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PC Magazine Vol. 8 No. 16.
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PC Magazine Vol. 8 No. 16.
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Contents of the DIRMATCH.DOC file


Michael J. Mefford September 26, 1989 (Utilities)

Purpose:To display two scrollable, alphabetized, directory listings
side-by-side, with the more recent of matching filenames highlighted;
to provide mark, copy, and move facilities to update the target
directory with one or more selected files from the source.

Format:DIRMATCH source target [/D][/A]

Remarks:The source and target may comprise any
combination of drives, directories, or subdirectories
(with optional * and ? wildcards) valid for the DOS DIR
command. The user will be prompted for target and
source directories if his entry is incorrect. By
default, DIRMATCH displays all files in the two
directories. The optional /D and /A switches restrict
the display to Different and Alike files, respectively.
The on-screen display, together with the number-of-
files counters, can be cycled through All, Different,
and Alike modes with F1; Shift-F1 cycles in reverse.
Pressing Esc exits the utility. Crtl-C will abort the
program operation.

An inverse-video selector bar shows the current
position in the listings, and may be moved with the
UpArrow, DownArrow, PgUp, PgDn, Home, and End keys.
When the selector bar is on a filename, pressing the
plus (+) key on the keypad or the +/= key on the
keyboard marks the file for further action. Pressing
the minus (-) key on the keypad or the _/- key on the
keyboard unmarks a marked file. F2 marks all files; F3
clears all marks.

A file under the selector-bar or a group of
marked files can be copied from source to target
directories by pressing F4. A confirming prompt is
provided. Similarly, pressing F5 moves a file or
marked group, by first copying and then deleting
file(s) from the source. While older files can be
copied (F4) to the target directory, by default F5 will
not move them. (See Customization Note).

Pressing F6 prints a list of All files, with
more recent matching filenames identified with a
greater-than (>) sign.

DIRMATCH supports any number of screen display
lines, including 43-line (EGA) and 50-line (VGA) modes.
It can display up to 1,423 filesnames in its listings.
Hidden and read-only files are not displayed. DIRMATCH
requires 64K free RAM in order to run.

Customization Note: A sidebar to the original
article provides DEBUG instructions for changing the
display colors, for removing the move-over-existing
file protection, and for adding printer control codes
to display highlighted files in boldface rather than
with a greater-than sign.

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