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PC Magazine's Volume 7 #7 files.
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PC Magazine’s Volume 7 #7 files.
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Contents of the TOUCH.DOC file


Michael J. Mefford1988 No. 7 (Utilities)

Purpose:Changes the DOS date and/or time designation of a file or
group of files either to the current system values or to user-designated

Format:TOUCH filespec [/D date] [/T time]

Remarks:Entered without any arguments, TOUCH displays a help screen
showing its syntax. If given a filespec but neither of the optional switches
(/D or /T), TOUCH updates the designated file to the current system date and
time. Note that the standard DOS filename wild cards (* and ?) are supported,
so TOUCH can operate on groups of files.

The optional /D date switch permits entry a user-selected date in the
customary DOS mm-dd-yy format. If desired, the hyphen delimiters may be
replaced by forward slashes (/), and the year may be entered either in full
form (e.g. 1988) or in abbreviated (88) form. TOUCH checks that each of the
three fields is filled with a non-zero value, but does not check the validity
of a date (e.g. 2/31/88). Legal DOS years are from 1980 to 2099.

The optional /T time switch permits entry of a user-specified time, in
hours:minutes:seconds. If the minutes and/or seconds parameters are omitted
TOUCH will set them to 0. Hours should be entered in military (24-hour)
Note: The following batch file, TEST.BAT, can be used to cause a DIR
listing to leave the time field blank:


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