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Terry Lahman January 16, 1990 (Utilities)

Purpose: To permit accessing and operating an off-site computer from your own
keyboard by using a modem link.

Format: PCREMOTE [/M] [/2] [/F] [/D]

Remarks: PCREMOTE is actually two programs in one. Entered without the /M
switch it becomes RAM-resident on the off-site computer to be
controlled. This machine and its modem must be left powered on to
receive calls, but may otherwise be used normally or left unattended.

To gain access and control over the off-site computer, execute
PCREMOTE /M from the command line of your own machine. You will be
prompted to enter a phone number, which will then be dialed
automatically. Upon connection, the off-site computer will prompt
you for a password, which you must enter correctly within three tries.
The default password is PC Magazine (see the note below).

After password verification, you can execute all text-based
(non-graphical) programs on the off-site computer by entering the
appropriate keystrokes at your own keyboard. (The keyboard of the
off-site machine remains active, as well.) All screen displays that
appear on the off-site machine will also appear on your monitor.

To terminate PCREMOTE enter Alt-x and confirm your intention by
responding yes at the prompt window. Both computers will then hang up
the phone and your machine will return to DOS. The off-site computer
will continue to execute any program that was begun before PCREMOTE
was terminated. The off-site machine can thus print out large files
while you are off line, given sufficient paper.

PCREMOTE defaults to COM1 at 1200 bps. Using the optional /2 switch
on its command line will engage COM2 insead of COM1. Similarly, the
/F switch sets the bps rate to 2400. If you are using a CGA card and
snow is a problem, use the /D (Desnow) option on the command line.

Note: You can change your password with DEBUG. A new password of up to 20
characters may be entered, within single quotes, at address 1F3h of
PCREMOTE.COM. The length of the new password (not including the
single quotes) must also be entered, in hex, at address 1F1h.

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