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Archive   : ADA-LRM3.ZIP
Filename : LR1G.SRC

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-- Developed at Nofolk State University
-- Development funded by a grant from the U. S. Army
-- Project ReDTEA
-- Version 1.0 released December 1988
-- Programmer: Esther M. Lumsdon
-- Project Director: George C. Harrison, PhD

with TEXT_IO; use TEXT_IO;

package LRM_TYPES is

type LEGAL_CITATIONS is (C1, C1P1, C1P2, C1S1, C1S1P1, C1S1V1, C1S1V1P1,
C1S1V1P2, C1S1V1P3, C1S1V1P4, C1S1V1P5, C1S1V1P6, C1S1V1P7, C1S1V1P8,
C1S1V1P9, C1S1V1P10, C1S1V1P11, C1S1V1P12, C1S1V1P13, C1S1V1P14, C1S1V1P15,
C1S1V1P16, C1S1V1P17, C1S1V1P18, C1S1V2, C1S1V2P1, C1S1V2P2, C1S1V2P3,
C1S1V2P4, C1S1V2P5, C1S1V2P6, C1S1V2P7, C1S2, C1S2P1, C1S2P2, C1S2P3, C1S2P4
, C1S2P5, C1S2P6, C1S2P7, C1S2P8, C1S3, C1S3P1, C1S3P2, C1S3P3, C1S3P4,
C1S3P5, C1S3P6, C1S3P7, C1S3P8, C1S3P9, C1S4, C1S4P1, C1S4P2, C1S4P3, C1S4P4
, C1S4P5, C1S4P6, C1S4P7, C1S4P8, C1S4P9, C1S4P10, C1S4P11, C1S4P12, C1S4P13
, C1S4P14, C1S4P15, C1S4P16, C1S4P17, C1S4P18, C1S4P19, C1S4P20, C1S4P21,
C1S4P22, C1S4P23, C1S4P24, C1S4P25, C1S4P26, C1S4P27, C1S4P28, C1S4P29,
C1S4P30, C1S4P31, C1S5, C1S5P1, C1S5P2, C1S5P3, C1S5P4, C1S5P5, C1S5P6,
C1S5P7, C1S5P8, C1S5P9, C1S5P10, C1S5P11, C1S5P12, C1S5P13, C1S6, C1S6P1,
C1S6P2, C1S6P3, C1S6P4, C1S6P5, C1S6P6, C1S6P7, C1S6P8, C1S6P9, C1S6P10, C2
, C2P1, C2P2, C2S1, C2S1P1, C2S1P2, C2S1P3, C2S1P4, C2S1P5, C2S1P6, C2S1P7,
C2S1P8, C2S1P9, C2S1P10, C2S1P11, C2S1P12, C2S1P13, C2S1P14, C2S1P15,
C2S1P16, C2S2, C2S2P1, C2S2P2, C2S2P3, C2S2P4, C2S2P5, C2S2P6, C2S2P7,
C2S2P8, C2S2P9, C2S2P10, C2S2P11, C2S3, C2S3P1, C2S3P2, C2S3P3, C2S3P4,
C2S3P5, C2S3P6, C2S4, C2S4P1, C2S4P2, C2S4P3, C2S4V1, C2S4V1P1, C2S4V1P2,
C2S4V1P3, C2S4V1P4, C2S4V1P5, C2S4V1P6, C2S4V1P7, C2S4V2, C2S4V2P1, C2S4V2P2
, C2S4V2P3, C2S4V2P4, C2S4V2P5, C2S4V2P6, C2S5, C2S5P1, C2S5P2, C2S5P3,
C2S5P4, C2S6, C2S6P1, C2S6P2, C2S6P3, C2S6P4, C2S6P5, C2S6P6, C2S6P7, C2S7,
C2S7P1, C2S7P2, C2S7P3, C2S7P4, C2S8, C2S8P1, C2S8P2, C2S8P3, C2S8P4, C2S8P5
, C2S8P6, C2S8P7, C2S8P8, C2S8P9, C2S8P10, C2S8P11, C2S8P12, C2S8P13,
C2S8P14, C2S8P15, C2S9, C2S9P1, C2S9P2, C2S9P3, C2S9P4, C2S9P5, C2S10,
C2S10P1, C2S10P2, C2S10P3, C2S10P4, C2S10P5, C2S10P6, C2S10P7, C2S10P8, C3,
C3P1, C3S1, C3S1P1, C3S1P2, C3S1P3, C3S1P4, C3S1P5, C3S1P6, C3S1P7, C3S1P8,
C3S1P9, C3S1P10, C3S1P11, C3S1P12, C3S2, C3S2P1, C3S2P2, C3S2P3, C3S2P4,
C3S2P5, C3S2P6, C3S2P7, C3S2P8, C3S2P9, C3S2P10, C3S2P11, C3S2P12, C3S2P13,
C3S2P14, C3S2V1, C3S2V1P1, C3S2V1P2, C3S2V1P3, C3S2V1P4, C3S2V1P5, C3S2V1P6
, C3S2V1P7, C3S2V1P8, C3S2V1P9, C3S2V1P10, C3S2V1P11, C3S2V1P12, C3S2V1P13,
C3S2V1P14, C3S2V1P15, C3S2V1P16, C3S2V1P17, C3S2V1P18, C3S2V1P19, C3S2V1P20
, C3S2V1P21, C3S2V1P22, C3S2V2, C3S2V2P1, C3S2V2P2, C3S2V2P3, C3S2V2P4, C3S3
, C3S3P1, C3S3P2, C3S3P3, C3S3P4, C3S3P5, C3S3P6, C3S3P7, C3S3P8, C3S3P9,
C3S3P10, C3S3P11, C3S3V1, C3S3V1P1, C3S3V1P2, C3S3V1P3, C3S3V1P4, C3S3V1P5,
C3S3V1P6, C3S3V1P7, C3S3V1P8, C3S3V1P9, C3S3V1P10, C3S3V1P11, C3S3V2,
C3S3V2P1, C3S3V2P2, C3S3V2P3, C3S3V2P4, C3S3V2P5, C3S3V2P6, C3S3V2P7,
C3S3V2P8, C3S3V2P9, C3S3V2P10, C3S3V2P11, C3S3V2P12, C3S3V3, C3S3V3P1,
C3S3V3P2, C3S3V3P3, C3S3V3P4, C3S3V3P5, C3S3V3P6, C3S3V3P7, C3S3V3P8,
C3S3V3P9, C3S3V3P10, C3S3V3P11, C3S4, C3S4P1, C3S4P2, C3S4P3, C3S4P4, C3S4P5
, C3S4P6, C3S4P7, C3S4P8, C3S4P9, C3S4P10, C3S4P11, C3S4P12, C3S4P13,
C3S4P14, C3S4P15, C3S4P16, C3S4P17, C3S4P18, C3S4P19, C3S4P20, C3S4P21,
C3S4P22, C3S4P23, C3S4P24, C3S5, C3S5P1, C3S5P2, C3S5P3, C3S5P4, C3S5P5,
C3S5P6, C3S5P7, C3S5P8, C3S5P9, C3S5P10, C3S5P11, C3S5V1, C3S5V1P1, C3S5V1P2
, C3S5V1P3, C3S5V1P4, C3S5V1P5, C3S5V1P6, C3S5V1P7, C3S5V1P8, C3S5V2,
C3S5V2P1, C3S5V2P2, C3S5V2P3, C3S5V2P4, C3S5V2P5, C3S5V3, C3S5V3P1, C3S5V3P2
, C3S5V4, C3S5V4P1, C3S5V4P2, C3S5V4P3, C3S5V4P4, C3S5V4P5, C3S5V4P6,
C3S5V4P7, C3S5V4P8, C3S5V4P9, C3S5V4P10, C3S5V4P11, C3S5V4P12, C3S5V4P13,
C3S5V4P14, C3S5V5, C3S5V5P1, C3S5V5P2, C3S5V5P3, C3S5V5P4, C3S5V5P5,
C3S5V5P6, C3S5V5P7, C3S5V5P8, C3S5V5P9, C3S5V5P10, C3S5V5P11, C3S5V5P12,
C3S5V5P13, C3S5V5P14, C3S5V5P15, C3S5V5P16, C3S5V5P17, C3S5V5P18, C3S5V5P19
, C3S5V6, C3S5V6P1, C3S5V6P2, C3S5V6P3, C3S5V6P4, C3S5V6P5, C3S5V6P6,
C3S5V6P7, C3S5V6P8, C3S5V6P9, C3S5V7, C3S5V7P1, C3S5V7P2, C3S5V7P3, C3S5V7P4
, C3S5V7P5, C3S5V7P6, C3S5V7P7, C3S5V7P8, C3S5V7P9, C3S5V7P10, C3S5V7P11,
C3S5V7P12, C3S5V7P13, C3S5V7P14, C3S5V7P15, C3S5V7P16, C3S5V7P17, C3S5V7P18
, C3S5V7P19, C3S5V7P20, C3S5V8, C3S5V8P1, C3S5V8P2, C3S5V8P3, C3S5V8P4,
C3S5V8P5, C3S5V8P6, C3S5V8P7, C3S5V8P8, C3S5V8P9, C3S5V8P10, C3S5V8P11,
C3S5V8P12, C3S5V8P13, C3S5V8P14, C3S5V8P15, C3S5V8P16, C3S5V8P17, C3S5V8P18
, C3S5V8P19, C3S5V8P20, C3S5V9, C3S5V9P1, C3S5V9P2, C3S5V9P3, C3S5V9P4,
C3S5V9P5, C3S5V9P6, C3S5V9P7, C3S5V9P8, C3S5V9P9, C3S5V9P10, C3S5V9P11,
C3S5V9P12, C3S5V9P13, C3S5V9P14, C3S5V9P15, C3S5V9P16, C3S5V9P17, C3S5V9P18
, C3S5V9P19, C3S5V10, C3S5V10P1, C3S5V10P2, C3S5V10P3, C3S5V10P4, C3S5V10P5
, C3S5V10P6, C3S5V10P7, C3S5V10P8, C3S5V10P9, C3S5V10P10, C3S5V10P11,
C3S5V10P12, C3S5V10P13, C3S5V10P14, C3S5V10P15, C3S5V10P16, C3S5V10P17, C3S6
, C3S6P1, C3S6P2, C3S6P3, C3S6P4, C3S6P5, C3S6P6, C3S6P7, C3S6P8, C3S6P9,
C3S6P10, C3S6P11, C3S6P12, C3S6P13, C3S6P14, C3S6P15, C3S6P16, C3S6P17,
C3S6P18, C3S6V1, C3S6V1P1, C3S6V1P2, C3S6V1P3, C3S6V1P4, C3S6V1P5, C3S6V1P6
, C3S6V1P7, C3S6V1P8, C3S6V1P9, C3S6V1P10, C3S6V1P11, C3S6V1P12, C3S6V1P13,
C3S6V1P14, C3S6V1P15, C3S6V1P16, C3S6V1P17, C3S6V2, C3S6V2P1, C3S6V2P2,
C3S6V2P3, C3S6V2P4, C3S6V2P5, C3S6V2P6, C3S6V2P7, C3S6V2P8, C3S6V2P9,
C3S6V2P10, C3S6V2P11, C3S6V2P12, C3S6V2P13, C3S6V2P14, C3S6V2P15, C3S6V2P16
, C3S6V3, C3S6V3P1, C3S6V3P2, C3S6V3P3, C3S6V3P4, C3S7, C3S7P1, C3S7P2,
C3S7P3, C3S7P4, C3S7P5, C3S7P6, C3S7P7, C3S7P8, C3S7P9, C3S7P10, C3S7P11,
C3S7P12, C3S7P13, C3S7V1, C3S7V1P1, C3S7V1P2, C3S7V1P3, C3S7V1P4, C3S7V1P5,
C3S7V1P6, C3S7V1P7, C3S7V1P8, C3S7V1P9, C3S7V1P10, C3S7V1P11, C3S7V1P12,
C3S7V2, C3S7V2P1, C3S7V2P2, C3S7V2P3, C3S7V2P4, C3S7V2P5, C3S7V2P6, C3S7V2P7
, C3S7V2P8, C3S7V2P9, C3S7V2P10, C3S7V2P11, C3S7V2P12, C3S7V2P13, C3S7V2P14
, C3S7V2P15, C3S7V2P16, C3S7V3, C3S7V3P1, C3S7V3P2, C3S7V3P3, C3S7V3P4,
C3S7V3P5, C3S7V3P6, C3S7V3P7, C3S7V3P8, C3S7V3P9, C3S7V3P10, C3S7V4,
C3S7V4P1, C3S7V4P2, C3S7V4P3, C3S7V4P4, C3S7V4P5, C3S7V4P6, C3S7V4P7, C3S8,
C3S8P1, C3S8P2, C3S8P3, C3S8P4, C3S8P5, C3S8P6, C3S8P7, C3S8P8, C3S8P9,
C3S8P10, C3S8P11, C3S8V1, C3S8V1P1, C3S8V1P2, C3S8V1P3, C3S8V1P4, C3S8V1P5,
C3S8V1P6, C3S8V1P7, C3S8V1P8, C3S8V2, C3S8V2P1, C3S8V2P2, C3S8V2P3, C3S8V2P4
, C3S8V2P5, C3S8V2P6, C3S9, C3S9P1, C3S9P2, C3S9P3, C3S9P4, C3S9P5, C3S9P6,
C3S9P7, C3S9P8, C3S9P9, C3S9P10, C3S9P11, C3S9P12, C3S9P13, C4, C4P1, C4S1,
C4S1P1, C4S1P2, C4S1P3, C4S1P4, C4S1P5, C4S1P6, C4S1P7, C4S1P8, C4S1P9,
C4S1P10, C4S1P11, C4S1P12, C4S1V1, C4S1V1P1, C4S1V1P2, C4S1V1P3, C4S1V1P4,
C4S1V1P5, C4S1V1P6, C4S1V1P7, C4S1V2, C4S1V2P1, C4S1V2P2, C4S1V2P3, C4S1V2P4
, C4S1V2P5, C4S1V2P6, C4S1V2P7, C4S1V3, C4S1V3P1, C4S1V3P2, C4S1V3P3,
C4S1V3P4, C4S1V3P5, C4S1V3P6, C4S1V3P7, C4S1V3P8, C4S1V3P9, C4S1V3P10,
C4S1V3P11, C4S1V3P12, C4S1V3P13, C4S1V3P14, C4S1V3P15, C4S1V3P16, C4S1V3P17
, C4S1V3P18, C4S1V3P19, C4S1V3P20, C4S1V3P21, C4S1V3P22, C4S1V3P23,
C4S1V3P24, C4S1V4, C4S1V4P1, C4S1V4P2, C4S1V4P3, C4S1V4P4, C4S1V4P5,
C4S1V4P6, C4S1V4P7, C4S1V4P8, C4S2, C4S2P1, C4S2P2, C4S2P3, C4S2P4, C4S2P5,
C4S2P6, C4S2P7, C4S3, C4S3P1, C4S3P2, C4S3P3, C4S3P4, C4S3P5, C4S3P6, C4S3P7
, C4S3P8, C4S3P9, C4S3V1, C4S3V1P1, C4S3V1P2, C4S3V1P3, C4S3V1P4, C4S3V1P5,
C4S3V1P6, C4S3V1P7, C4S3V1P8, C4S3V2, C4S3V2P1, C4S3V2P2, C4S3V2P3, C4S3V2P4
, C4S3V2P5, C4S3V2P6, C4S3V2P7, C4S3V2P8, C4S3V2P9, C4S3V2P10, C4S3V2P11,
C4S3V2P12, C4S3V2P13, C4S3V2P14, C4S3V2P15, C4S3V2P16, C4S3V2P17, C4S4,
C4S4P1, C4S4P2, C4S4P3, C4S4P4, C4S4P5, C4S4P6, C4S4P7, C4S5, C4S5P1, C4S5P2
, C4S5P3, C4S5P4, C4S5P5, C4S5P6, C4S5P7, C4S5P8, C4S5P9, C4S5V1, C4S5V1P1,
C4S5V1P2, C4S5V1P3, C4S5V1P4, C4S5V1P5, C4S5V1P6, C4S5V1P7, C4S5V1P8,
C4S5V1P9, C4S5V2, C4S5V2P1, C4S5V2P2, C4S5V2P3, C4S5V2P4, C4S5V2P5, C4S5V2P6
, C4S5V2P7, C4S5V2P8, C4S5V2P9, C4S5V2P10, C4S5V2P11, C4S5V2P12, C4S5V2P13,
C4S5V2P14, C4S5V3, C4S5V3P1, C4S5V3P2, C4S5V3P3, C4S5V3P4, C4S5V3P5,
C4S5V3P6, C4S5V3P7, C4S5V3P8, C4S5V4, C4S5V4P1, C4S5V4P2, C4S5V4P3, C4S5V5,
C4S5V5P1, C4S5V5P2, C4S5V5P3, C4S5V5P4, C4S5V5P5, C4S5V5P6, C4S5V5P7,
C4S5V5P8, C4S5V5P9, C4S5V5P10, C4S5V5P11, C4S5V5P12, C4S5V5P13, C4S5V5P14,
C4S5V5P15, C4S5V5P16, C4S5V5P17, C4S5V6, C4S5V6P1, C4S5V6P2, C4S5V6P3,
C4S5V6P4, C4S5V6P5, C4S5V6P6, C4S5V6P7, C4S5V7, C4S5V7P1, C4S5V7P2, C4S5V7P3
, C4S5V7P4, C4S5V7P5, C4S5V7P6, C4S5V7P7, C4S5V7P8, C4S5V7P9, C4S5V7P10,
C4S5V7P11, C4S5V7P12, C4S5V7P13, C4S6, C4S6P1, C4S6P2, C4S6P3, C4S6P4,
C4S6P5, C4S6P6, C4S6P7, C4S6P8, C4S6P9, C4S6P10, C4S6P11, C4S6P12, C4S6P13,
C4S6P14, C4S6P15, C4S6P16, C4S6P17, C4S6P18, C4S6P19, C4S6P20, C4S6P21, C4S7
, C4S7P1, C4S7P2, C4S7P3, C4S7P4, C4S7P5, C4S7P6, C4S8, C4S8P1, C4S8P2,
C4S8P3, C4S8P4, C4S8P5, C4S8P6, C4S8P7, C4S8P8, C4S8P9, C4S8P10, C4S8P11,
C4S8P12, C4S8P13, C4S8P14, C4S8P15, C4S9, C4S9P1, C4S9P2, C4S9P3, C4S9P4,
C4S9P5, C4S9P6, C4S9P7, C4S9P8, C4S9P9, C4S9P10, C4S9P11, C4S9P12, C4S9P13,
C4S9P14, C4S10, C4S10P1, C4S10P2, C4S10P3, C4S10P4, C4S10P5, C4S10P6,
C4S10P7, C4S10P8, C5, C5P1, C5P2, C5P3, C5S1, C5S1P1, C5S1P2, C5S1P3, C5S1P4
, C5S1P5, C5S1P6, C5S1P7, C5S1P8, C5S1P9, C5S2, C5S2P1, C5S2P2, C5S2P3,
C5S2P4, C5S2P5, C5S2P6, C5S2P7, C5S2P8, C5S2P9, C5S2P10, C5S2V1, C5S2V1P1,
C5S2V1P2, C5S2V1P3, C5S2V1P4, C5S2V1P5, C5S2V1P6, C5S3, C5S3P1, C5S3P2,
C5S3P3, C5S3P4, C5S3P5, C5S3P6, C5S4, C5S4P1, C5S4P2, C5S4P3, C5S4P4, C5S4P5
, C5S4P6, C5S4P7, C5S4P8, C5S4P9, C5S4P10, C5S5, C5S5P1, C5S5P2, C5S5P3,
C5S5P4, C5S5P5, C5S5P6, C5S5P7, C5S5P8, C5S5P9, C5S5P10, C5S5P11, C5S5P12,
C5S5P13, C5S5P14, C5S5P15, C5S5P16, C5S6, C5S6P1, C5S6P2, C5S6P3, C5S6P4,
C5S6P5, C5S6P6, C5S6P7, C5S6P8, C5S7, C5S7P1, C5S7P2, C5S7P3, C5S7P4, C5S7P5
, C5S7P6, C5S7P7, C5S8, C5S8P1, C5S8P2, C5S8P3, C5S8P4, C5S8P5, C5S8P6,
C5S8P7, C5S8P8, C5S8P9, C5S9, C5S9P1, C5S9P2, C5S9P3, C5S9P4, C5S9P5, C5S9P6
, C5S9P7, C6, C6P1, C6P2, C6S1, C6S1P1, C6S1P2, C6S1P3, C6S1P4, C6S1P5,
C6S1P6, C6S1P7, C6S1P8, C6S1P9, C6S1P10, C6S1P11, C6S2, C6S2P1, C6S2P2,
C6S2P3, C6S2P4, C6S2P5, C6S2P6, C6S2P7, C6S2P8, C6S2P9, C6S2P10, C6S2P11,
C6S2P12, C6S2P13, C6S2P14, C6S2P15, C6S2P16, C6S3, C6S3P1, C6S3P2, C6S3P3,
C6S3P4, C6S3P5, C6S3P6, C6S3P7, C6S3P8, C6S3P9, C6S3V1, C6S3V1P1, C6S3V1P2,
C6S3V1P3, C6S3V1P4, C6S3V1P5, C6S3V1P6, C6S3V1P7, C6S3V1P8, C6S3V1P9, C6S3V2
, C6S3V2P1, C6S3V2P2, C6S3V2P3, C6S3V2P4, C6S3V2P5, C6S4, C6S4P1, C6S4P2,
C6S4P3, C6S4P4, C6S4P5, C6S4P6, C6S4P7, C6S4P8, C6S4P9, C6S4V1, C6S4V1P1,
C6S4V1P2, C6S4V1P3, C6S4V1P4, C6S4V1P5, C6S4V1P6, C6S4V1P7, C6S4V1P8,
C6S4V1P9, C6S4V1P10, C6S4V1P11, C6S4V1P12, C6S4V1P13, C6S4V2, C6S4V2P1,
C6S4V2P2, C6S4V2P3, C6S4V2P4, C6S4V2P5, C6S4V2P6, C6S5, C6S5P1, C6S5P2,
C6S5P3, C6S5P4, C6S6, C6S6P1, C6S6P2, C6S6P3, C6S6P4, C6S6P5, C6S6P6, C6S6P7
, C6S6P8, C6S7, C6S7P1, C6S7P2, C6S7P3, C6S7P4, C6S7P5, C6S7P6, C6S7P7,
C6S7P8, C7, C7P1, C7P2, C7P3, C7S1, C7S1P1, C7S1P2, C7S1P3, C7S1P4, C7S1P5,
C7S1P6, C7S1P7, C7S2, C7S2P1, C7S2P2, C7S2P3, C7S2P4, C7S2P5, C7S2P6, C7S2P7
, C7S3, C7S3P1, C7S3P2, C7S3P3, C7S3P4, C7S3P5, C7S3P6, C7S4, C7S4P1, C7S4P2
, C7S4P3, C7S4P4, C7S4P5, C7S4P6, C7S4P7, C7S4V1, C7S4V1P1, C7S4V1P2,
C7S4V1P3, C7S4V1P4, C7S4V1P5, C7S4V1P6, C7S4V1P7, C7S4V2, C7S4V2P1, C7S4V2P2
, C7S4V2P3, C7S4V2P4, C7S4V2P5, C7S4V2P6, C7S4V2P7, C7S4V2P8, C7S4V2P9,
C7S4V2P10, C7S4V2P11, C7S4V2P12, C7S4V2P13, C7S4V2P14, C7S4V2P15, C7S4V2P16
, C7S4V2P17, C7S4V3, C7S4V3P1, C7S4V3P2, C7S4V3P3, C7S4V3P4, C7S4V3P5,
C7S4V3P6, C7S4V4, C7S4V4P1, C7S4V4P2, C7S4V4P3, C7S4V4P4, C7S4V4P5, C7S4V4P6
, C7S4V4P7, C7S4V4P8, C7S4V4P9, C7S4V4P10, C7S4V4P11, C7S4V4P12, C7S4V4P13,
C7S4V4P14, C7S4V4P15, C7S5, C7S5P1, C7S5P2, C7S5P3, C7S5P4, C7S5P5, C7S5P6,
C7S5P7, C7S6, C7S6P1, C7S6P2, C7S6P3, C7S6P4, C7S6P5, C7S6P6, C7S6P7, C7S6P8
, C8, C8P1, C8P2, C8S1, C8S1P1, C8S1P2, C8S1P3, C8S1P4, C8S1P5, C8S1P6,
C8S1P7, C8S1P8, C8S1P9, C8S1P10, C8S1P11, C8S1P12, C8S1P13, C8S2, C8S2P1,
C8S2P2, C8S2P3, C8S2P4, C8S2P5, C8S2P6, C8S2P7, C8S2P8, C8S2P9, C8S2P10,
C8S2P11, C8S2P12, C8S3, C8S3P1, C8S3P2, C8S3P3, C8S3P4, C8S3P5, C8S3P6,
C8S3P7, C8S3P8, C8S3P9, C8S3P10, C8S3P11, C8S3P12, C8S3P13, C8S3P14, C8S3P15
, C8S3P16, C8S3P17, C8S3P18, C8S3P19, C8S3P20, C8S3P21, C8S3P22, C8S3P23,
C8S4, C8S4P1, C8S4P2, C8S4P3, C8S4P4, C8S4P5, C8S4P6, C8S4P7, C8S4P8, C8S4P9
, C8S4P10, C8S4P11, C8S4P12, C8S5, C8S5P1, C8S5P2, C8S5P3, C8S5P4, C8S5P5,
C8S5P6, C8S5P7, C8S5P8, C8S5P9, C8S5P10, C8S5P11, C8S5P12, C8S5P13, C8S5P14
, C8S5P15, C8S5P16, C8S5P17, C8S6, C8S6P1, C8S6P2, C8S6P3, C8S6P4, C8S6P5,
C8S7, C8S7P1, C8S7P2, C8S7P3, C8S7P4, C8S7P5, C8S7P6, C8S7P7, C8S7P8, C8S7P9
, C8S7P10, C8S7P11, C8S7P12, C8S7P13, C8S7P14, C8S7P15, C8S7P16, C8S7P17,
C8S7P18, C8S7P19, C8S7P20, C8S7P21, C8S7P22, C8S7P23, C8S7P24, C9, C9P1,
C9P2, C9P3, C9P4, C9P5, C9P6, C9S1, C9S1P1, C9S1P2, C9S1P3, C9S1P4, C9S1P5,
C9S1P6, C9S1P7, C9S1P8, C9S1P9, C9S1P10, C9S1P11, C9S1P12, C9S2, C9S2P1,
C9S2P2, C9S2P3, C9S2P4, C9S2P5, C9S2P6, C9S2P7, C9S2P8, C9S2P9, C9S3, C9S3P1
, C9S3P2, C9S3P3, C9S3P4, C9S3P5, C9S3P6, C9S3P7, C9S3P8, C9S3P9, C9S3P10,
C9S3P11, C9S4, C9S4P1, C9S4P2, C9S4P3, C9S4P4, C9S4P5, C9S4P6, C9S4P7,
C9S4P8, C9S4P9, C9S4P10, C9S4P11, C9S4P12, C9S4P13, C9S4P14, C9S4P15,
C9S4P16, C9S5, C9S5P1, C9S5P2, C9S5P3, C9S5P4, C9S5P5, C9S5P6, C9S5P7,
C9S5P8, C9S5P9, C9S5P10, C9S5P11, C9S5P12, C9S5P13, C9S5P14, C9S5P15,
C9S5P16, C9S5P17, C9S5P18, C9S5P19, C9S5P20, C9S5P21, C9S5P22, C9S5P23, C9S6
, C9S6P1, C9S6P2, C9S6P3, C9S6P4, C9S6P5, C9S6P6, C9S6P7, C9S6P8, C9S6P9,
C9S6P10, C9S7, C9S7P1, C9S7P2, C9S7P3, C9S7V1, C9S7V1P1, C9S7V1P2, C9S7V1P3
, C9S7V1P4, C9S7V1P5, C9S7V1P6, C9S7V1P7, C9S7V1P8, C9S7V1P9, C9S7V1P10,
C9S7V1P11, C9S7V1P12, C9S7V1P13, C9S7V1P14, C9S7V1P15, C9S7V2, C9S7V2P1,
C9S7V2P2, C9S7V2P3, C9S7V2P4, C9S7V2P5, C9S7V2P6, C9S7V2P7, C9S7V2P8, C9S7V3
, C9S7V3P1, C9S7V3P2, C9S7V3P3, C9S7V3P4, C9S7V3P5, C9S7V3P6, C9S7V3P7, C9S8
, C9S8P1, C9S8P2, C9S8P3, C9S8P4, C9S8P5, C9S8P6, C9S8P7, C9S9, C9S9P1,
C9S9P2, C9S9P3, C9S9P4, C9S9P5, C9S9P6, C9S9P7, C9S9P8, C9S10, C9S10P1,
C9S10P2, C9S10P3, C9S10P4, C9S10P5, C9S10P6, C9S10P7, C9S10P8, C9S10P9,
C9S10P10, C9S10P11, C9S11, C9S11P1, C9S11P2, C9S11P3, C9S11P4, C9S11P5,
C9S11P6, C9S11P7, C9S11P8, C9S11P9, C9S11P10, C9S11P11, C9S11P12, C9S12,
C9S12P1, C9S12P2, C9S12P3, C9S12P4, C9S12P5, C9S12P6, C10, C10P1, C10P2,
C10S1, C10S1P1, C10S1P2, C10S1P3, C10S1P4, C10S1P5, C10S1P6, C10S1P7,
C10S1P8, C10S1P9, C10S1P10, C10S1P11, C10S1V1, C10S1V1P1, C10S1V1P2,
C10S1V1P3, C10S1V1P4, C10S1V1P5, C10S1V1P6, C10S1V1P7, C10S1V1P8, C10S1V1P9
, C10S1V1P10, C10S1V1P11, C10S1V1P12, C10S1V2, C10S1V2P1, C10S1V2P2,
C10S1V2P3, C10S1V2P4, C10S1V2P5, C10S1V2P6, C10S1V2P7, C10S1V2P8, C10S1V2P9
, C10S1V2P10, C10S2, C10S2P1, C10S2P2, C10S2P3, C10S2P4, C10S2P5, C10S2P6,
C10S2P7, C10S2P8, C10S2P9, C10S2P10, C10S2V1, C10S2V1P1, C10S2V1P2,
C10S2V1P3, C10S2V1P4, C10S2V1P5, C10S2V1P6, C10S2V1P7, C10S2V1P8, C10S2V1P9
, C10S2V1P10, C10S3, C10S3P1, C10S3P2, C10S3P3, C10S3P4, C10S3P5, C10S3P6,
C10S3P7, C10S3P8, C10S3P9, C10S3P10, C10S3P11, C10S3P12, C10S3P13, C10S3P14
, C10S3P15, C10S3P16, C10S3P17, C10S4, C10S4P1, C10S4P2, C10S4P3, C10S4P4,
C10S4P5, C10S5, C10S5P1, C10S5P2, C10S5P3, C10S5P4, C10S5P5, C10S5P6, C10S6
, C10S6P1, C10S6P2, C10S6P3, C10S6P4, C11, C11P1, C11P2, C11P3, C11S1,
C11S1P1, C11S1P2, C11S1P3, C11S1P4, C11S1P5, C11S1P6, C11S1P7, C11S1P8,
C11S1P9, C11S1P10, C11S1P11, C11S1P12, C11S1P13, C11S1P14, C11S1P15,
C11S1P16, C11S1P17, C11S2, C11S2P1, C11S2P2, C11S2P3, C11S2P4, C11S2P5,
C11S2P6, C11S2P7, C11S2P8, C11S2P9, C11S3, C11S3P1, C11S3P2, C11S3P3,
C11S3P4, C11S3P5, C11S4, C11S4P1, C11S4P2, C11S4V1, C11S4V1P1, C11S4V1P2,
C11S4V1P3, C11S4V1P4, C11S4V1P5, C11S4V1P6, C11S4V1P7, C11S4V1P8, C11S4V1P9
, C11S4V1P10, C11S4V1P11, C11S4V1P12, C11S4V1P13, C11S4V1P14, C11S4V1P15,
C11S4V1P16, C11S4V1P17, C11S4V1P18, C11S4V1P19, C11S4V1P20, C11S4V1P21,
C11S4V1P22, C11S4V1P23, C11S4V2, C11S4V2P1, C11S4V2P2, C11S4V2P3, C11S4V2P4
, C11S4V2P5, C11S4V2P6, C11S4V2P7, C11S4V2P8, C11S4V2P9, C11S4V2P10, C11S5,
C11S5P1, C11S5P2, C11S5P3, C11S5P4, C11S5P5, C11S5P6, C11S5P7, C11S6,
C11S6P1, C11S6P2, C11S6P3, C11S6P4, C11S6P5, C11S6P6, C11S6P7, C11S6P8,
C11S6P9, C11S6P10, C11S6P11, C11S6P12, C11S7, C11S7P1, C11S7P2, C11S7P3,
C11S7P4, C11S7P5, C11S7P6, C11S7P7, C11S7P8, C11S7P9, C11S7P10, C11S7P11,
C11S7P12, C11S7P13, C11S7P14, C11S7P15, C11S7P16, C11S7P17, C11S7P18,
C11S7P19, C11S7P20, C11S7P21, C12, C12P1, C12P2, C12P3, C12P4, C12S1,
C12S1P1, C12S1P2, C12S1P3, C12S1P4, C12S1P5, C12S1P6, C12S1P7, C12S1P8,
C12S1P9, C12S1P10, C12S1P11, C12S1P12, C12S1P13, C12S1V1, C12S1V1P1,
C12S1V1P2, C12S1V1P3, C12S1V1P4, C12S1V1P5, C12S1V1P6, C12S1V2, C12S1V2P1,
C12S1V2P2, C12S1V2P3, C12S1V2P4, C12S1V2P5, C12S1V2P6, C12S1V2P7, C12S1V2P8
, C12S1V2P9, C12S1V2P10, C12S1V2P11, C12S1V2P12, C12S1V2P13, C12S1V2P14,
C12S1V2P15, C12S1V2P16, C12S1V2P17, C12S1V3, C12S1V3P1, C12S1V3P2, C12S1V3P3
, C12S1V3P4, C12S1V3P5, C12S1V3P6, C12S1V3P7, C12S2, C12S2P1, C12S2P2,
C12S2P3, C12S2P4, C12S2P5, C12S2P6, C12S2P7, C12S3, C12S3P1, C12S3P2,
C12S3P3, C12S3P4, C12S3P5, C12S3P6, C12S3P7, C12S3P8, C12S3P9, C12S3P10,
C12S3P11, C12S3P12, C12S3P13, C12S3P14, C12S3P15, C12S3P16, C12S3P17,
C12S3P18, C12S3P19, C12S3P20, C12S3P21, C12S3P22, C12S3P23, C12S3V1,
C12S3V1P1, C12S3V1P2, C12S3V1P3, C12S3V1P4, C12S3V2, C12S3V2P1, C12S3V2P2,
C12S3V2P3, C12S3V2P4, C12S3V2P5, C12S3V2P6, C12S3V3, C12S3V3P1, C12S3V3P2,
C12S3V4, C12S3V4P1, C12S3V4P2, C12S3V4P3, C12S3V4P4, C12S3V4P5, C12S3V4P6,
C12S3V4P7, C12S3V4P8, C12S3V5, C12S3V5P1, C12S3V5P2, C12S3V5P3, C12S3V5P4,
C12S3V5P5, C12S3V6, C12S3V6P1, C12S3V6P2, C12S3V6P3, C12S3V6P4, C12S3V6P5,
C12S3V6P6, C12S3V6P7, C12S4, C12S4P1, C12S4P2, C12S4P3, C12S4P4, C12S4P5,
C12S4P6, C13, C13P1, C13S1, C13S1P1, C13S1P2, C13S1P3, C13S1P4, C13S1P5,
C13S1P6, C13S1P7, C13S1P8, C13S1P9, C13S1P10, C13S1P11, C13S1P12, C13S1P13,
C13S1P14, C13S1P15, C13S2, C13S2P1, C13S2P2, C13S2P3, C13S2P4, C13S2P5,
C13S2P6, C13S2P7, C13S2P8, C13S2P9, C13S2P10, C13S2P11, C13S2P12, C13S2P13,
C13S2P14, C13S2P15, C13S2P16, C13S2P17, C13S2P18, C13S3, C13S3P1, C13S3P2,
C13S3P3, C13S3P4, C13S3P5, C13S3P6, C13S3P7, C13S4, C13S4P1, C13S4P2,
C13S4P3, C13S4P4, C13S4P5, C13S4P6, C13S4P7, C13S4P8, C13S4P9, C13S4P10,
C13S4P11, C13S5, C13S5P1, C13S5P2, C13S5P3, C13S5P4, C13S5P5, C13S5P6,
C13S5P7, C13S5P8, C13S5P9, C13S5P10, C13S5P11, C13S5V1, C13S5V1P1, C13S5V1P2
, C13S5V1P3, C13S5V1P4, C13S5V1P5, C13S5V1P6, C13S5V1P7, C13S5V1P8, C13S6,
C13S6P1, C13S6P2, C13S6P3, C13S6P4, C13S7, C13S7P1, C13S7P2, C13S7P3,
C13S7P4, C13S7P5, C13S7P6, C13S7P7, C13S7P8, C13S7P9, C13S7P10, C13S7P11,
C13S7P12, C13S7P13, C13S7V1, C13S7V1P1, C13S7V1P2, C13S7V1P3, C13S7V1P4,
C13S7V1P5, C13S7V1P6, C13S7V1P7, C13S7V1P8, C13S7V2, C13S7V2P1, C13S7V2P2,
C13S7V2P3, C13S7V2P4, C13S7V2P5, C13S7V2P6, C13S7V2P7, C13S7V2P8, C13S7V2P9
, C13S7V2P10, C13S7V2P11, C13S7V2P12, C13S7V2P13, C13S7V2P14, C13S7V2P15,
C13S7V2P16, C13S7V3, C13S7V3P1, C13S7V3P2, C13S7V3P3, C13S7V3P4, C13S7V3P5,
C13S7V3P6, C13S7V3P7, C13S7V3P8, C13S7V3P9, C13S7V3P10, C13S7V3P11,
C13S7V3P12, C13S8, C13S8P1, C13S8P2, C13S8P3, C13S8P4, C13S8P5, C13S8P6,
C13S8P7, C13S8P8, C13S9, C13S9P1, C13S9P2, C13S9P3, C13S9P4, C13S9P5,
C13S9P6, C13S9P7, C13S9P8, C13S10, C13S10P1, C13S10P2, C13S10P3, C13S10P4,
C13S10V1, C13S10V1P1, C13S10V1P2, C13S10V1P3, C13S10V1P4, C13S10V1P5,
C13S10V1P6, C13S10V1P7, C13S10V1P8, C13S10V1P9, C13S10V2, C13S10V2P1,
C13S10V2P2, C13S10V2P3, C13S10V2P4, C13S10V2P5, C14, C14P1, C14P2, C14S1,
C14S1P1, C14S1P2, C14S1P3, C14S1P4, C14S1P5, C14S1P6, C14S1P7, C14S1P8,
C14S1P9, C14S1P10, C14S1P11, C14S1P12, C14S1P13, C14S1P14, C14S2, C14S2P1,
C14S2P2, C14S2P3, C14S2P4, C14S2P5, C14S2P6, C14S2V1, C14S2V1P1, C14S2V1P2,
C14S2V1P3, C14S2V1P4, C14S2V1P5, C14S2V1P6, C14S2V1P7, C14S2V1P8, C14S2V1P9
, C14S2V1P10, C14S2V1P11, C14S2V1P12, C14S2V1P13, C14S2V1P14, C14S2V1P15,
C14S2V1P16, C14S2V1P17, C14S2V1P18, C14S2V1P19, C14S2V1P20, C14S2V1P21,
C14S2V1P22, C14S2V1P23, C14S2V1P24, C14S2V1P25, C14S2V1P26, C14S2V1P27,
C14S2V1P28, C14S2V2, C14S2V2P1, C14S2V2P2, C14S2V2P3, C14S2V2P4, C14S2V2P5,
C14S2V2P6, C14S2V2P7, C14S2V2P8, C14S2V2P9, C14S2V2P10, C14S2V2P11, C14S2V3
, C14S2V3P1, C14S2V3P2, C14S2V4, C14S2V4P1, C14S2V4P2, C14S2V4P3, C14S2V4P4
, C14S2V4P5, C14S2V4P6, C14S2V4P7, C14S2V4P8, C14S2V4P9, C14S2V4P10,
C14S2V4P11, C14S2V4P12, C14S2V4P13, C14S2V4P14, C14S2V4P15, C14S2V4P16,
C14S2V4P17, C14S2V5, C14S2V5P1, C14S2V5P2, C14S3, C14S3P1, C14S3P2, C14S3P3
, C14S3P4, C14S3P5, C14S3P6, C14S3P7, C14S3P8, C14S3P9, C14S3P10, C14S3V1,
C14S3V1P1, C14S3V1P2, C14S3V1P3, C14S3V1P4, C14S3V1P5, C14S3V1P6, C14S3V2,
C14S3V2P1, C14S3V2P2, C14S3V2P3, C14S3V2P4, C14S3V2P5, C14S3V2P6, C14S3V2P7
, C14S3V2P8, C14S3V2P9, C14S3V2P10, C14S3V2P11, C14S3V2P12, C14S3V2P13,
C14S3V2P14, C14S3V2P15, C14S3V2P16, C14S3V2P17, C14S3V3, C14S3V3P1,
C14S3V3P2, C14S3V3P3, C14S3V3P4, C14S3V3P5, C14S3V3P6, C14S3V3P7, C14S3V3P8
, C14S3V3P9, C14S3V3P10, C14S3V3P11, C14S3V3P12, C14S3V3P13, C14S3V4,
C14S3V4P1, C14S3V4P2, C14S3V4P3, C14S3V4P4, C14S3V4P5, C14S3V4P6, C14S3V4P7
, C14S3V4P8, C14S3V4P9, C14S3V4P10, C14S3V4P11, C14S3V4P12, C14S3V4P13,
C14S3V4P14, C14S3V4P15, C14S3V4P16, C14S3V4P17, C14S3V4P18, C14S3V4P19,
C14S3V4P20, C14S3V4P21, C14S3V4P22, C14S3V4P23, C14S3V4P24, C14S3V4P25,
C14S3V4P26, C14S3V4P27, C14S3V4P28, C14S3V4P29, C14S3V4P30, C14S3V4P31,
C14S3V4P32, C14S3V4P33, C14S3V4P34, C14S3V4P35, C14S3V4P36, C14S3V4P37,
C14S3V4P38, C14S3V4P39, C14S3V4P40, C14S3V4P41, C14S3V4P42, C14S3V4P43,
C14S3V4P44, C14S3V4P45, C14S3V4P46, C14S3V4P47, C14S3V4P48, C14S3V4P49,
C14S3V4P50, C14S3V4P51, C14S3V4P52, C14S3V5, C14S3V5P1, C14S3V5P2, C14S3V5P3
, C14S3V5P4, C14S3V5P5, C14S3V5P6, C14S3V5P7, C14S3V5P8, C14S3V5P9,
C14S3V5P10, C14S3V5P11, C14S3V5P12, C14S3V5P13, C14S3V5P14, C14S3V6,
C14S3V6P1, C14S3V6P2, C14S3V6P3, C14S3V6P4, C14S3V6P5, C14S3V6P6, C14S3V6P7
, C14S3V6P8, C14S3V6P9, C14S3V6P10, C14S3V6P11, C14S3V6P12, C14S3V6P13,
C14S3V6P14, C14S3V6P15, C14S3V6P16, C14S3V6P17, C14S3V6P18, C14S3V6P19,
C14S3V6P20, C14S3V7, C14S3V7P1, C14S3V7P2, C14S3V7P3, C14S3V7P4, C14S3V7P5,
C14S3V7P6, C14S3V7P7, C14S3V7P8, C14S3V7P9, C14S3V7P10, C14S3V7P11,
C14S3V7P12, C14S3V7P13, C14S3V7P14, C14S3V7P15, C14S3V7P16, C14S3V7P17,
C14S3V7P18, C14S3V7P19, C14S3V8, C14S3V8P1, C14S3V8P2, C14S3V8P3, C14S3V8P4
, C14S3V8P5, C14S3V8P6, C14S3V8P7, C14S3V8P8, C14S3V8P9, C14S3V8P10,
C14S3V8P11, C14S3V8P12, C14S3V8P13, C14S3V8P14, C14S3V8P15, C14S3V8P16,
C14S3V8P17, C14S3V8P18, C14S3V8P19, C14S3V8P20, C14S3V8P21, C14S3V8P22,
C14S3V8P23, C14S3V8P24, C14S3V9, C14S3V9P1, C14S3V9P2, C14S3V9P3, C14S3V9P4
, C14S3V9P5, C14S3V9P6, C14S3V9P7, C14S3V9P8, C14S3V9P9, C14S3V9P10,
C14S3V9P11, C14S3V9P12, C14S3V9P13, C14S3V9P14, C14S3V9P15, C14S3V9P16,
C14S3V9P17, C14S3V9P18, C14S3V10, C14S3V10P1, C14S4, C14S4P1, C14S4P2,
C14S4P3, C14S4P4, C14S4P5, C14S4P6, C14S4P7, C14S4P8, C14S4P9, C14S4P10,
C14S5, C14S5P1, C14S5P2, C14S6, C14S6P1, C14S6P2, C14S6P3, C14S6P4, C14S6P5
, C14S6P6, C14S7, C14S7P1, C14S7P2, C14S7P3);




  3 Responses to “Category : Miscellaneous Language Source Code
Archive   : ADA-LRM3.ZIP
Filename : LR1G.SRC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: