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PC Mag Vol 8 Num 7.
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PC Mag Vol 8 Num 7.
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Contents of the LASERLST.DOC file


Michael Holmes and Bob Flanders
1989 No. 7 (Utilities)

Purpose:Formats text files so that two standard-sized pages will print
side-by-side on a single landscape mode page when using an HP LaserJet (or
compatible) laser printer.

Format:[d:][path]LASERLST infile [outfile] [/Tn]

Remarks:The infile parameter designates the text file(s) to be printed.
DOS "wildcards" (* and ?) can be used to designate multiple files, and a drive
and path may also be included as part of infile.

By default, LASERLST sends its output to the standard DOS printing
device, which is normally LPT1:. The optional outfile parameter can be used to
direct the output either to another DOS device (e.g., LPT2:), or to a disk file
instead. The optional /Tn switch causes each tab character (ASCII 9) in the
infile to be replaced in the outfile with n spaces. The default value of n is
8; other values up to 16 may be used.

The outfile produced by LASERLST contains the requisite formatting and
printing Escape sequences used by the HP LaserJet series printers. The infile
is printed in landscape mode with two 66-line x 81-character pages on each
physical page. Files suitable for processing by LASERLST should be ASCII files
that do not contain Escape sequences of their own and that do not require any
specific word processor's formatting codes. Underlining produced by a backspace
and character overstrike is supported, however. LASERLST may be used with files
whose line lengths exceed 81 characters if it is understood that lines will be
wrapped automatically at their 82nd character and that no provision is made for
word wrap. LASERLST is especially suitable for printing program listings,
readme files, and rough drafts of text to be edited.

Available for downloading from PC MagNet (see the LASERLST by Modem
sidebar in the published article), LASERLST.COM is already compiled and ready to
run. As an alternative, LASERLST.COM can be created from either of two program
files that are both printed in the article and are available for downloading
from PC MagNet. LASERLST.BAS will automatically create LASERLST.COM when run
once in BASIC. To create LASERLST.COM from the LASERLST.ASM source code
requires use of a macro assembler (IBM or Microsoft, Version 2 or later) and the
following commands:


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