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Windows Tech Journal - Source - July 1993 issue.
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Windows Tech Journal – Source – July 1993 issue.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


Here's the source (and selected executables) from the July 1993 edition of
Windows Tech Journal. Here's what you've got:

This archive contains the Calendar application written in Visual Basic to
illustrate effective use of control arrays in VB.

This archive contains extensive C code samples to illustrate how you can
take control of nonclient areas and make your Windows programs look the way
you--not Microsoft--want them to.

Lots of C++ and Smalltalk code this time: the complete DiskTutor class
libraries. Based on the NIH class libs, these files help C++ and Smalltalk
programmers manage collections, plus much more.

Pascal source code to MSGBOXEX.DLL, a DLL for controlling message boxes
(er, modal dialog boxes).

This month: a Tic-Tac-Toe game written almost entirely by Visual C++'s Class
and App Wizards, with a little help from custom controls (VBXs). Richard wrote
just nine lines of C++ code, honest.

This archive contains the C++ source (for Win 3.1 and NT) for Uncommon
Dialogs--customized versions of the dialog boxes contained in COMMDLG.DLL.
Take control of your dialogs and jazz them up with these techniqes.

Ever want to add menu help lines to your VB applications? It's kind of
tricky...but with this DLL, it's a snap.



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