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PC-MAG issue with convert vol 8 number 13.
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PC-MAG issue with convert vol 8 number 13.
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BATHELP.BAT 298 212 deflated
CONVERT.ASM 22333 4170 deflated
CONVERT.BAS 5073 1824 deflated
CONVERT.COM 822 720 deflated
CONVERT.DOC 2205 1095 deflated
HEAP.ASM 13024 2651 deflated
NEWMOVE.BAT 734 329 deflated
NEWTIME.BAS 2360 729 deflated
SUBST.BAS 355 179 deflated
TEXT.BAS 1258 583 deflated
WARMBOOT.BAT 327 240 deflated
WINDOWS.C 2314 810 deflated

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Contents of the CONVERT.DOC file


Michael Mefford
July, 1989 (Utilities)

Purpose:Simultaneously displays ASCII codes or whole numbers between 0
and 65,535 in their hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary equivalents;
especially useful in translating printer, modem, or EGA monitor Escape sequences
and set-up strings from one number base to another.

Format:CONVERT number[-number][base] | "character(s)"

Remarks:Either a single number or a number-number range may be input to
CONVERT for multiple number base display. Decimal input is assumed unless
otherwise indicated by adding b (binary), o (octal), or h (hexadecimal) to the
number(s). An ASCII code to be converted must be placed within double quotes.
Control codes (e.g. Ctrl-A) may be entered normally at the keyboard (within
double quotes) with the exception of the Escape character. To display the
equivalents (including the ASCII left-arrow graphic) of the Escape character,
enter CONVERT 27.

When large numbers are converted, the 2-byte sequence displayed within
quotes in the right-hand column as the ASCII "equivalent" should not be used in
translating set-up strings. It represents the individual byte values, not the
value of the combination. Note, too, that in this display, decimal 0 (null), 32
(space), and 255 (blank) all appear as blanks.

The output from CONVERT may be redirected to a printer or to file, so
that a multi-line table of values may be created. When redirection is used,
however, the ASCII equivalent normally shown in the right-hand column is

Available for downloading from PC MagNet (see the CONVERT by Modem
sidebar in the main article), CONVERT.COM is already compiled and ready to run.
As an alternative, CONVERT.COM can be created from either of two program files
that are printed in the article and are also available for downloading from PC
MagNet. CONVERT.BAS will automatically create CONVERT.COM when run once in
BASIC. To create CONVERT.COM from the CONVERT.ASM source code requires use of a

macro assembler (IBM or Microsoft, Version 2 or later) and the following



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