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PC Magazine files Vol 7 Num 8.
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PC Magazine files Vol 7 Num 8.
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STAYDOWN.ASM 18205 4168 deflated
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STAYDOWN.DOC 2019 995 deflated
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WARMBOOT.BAS 980 455 deflated

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Contents of the STAYDOWN.DOC file


Jeff Prosise 1988 No. 8 (Utilities)

Purpose:Permits entering two-key Ctrl-, Alt-, and Shift-key combinations as separate keystrokes.

Format:STAYDOWN [/D] [/U]

Remarks:The relocation of the function keys on IBM's "enhanced" 101-key keyboard makes it impossible to hold down a shifting key (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) and press a key simultaneously with one hand. Even with the 83-key (PC and XT) and 84-key (original AT) keyboards, many shifting key combinations have been awkward for many users and sometimes impossible for the physically handicapped. STAYDOWN is a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) utility that permits (but does not require) the shifting key to be physically released while remaining logically depressed until the key it is to affect is struck.

The optional /D switch deactivates STAYDOWN until the command is entered again without the switch. The optional /U switch uninstalls the program and frees the memory it previously occupied. If another TSR program that uses the same interrupt vector has been loaded after STAYDOWN, a "Cannot Uninstall" message will be displayed. If the message "Uninstall Error" appears, users should immediately save their work and reboot.

If a shifting key is mistakenly hit (and held down by STAYDOWN), just hit the key again to disengage it. With STAYDOWN loaded, users can choose to pop up the SideKick utility either by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing/releasing the Alt key or by pressing/releasing the Ctrl key followed by pressing/releasing the Alt key. Note, however, that as its action is confined to the next keystroke; three-key combinations such as Ctrl-Alt-Del must be entered conventionally.

STAYDOWN can be entered either at the DOS command line or, preferably, as a line in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file. It should be loaded before SideKick. While compatible with most applications, full compatibility with all applications cannot be guaranteed by any TSR program.

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