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title TRYDIMUL --- Demo of DIMUL87
page 55,132

; TRYDIMUL.ASM --- an interactive demo of DIMUL87
; To exit from the program, push
; alone at the "Enter a number" prompt.
; (C) 1989 Ray Duncan, December 1987
; Build with: MASM HTOL;

cr equ 0dh ; ASCII carriage return
lf equ 0ah ; ASCII line feed

stdin equ 0 ; standard input handle
stdout equ 1 ; standard output handle


_TEXT segment word public 'CODE'

assume cs:_TEXT,ds:DGROUP

extrn HTOL:near ; hex ASCII to long (32-bit) int
extrn ITOH:near ; 16-bit integer to hex ASCII
extrn DIMUL:near ; double-precision signed multiply
extrn INIT87:near ; initialize numeric coprocessor

main proc near

mov ax,DGROUP ; make our data segment
mov ds,ax ; addressable...
mov es,ax

mov ax,0fbfh ; initialize coprocessor
call init87 ; set rounding = truncate
; set precision = 64
; mask all exceptions

jz main1 ; jump, coprocessor present

mov dx,offset errmsg ; coprocessor absent,
mov cx,err_len ; display error message
call pmsg ; and terminate program
jmp main3

main1: mov dx,offset signon ; display sign-on message
mov cx,so_len
call pmsg

main2: mov dx,offset prompt1 ; get argument 1 from user
mov cx,p1_len
call getnum
cmp byte ptr inbuff,cr ; was anything entered?
jne main4 ; yes, proceed

main3: mov ax,4c00h ; no, exit to MS-DOS
int 21h

main4: push ax ; save argument 1
push dx

mov dx,offset prompt2 ; get argument 2 from user
mov cx,p2_len
call getnum
cmp byte ptr inbuff,cr ; was anything entered?
je main3 ; no, exit to MS-DOS

pop cx ; retrieve argument 1
pop bx

call DIMUL ; perform signed multiply

push dx ; save most of product
push cx
push bx

mov bx,offset disp4 ; format lsw of result
call itoh

pop ax ; format 2sw of result
mov bx,offset disp3
call itoh

pop ax ; format 3sw of result
mov bx,offset disp2
call itoh

pop ax ; format msw of result
mov bx,offset disp1
call itoh

mov dx,offset display ; display the result
mov cx,d_len
call pmsg

jmp main2 ; do it again...

main endp

pmsg proc near ; display message on stdout
; call with
; DS:DX = message address
; CX = message length

mov bx,stdout ; standard output handle
mov ah,40h ; function 40h = write
int 21h ; transfer to MS-DOS
ret ; return to caller

pmsg endp

getnum proc near ; display prompt, get input,
; and convert to binary.
; call with:
; DS:DX = prompt address
; CX = prompt length
; returns:
; DX:AX = value entered

call pmsg ; display the prompt

mov dx,offset inbuff ; read keyboard entry
mov cx,80 ; from the user...
mov bx,stdin ; standard input handle
mov ah,3fh ; funct. 3FH = read
int 21h ; transfer to MS-DOS

mov si,offset inbuff ; convert convert user's
call htol ; input to binary in DX:AX

ret ; return to caller

getnum endp

_TEXT ends

_DATA segment word public 'DATA'

signon db cr,lf
db 'Demo Program for 32-bit by 32-bit Signed Multiply'
db cr,lf,lf
db 'Specify arguments as hex values of 1-8 digits'
db cr,lf
db 'followed by the key. The 64-bit product'
db cr,lf
db 'is displayed.'
db cr,lf,lf
db 'Press alone at any prompt to exit.'
db cr,lf

so_len equ $-signon

prompt1 db cr,lf
db 'Enter argument 1: '
p1_len equ $-prompt1

prompt2 db 'Enter argument 2: '
p2_len equ $-prompt2

display db 'The result is: '
disp1 db 'xxxx'
disp2 db 'xxxx'
disp3 db 'xxxx'
disp4 db 'xxxx'
db cr,lf
d_len equ $-display

errmsg db cr,lf
db 'No 80x87 coprocessor found!'
db cr,lf
err_len equ $-errmsg

inbuff db 80 dup (?) ; keyboard input buffer

_DATA ends

STACK segment para stack 'STACK'

db 128 dup (?)

STACK ends

end main

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