Category : Files from Magazines
Archive   : VOL9N11.ZIP
Filename : SE.BAT

Output of file : SE.BAT contained in archive : VOL9N11.ZIP

ECHO off
SET file=%0d.bat
SET return=%file% %0
IF NOT EXIST %dir%\%file% GOTO reset
SET return=GOTO old
IF %1!==! GOTO help
IF %1==r GOTO reset
IF %1==R GOTO reset
IF %1==s GOTO show
IF %1==S GOTO show
IF %2!==! GOTO help
IF %3!==! GOTO help
IF %1==/h SET color=chelp
IF %1==/H SET color=chelp
IF %1==/p SET color=cprom
IF %1==/P SET color=cprom
IF %1==/l SET color=cline
IF %1==/L SET color=cline
IF %1==/s SET color=reset
IF %1==/S SET color=reset
REM ---- Change one color choice. ----
REM Make a copy of SED.BAT, omitting the OLD choice for that color.
TYPE %dir%\%file%|FIND/V "%color%"|FIND/V "%%1">%ram%\%file%
REM Create a file with a line that sets the NEW choice.
ECHO SET %color%=ÿ1B[%2;%3m>%ram%\temp
ECHO %%1>>%ram%\temp
REM Copy the changed file back to SED.BAT
COPY %ram%\%file%+%ram%\temp %dir%>NUL
del %ram%\%file%
SET end=%file%
REM Grab another three parameters from the command line
IF %3!==! GOTO end
GOTO next

REM Re-create the original version of SED.BAT by...
REM ECHOing each of its lines to a file.
ECHO ECHO OFF>%dir%\%file%

rem Change the next line to match your hard drive
ECHO SET DIR=D:\bat>>%dir%\%file%

rem Change the next line to match your ram disk or hard drive
ECHO SET RAM=C:>>%dir%\%file%

ECHO SET el=ÿ1B[K>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET top=ÿ1B[H>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET up8=ÿ1B[8A>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET up4=ÿ1B[4A>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET up2=ÿ1B[2A>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET up1=ÿ1B[1A>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET hide=ÿ1B[8m>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET chelp=ÿ1B[0m>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET cprom=ÿ1B[0m>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET cline=ÿ1B[0m>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO SET reset=ÿ1B[0m>>%dir%\%file%
ECHO %%1>>%dir%\%file%
SET end=sed

REM Show the environment, but omit the ANSI variables.
ECHO %chelp%%top%
ECHO The Current Environment is:
SET |find/v "["
ECHO %reset%
SET end=
GOTO end

SET fix=ÿ1B[Aÿ1B[24C
ECHO %chelp%%up8%%up8%%up8%%up1%
ECHO ³ Color SET Routine for Batch Files ³%cline%
ECHO ³ SED will setup last SET of color values ³
ECHO ³ SE R will ReSET the colors to the default ³
ECHO ³ SE S will Show current Environment ³
ECHO ³ SE /H ## ## sets the help menu color ³
ECHO ³ SE /P ## ## sets the prompt colors ³
ECHO ³ SE /L ## ## sets the single line colors ³
ECHO ³ SE /S ## ## sets the screen colors ³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;40m30 40ÿ1B[31;40m³31 40ÿ1B[32;40m³32 40ÿ1B[33;40m³33 40
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;40m³34 40ÿ1B[35;40m³35 40ÿ1B[36;40m³36 40ÿ1B[37;40m³
37 40%chelp%³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;41m30 41ÿ1B[31;41m³31 41ÿ1B[32;41m³32 41ÿ1B[33;41m³33 41
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;41m³34 41ÿ1B[35;41m³35 41ÿ1B[36;41m³36 41ÿ1B[37;41m³
37 41%chelp%³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;42m30 42ÿ1B[31;42m³31 42ÿ1B[32;42m³32 42ÿ1B[33;42m³33 42
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;42m³34 42ÿ1B[35;42m³35 42ÿ1B[36;42m³36 42ÿ1B[37;42m³
37 42%chelp%³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;43m30 43ÿ1B[31;43m³31 43ÿ1B[32;43m³32 43ÿ1B[33;43m³33 43
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;43m³34 43ÿ1B[35;43m³35 43ÿ1B[36;43m³36 43ÿ1B[37;43m³
37 43%chelp%³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;44m30 44ÿ1B[31;44m³31 44ÿ1B[32;44m³32 44ÿ1B[33;44m³33 44
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;44m³34 44ÿ1B[35;44m³35 44ÿ1B[36;44m³36 44ÿ1B[37;44m³
37 44%chelp%³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;45m30 45ÿ1B[31;45m³31 45ÿ1B[32;45m³32 45ÿ1B[33;45m³33 45
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;45m³34 45ÿ1B[35;45m³35 45ÿ1B[36;45m³36 45ÿ1B[37;45m³
37 45%chelp%³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;46m30 46ÿ1B[31;46m³31 46ÿ1B[32;46m³32 46ÿ1B[33;46m³33 46
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;46m³34 46ÿ1B[35;46m³35 46ÿ1B[36;46m³36 46ÿ1B[37;46m³
37 46%chelp%³
ECHO ³ÿ1B[30;47m30 47ÿ1B[31;47m³31 47ÿ1B[32;47m³32 47ÿ1B[33;47m³33 47
ECHO %fix%ÿ1B[34;47m³34 47ÿ1B[35;47m³35 47ÿ1B[36;47m³36 47ÿ1B[37;47m³
37 47%chelp%³
SET fix=
ECHO %reset%%up1%
SET end=
SET return=
SET color=

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Archive   : VOL9N11.ZIP
Filename : SE.BAT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: