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SETEA.C Assigns an ASCII extended attribute to a file.
Demonstrates use of the getEA() and putEA()
subroutines in GETPUTEA.C.

This program does not require Microsoft or IBM
Toolkit header files, but must be built using LINK
and DOSCALLS.LIB from retail OS/2 version 1.2.

Warning: EA names and values are case sensitive.

Copyright (C) 1989 Ziff Davis Communications
PC Magazine * Ray Duncan, December 1989

Compile: cl -c /Zi setea.c
cl -c /Zi getputea.c
link setea+getputea,setea,,doscalls,setea.def;

Usage: setea filename.exe EAname=EAvalue

Examples: setea myprog.exe .TYPE=Executable
setea myfile.txt ".TYPE=Plain Text"

// EA predefined value types
#define EAT_BINARY 0x0fffe // Length-preceeded binary
#define EAT_ASCII 0x0fffd // Length-preceeded ASCII
#define EAT_BITMAP 0x0fffb // Length-preceeded bitmap
#define EAT_METAFILE 0x0fffa // Metafile
#define EAT_ICON 0x0fff9 // Length-preceeded icon
#define EAT_EA 0x0ffee // ASCIIZ name of associated EA
#define EAT_MVMT 0x0ffdf // Multi-value multi-type
#define EAT_MVST 0x0ffde // Multi-value single-type
#define EAT_ASN1 0x0ffdd // ASN.1 field

#define MAXPATHNAME 260 // max length of pathname
#define MAXFILENAME 255 // max length of filename

#define API unsigned extern far pascal // OS/2 API function prototypes
API DosQPathInfo(void far *, unsigned, char far *, int, unsigned long);

struct _EAval * getEA(int, char *); // GETPUTEA.C prototypes
int putEA(int, char *, void *, unsigned, unsigned);

struct _EAval { // extended attribute value
unsigned type; // EA value type
unsigned size; // length of EA variable data
char data[1]; } ; // actual data begins here

main(int argc, char *argv[])
char EAnamebuf[80]; // EA name from user
char EAvalbuf[80]; // EA value from user
char pathnamebuf[MAXPATHNAME]; // fully qualified pathname
struct _EAval *pEAval; // scratch pointer
int handle; // handle for file

if(argc != 3) // check command line
printf("\nUsage: setea filename.exe EAname=EAvalue\n");
printf("\nWarning: Extended attribute names and values");
printf("\n are case sensitive. Use quotes to");
printf("\n embed blanks in EA value.\n");
printf("\nExamples: setea myprog.exe .TYPE=Executable");
printf("\n setea myfile.txt \".TYPE=Plain Text\"\n");
// open the file
if((handle = open(argv[1], O_BINARY | O_RDWR)) == -1)
printf("\nsetea: file not found or read-only\n");
// get fully qualified pathname
if(DosQPathInfo(argv[1], 5, pathnamebuf, MAXPATHNAME, 0L))
printf("\nsetea: can't qualify pathname\n");
// parse EA name and value
strcpy(EAnamebuf, strtok(argv[2], " =\x0a"));
strcpy(EAvalbuf, strtok(NULL, "\x0a"));

// write new EA to disk
if(putEA(handle, EAnamebuf, EAvalbuf, strlen(EAvalbuf), EAT_ASCII))
printf("\nsetea: can't set extended attribute!\n");
// read new EA back again
if((pEAval = getEA(handle, EAnamebuf)) == NULL)
printf("\nsetea: can't reread extended attribute!\n");
// display EA name and value
printf("\nFile name:\t %s\nEA name:\t %s\nEA value:\t %.*s\n",
strlwr(pathnamebuf), EAnamebuf, pEAval->size, pEAval->data);

free(pEAval); // release heap memory

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Archive   : VOL9N09.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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