote the
writing of more such software. To the best of our knowledge we distribute only
programs for which distribution is permitted or for which we have received
explicit permission from the author or copyright holder.

This file is copyrighted and permission is granted to make copies only for
personal use (this precludes distribution in any form, including placing on
bulletin boards, selling, et cetera). Additionally the arrangement of programs
on this disk, and the naming/numbering and compilation organization of the
MicroCom Collection (TM) is copyrighted.

Print out this file and use the following order form:


Please specify the disk names in the spaces provided below. If more than 15
disks are desired please specify on a separate sheet of paper.

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(3) ____________________ (8) ____________________ (13) ____________________

(4) ____________________ (9) ____________________ (14) ____________________

(5) ____________________ (10) ____________________ (15) ____________________

Disks 3.50 each, less than 10
3.00 each, 10 or more
For 3.5" format, add 1.00 per disk.

Number of disks _____

times cost/disk x _____

Total disk cost _______

If catalog desired, 2.00 _______
Shipping address:
California residents add 7%
sales tax. _______ _____________________________________

Ship/handling 1.00 domestic, _______ _____________________________________
5.00 foreign
(always reqd.) _____________________________________
TOTAL _______
make checks payable _____________________________________
to: MicroCom Systems

Visa/MasterCard orders:

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Phone Number (_____) _____-______ Authorized Signature _____________________

Please send this order form to:

Public Domain Software
MicroCom Systems
P.O.Box 51657
Palo Alto, CA 94303

All disks are warranted to be readable. MicroCom Systems hereby disclaims all
other express and implied warranties for this software, including the
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The
program index is not warranted to be completely accurate. In no event will
MicroCom Systems be liable for any damages, including any lost profits, lost
savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of
or inability to use such software. Should any of your disks be unreadable,
please return the suspect disk(s) to us and we will send a new copy of the disk.

While we are always trying to distribute the latest releases of programs we
welcome the submission of new releases of programs and of programs which we do
not carry for our evaluation. Also reviews of programs which you have tried
or suggestions as to how we can better serve you in the future would be very
much appreciated. Thank you.

MicroCom Systems, Copyright 1987. All rights reserved.