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; ANSIHERE.ASM - Check to see if ANSI.SYS is loaded and display message.
; Exit with errorlevel = 1 if ANSI is loaded, 0 otherwise.
; By William Loud
; The 'S' parameter will suppress output of the status
; message when ANSIHERE is used in batch files.
; This program checks for ANSI by writing the ANSI Device Status Report
; (DSR) sequence to the display. If ANSI is loaded, it will output a
; Cursor Position Report (CPR) to the standard input device (the keyboard).
; Therefore, if you issue a DSR and find anything in the keyboard buffer,
; you can assume it's a CPR and that ANSI is loaded. Conversely, if the
; keyboard buffer is empty, then ANSI is not loaded.


CODE_SEG SEGMENT ;Define code segment
ORG 100h

start: jmp begin ;skip over data

Identify DB ' ANSIHERE.COM ',26
Errorlevel DB 0 ;exit code, default is no ANSI
DSR_string DB 27,'[6n$' ;Device Status Report ANSI string
YesMsg DB 'ANSI.SYS is loaded.$'
NoMsg DB 13,'ANSI.SYS is NOT loaded.$'
EraseDSR DB 13,32,32,32,32,'$'
; The carriage return at the beginning of EraseDSR returns the cursor
; to the start of the current line and the four spaces will overwrite
; the garbage left by the DSR_string if ANSI is not loaded.

begin: mov dx,OFFSET DSR_string ;display the ANSI DSR_string
call Print_String ; to see if ANSI is loaded

mov ah,0Bh ;check for key in the keyboard
int 21h ; buffer - if there's anything
cmp al,0FFh ; there, ANSI is loaded
je clear_key ;go empty the buffer

; Keyboard buffer is empty so ANSI is not loaded.
mov dx,OFFSET EraseDSR ;erase the garbage left by the
call Print_String ; DSR_String
mov dx,OFFSET NoMsg ;point to 'not loaded' message
jmp parse ; and check command line arguments

; ANSI is loaded. We must empty the keyboard buffer because it contains
; a Cursor Position Report which DOS will attempt to execute when this
; program terminates.
clear_key: mov ah,06h ;get key from the keyboard buffer
mov dl,0FFh ; don't wait if the buffer is empty
int 21h ; and don't print it to the screen
jnz clear_key ;go back for more until buffer is
; empty and zero flag is set

mov dx,OFFSET YesMsg ;point to 'ANSI is loaded' message
mov Errorlevel,01h ;set errorlevel = 1

; Check for command line arguments. If 'S' was entered on the command line
; we won't display the status message. When ANSIHERE is used in batch files
; we'll want to suppress the status message and use errorlevel tests to
; control program flow.

parse: mov bx,0080h ;point to command line in PSP
parse_loop: inc bx ;point to next character
cmp Byte Ptr [bx],13 ;is it a carriage return?
je printMsg ;done - print status message
and Byte Ptr [bx],5Fh ;convert to uppercase
cmp Byte Ptr [bx],'S' ;is it 'S' ?
jnz parse_loop ;no - get another character
jmp exit ;yes - skip status message

printMsg: call Print_String ;print status message
exit: mov ah,4Ch ;DOS exit function in ah
mov al,Errorlevel ; errorlevel in al
int 21h

;--------------------- Print_String subroutine -----------------------------
Print_String: mov ah,09h ;print string function
int 21h

END start

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