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PC Mag Volume 9 Number 21.
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PC Mag Volume 9 Number 21.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AMAZON.PAL 51 51 stored
ARCTIC.PAL 51 51 stored
BALLOON.PAL 51 50 deflated
BRIGHT.BAT 1235 513 deflated
BROWNIE.PAL 51 51 stored
CANDLE.PAL 51 51 stored
CONFETTI.PAL 51 51 stored
DAYLIGHT.PAL 51 51 stored
DECO.PAL 51 51 stored
DESERT.PAL 51 51 stored
DGBIT.PAS 5203 1150 deflated
DGCH.PAS 19190 3285 deflated
DGCRT.PAS 27612 6184 deflated
DGDATE.PAS 15830 3547 deflated
DGDEC.PAS 10968 2745 deflated
DGDIALOG.PAS 53905 11957 deflated
DGFILE.PAS 8329 2187 deflated
DGMATH.PAS 7018 1641 deflated
DGPARAM.PAS 5966 1595 deflated
DGREBOOT.PAS 10531 3183 deflated
DGSOUND.PAS 17697 3564 deflated
DGSTR.PAS 28837 5903 deflated
DGWRYTE.PAS 7729 1784 deflated
DOS.PAL 51 32 deflated
DOSLITE.PAL 51 51 stored
ELKODSI.XLM 4142 1732 deflated
FOREST.PAL 51 51 stored
GSONOFF.SCR 339 183 deflated
HAWAII.PAL 51 50 deflated
IRELAND.PAL 51 51 stored
LAGOON.PAL 51 51 stored
LITE.PAL 51 51 stored
LUSTRE.PAL 51 51 stored
MAGOO.PAL 51 51 stored
MEADOW.PAL 51 51 stored
MELROSE.PAL 51 50 deflated
MONO.PAL 51 51 stored
NAVAJO.PAL 51 51 stored
NEON.PAL 51 51 stored
NEWDOS.PAL 51 51 stored
NIBLETS.PAL 51 51 stored
PAPYRUS.PAL 51 51 stored
PASTEL.PAL 51 51 stored
PASTORAL.PAL 51 51 stored
PRISM.ASC 45456 13186 deflated
PRISM.DOC 2470 1213 deflated
PRISM.EXE 117152 113517 deflated
PRISM.INC 56646 10916 deflated
PRISM.OBJ 31616 16388 deflated
PRISM.PAS 11794 2943 deflated
PRISMENU.INC 17654 4700 deflated
RUTABAGA.PAL 51 51 stored
SANDY.PAL 51 51 stored
SOFTLITE.PAL 51 51 stored
SPRINT.PAL 51 51 stored
SULTRY.PAL 51 51 stored
SUNDAY.PAL 51 51 stored
SUNSET.PAL 51 51 stored
TEST.BAT 1274 235 deflated
VAMPIRE.PAL 51 51 stored
VIKING.PAL 51 50 deflated
WACKIER.PAL 51 51 stored
WACKY.PAL 51 51 stored
WESTERN.PAL 51 51 stored

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Contents of the PRISM.DOC file


David Gerrold December 11, 1990 (Utilities)

Purpose: A VGA palette editor/loader that enables text mode display of
262,144 colors by any of the 16 DOS attribute numbers.

Format: PRISM [filename]

Remarks: If the optional filename (a .PAL file) is supplied when
loading PRISM, the original DOS color values will dissolve into those stored
in the named palette. Loaded without a filename, PRISM comes up in editing
mode, with the 16 current colors arrayed in two rows of squares in DOS
attribute order (0-7, 8-15). The color currently selected for editing,
duplicating, or swapping from one attribute position to another is also shown
in a large central rectangle, below which is a frame that separately displays
its component saturation, intensity, red, green, and blue values. Colors
maybe elected by clicking with a mouse (left button), which can also be used
to drag the sliders that control the color values. A selected color may be
swapped by clicking the mouse on the central box and then clicking on the
target attribute position. Duplicating a color is similar except that the
mouse cursor is dragged from the central box to the new position.

Ctrl-R resets the color palette to its entry condition, and Ctrl-U (or
Esc or the right mouse button) undoes up to 15 color changes successively.
Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right Arrow keys can be used in lieu of a mouse to select
colors, which key be edited with the numeric keypad (Num-Lock ON) arrow keys.
With Num-Lock OFF, the arrow keys move between items on the menu bar, from
which PRISM commands can also be executed. Desired palettes can be saved and
loaded while in edit mode from the menu bar. (The .PAL extension need not be
typed for either operation.) Default settings for mouse speed, sound effects
on/off, and the dissolve rate between palette shifts can be changed with menu
options. F1 accesses an extensive on-screen help system. To prevent
accidental exit, the menu Quit command requires two keystrokes or mouse

PRISM saves and restores the underlying DOS screen even if an expanded
number of rows and columns are being used. It will also automatically detect
its home subdirectory. The program is UltraVision-compatible, but will not
operate under Windows and DESQview. In addition to a VGA, PRISM requires DOS
3.0 or later and 256KB of free RAM.

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