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Contents of the CALC.DOC file


Douglas Boling 1988 No. 5 (Utilities)

Purpose:A pop-up programmer's calculator with base conversion,
bit-shifting, logical operator, and mod functions, and 32-bit number
representation that also supports a 2-decimal place integer arithmetic


Remarks:CALC is a terminate-stay-resident (TSR) program that can be
loaded either at the DOS command line or as a part of an AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
The Alt-S key combination (default) pops up a 6-line window for calculations;
the Esc key restores the screen to its previous condition. The program
accomodates automatically to monochrome, CGA, or EGA displays.

Any number on CALC's entry line can be successively converted to
hexadecimal, binary, octal, or decimal (default) notion by pressing F1.
Mixed-base calculations are supported, and the +, -, *, and / function
conventionally so long as it is realized that CALC operates in integer, not
floating point mode. (Fixed 2-decimal place calculations can be made by
pressing F2 before entering the numbers.) In integer mode the mod function
(e.g. 25 mod 8 = 1) is also supported, using either the % or the \ sign as the

CALC uses full 32-bit number representation, and so can be used for
address calculations. The function keys F3, F4, and F5, perform logical and,
or, xor operations between two numbers. F6 performs a not (invert) function on
the number entered. F7 shifts bits left and F8 shifts right. F9 is a
change-sign key, and F10 clears the entry line. To clear the calculator field,
press Shift-F10.

Instructions on modifying the default hot-key and colors are presented,
with appropriate tables of possible values, in a sidebar to the main article.

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