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Windows/DOS Developer's Journal source code for September 93.
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Windows/DOS Developer’s Journal source code for September 93.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
!CDW0409.001 51 51 stored
!README 3049 1417 deflated
BONNEAU.ZIP 1666 1508 deflated
BURK.ZIP 3940 3671 deflated
CC.ZIP 15400 15399 deflated
EDDON.ZIP 35319 33860 deflated
FILENAME.TXT 2558 997 deflated
GRAVES.ZIP 2273 2179 deflated
PALMER.ZIP 4286 4019 deflated
PKUNZIP.EXE 29378 29021 deflated
SMITH.ZIP 9269 8743 deflated
WDDJHELP.ZIP 162507 162445 deflated
ZOLMAN.ZIP 5753 5249 deflated

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Contents of the FILENAME.TXT file

************************* MASTER CODE ***************************************

The name of the first file in this disk's directory identifies the volume,
issue number and revision of the disk. The format of this filename is:


! = the '!' character
m = C for C Users Journal, W for Windows/DOS Developer's Journal
vv = volume
ii = issue
rrr = revision (001 for initial release, 002 for next update, etc.)

The file UPDATE.DOC contains information about any additions or
corrections to material on the disk since the original magazine

************************* FILE DESCRIPTION **********************************

The listing files and other related files supplied by authors are archived
into a .zip file for each article. The UNZIP is provided to unarchive the
ZIP files.

The following files are included in the disk:

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Palmer, Steven Visual Implementation: 6-11
Checklist Boxes Burk, Ron Introducing WUIMAN 15-28 Eddon, Guy Windows NT Remote 29-42
Procedure Calls Graves, Bruce Product Spotlight: 43-48
ZyINDEX Developer's Toolkit Smith, William A Range-Definable Custom 55-62
Edit Control Zolman, Leor Tech Tips: More Stupid .BAT 63-69
Tricks and a Clever
Database Converter Bonneau, Paul Windows Questions & Answers: 71-77
A Windows Bug Unearthed;
Using WDEB 386


If you have questions regarding to the disk, please call or write us.

R&D Publications, Inc.
1601 W. 23rd St. Suite 200
Lawrence, KS 66046
(913) 841-1631

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