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PC Magazine Utilities Volume 8 Number 9.
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PC Magazine Utilities Volume 8 Number 9.
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ANSIMODE.BAT 425 235 deflated
CALC.BAT 653 363 deflated
DBACK.BAT 1031 445 deflated
DISASM.BAT 156 87 deflated
MOUDEMO1.C 3244 1055 deflated
MOUDEMO1.EXE 8265 5246 deflated
MOUDEMO2.C 3405 1248 deflated
MOUDEMO2.EXE 8833 5370 deflated
MOUDEMO3.C 3383 1118 deflated
MOUDEMO3.EXE 8321 5297 deflated
MOUSE.ASM 4484 1311 deflated
NUMODE.COM 218 122 deflated
SLICE.ASM 30773 6473 deflated
SLICE.BAS 8796 2753 deflated
SLICE.COM 1581 1227 deflated
SLICE.DOC 2029 1046 deflated
SPLIT.ASM 31674 6610 deflated
SPLIT.BAS 9201 2822 deflated
SPLIT.COM 1653 1266 deflated
SUBSTDOT.BAT 455 287 deflated

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Contents of the SLICE.DOC file


Bob Flanders and Michael Holmes
1989 No. 9 (Utilities)

Purpose:Spreads a DOS file too large to be copied onto a single floppy
disk across multiple diskettes, enabling the file to be restored onto a second

Format:SLICE [d:][path]filename[.ext] d:

Remarks:The filename of the file to be divided may be preceded with a
drive and/or path, if needed. The d:20target drive may be any drive that DOS
recognizes as a removable medium. Diskettes from 160KB to 1.44MB capacity may
be used, as may disk cartridges whose device driver identifies them as employing
a removable medium.

As each target diskette becomes filled, the user is prompted to insert a
fresh one; up to 99 formatted target disks may be accommodated. On the first of
these, SLICE also creates a short (approximately 1KB) program, SPLICE.COM, which
is subsequently used to reassemble the separate sections into which filename has
been broken. The syntax for SPLICE.COM is:

Format:d:\SPLICE s: [t:][path]

Remarks:The d: parameter designates the drive on which SPLICE.COM has
been written, and s: designates the source drive. Normally, these are the same.
The optional t: and path identify the hard disk/path onto which the file is to
be reassembled as single entity. If these latter parameters are unspecified,
the default drive and directory will be used for restoration. The original
filename cannot be changed in either the SLICE or SPLICE operations, each of
which requires approximately 34KB of available memory.

Note:Although the DOS BACKUP and RESTORE utilities also permit a single file
to be divided among multiple disks, they require that the same version of DOS be
present on both the originating and the receiving machines.

SLICE.COM, its source code file, SLICE.ASM, and SLICE.BAS, a program
that will automatically generate SLICE.COM when run once in BASIC, are available
for downloading by modem from PC MagNet (see the "SLICE by Modem" sidebar).

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