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PC Magazine Volume 8 Number 11.
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PC Magazine Volume 8 Number 11.
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Contents of the COLOR.DOC file

OS/2 Command
Jeff ProsiseLD 1989 No. 11 (Utilities)

MDBOLS2Purpose:MDNMA protected-mode utility for setting foreground and background screen colors from the full screen (text) command line in OS/2 Versions 1.0 and 1.1.LS1


MDBOLS2PT4MDBORemarks:MDNMThe MDRVfMDNM and MDRVbMDNM command line parameters are letters designating the foreground and background screen colors, as shown in the table below. Capital letters are used to specify an "intense" or "bright" color (foreground only); lowercase letters indicate normal intensity colors (foreground and background). Colors are designated by the first letter of their names, with the exception of black, which is represented by x (or X).
BlackxIntense BlackX
BluebIntense BlueB
GreengIntense GreenG
CyancIntense CyanC
RedrIntense RedR
MagentamIntense MagentaM
Yellow (Brown)yIntense YellowY
WhitewIntense WhiteW

The default white-on-black colors can be restored either by entering PT3COLOR wxPT4 or by issuing the command PT3ANSI OFFPT4 and clearing the screen. If PT3ANSI ONPT4 is then issued, the last-selected color scheme will return. The default ANSI drivers in OS/2 support 43- and 50-line as well as 25-line text modes.

MDBONote: MDNMIf the Presentation Manager is used, windowed applications provide their own color information. COLOR.EXE is used only for full-screen command line operation.

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