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PC Magazine Volume 9 Number 22.
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PC Magazine Volume 9 Number 22.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALTV.WPM 2104 754 deflated
CTRTEXT.WK1 3680 1617 deflated
DO.BAT 174 101 deflated
DO2.BAT 293 183 deflated
GLASS.ICO 766 198 deflated
HIGHLIT2.WPM 792 364 deflated
HIGHLITE.WPM 732 291 deflated
MWHERE 1441 570 deflated
MWHERE.RC 4970 1168 deflated
MWHERE.RES 1376 744 deflated
TODAY.BAT 285 213 deflated
WINSRC.ARC 22615 22094 deflated
WINWHERE.C 34678 6998 deflated
WINWHERE.DOC 1274 668 deflated
WINWHERE.EXE 20992 8538 deflated

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Contents of the WINWHERE.DOC file


Marc Adler December 25, 1990 (Utilities)

Purpose: A file finder utility, designed specifically for use in Microsoft
Windows 3.0, that eliminates the painful process of searching through
individual drives and directories to locate the files you need.


Remarks: WINWHERE lets you choose a file specification and select one
or more drives to search. Your file specification can be either a complete
filename or one containing the standard ? and * wildcards. You can limit the
search by file date and size. All of the filenames that match your search
criteria are displayed in a scrollable list box. As a bonus, WINWHERE gives
you the option of automatically generating a batch file that contains a
command for each file you select from the list box.
Once WINWHERE is on your disk, you'll want to add it to a Program Manager
group. So start Windows and click the mouse on the program group into which
you would like to put WINWHERE. Select the File/New menu item from the main
menu bar, enter the absolute pathname of WINWHERE and press the OK button.
The WINWHERE icon will be added to the program group, so you can run it simply
by double-clicking the mouse on its icon.

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