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Pc Magazine Utilities Vol 8 Number 6.
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Pc Magazine Utilities Vol 8 Number 6.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BSEARCH.ASM 4404 1263 deflated
DBCONVRT.MAC 52 40 deflated
DISKINFO.BAS 2196 995 deflated
EXISTDIR.BAT 360 182 deflated
FREQ.BAS 2128 868 deflated
FREQ.COM 246 211 deflated
MAKENIF.C 3026 1153 deflated
MONO.ASM 17924 3909 deflated
MONO.BAS 4848 1719 deflated
MONO.COM 785 692 deflated
MONO.DOC 1985 1029 deflated
MULTIDIR.BAT 167 120 deflated
NETRCV.ASM 6920 2695 deflated
NETRCV.EXE 2302 1260 deflated
NETSEND.ASM 3330 1512 deflated
NETSEND.EXE 1449 678 deflated
OPTIONS.BAT 450 237 deflated
SRCHNIF.C 5509 1652 deflated
STDPRN1.C 245 181 deflated
STDPRN2.C 241 177 deflated
SYSINT.ASM 3085 885 deflated
TIMELINE.C 4050 1391 deflated
TIMELINE.DEF 315 189 deflated
TIMELINE.EXE 6193 3889 deflated
TRYBSRCH.ASM 6979 1924 deflated
WC.C 1177 440 deflated

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Contents of the MONO.DOC file


Michael J. Mefford
1989 No. 6 (Utilities)

Purpose:Makes the display of color applications legible on laptop
computers and other monochrome screens that have limited intensity range
capabilities by translating the color attributes into black-and-white.

Format:MONO [U]

Remarks:MONO is a memory-resident utility that is normally loaded as
part of an AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If no other TSR programs are installed after it,
MONO can be deinstalled by re-entering the command with the U parameter added.

Once installed, MONO automatically converts color attributes into black-
and-white, updating the screen approximately five times each second. Since a
typical 80 x 25 display contains 2,000 attribute bytes, some loss in speed must
be anticipated, though the amount of degradation will vary with the type and
clock speed of the system microprocessor. For applications that do not require
MONO, its active state can be toggled off and on by alternately pressing Alt-M,
the default hotkey.

Instructions for changing the default hotkey and the screen update
frequency, as well as for reversing the algorothm (should the entire screen
appear in reverse video after color translation) and eliminating "snow" produced
by CGA adaptors, are contained in a sidebar to the published article.

Note:MONO is not intended to work with graphics programs.

Available for downloading from PC MagNet (see the MONO by Modem sidebar
in the article), MONO.COM is already compiled and ready to run. As an
alternative, MONO.COM can be created from either of two program files that are
both printed in the article and are available for downloading from PC MagNet.
MONO.BAS will automatically create MONO.COM when run once in BASIC. To create
MONO.COM from the MONO.ASM source code requires use of a macro assembler (IBM or
Microsoft, Version 2 or later) and the following commands:


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