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Utility for HP laser Jet+.
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Utility for HP laser Jet+.
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Contents of the ASPRN.DOC file


Robert L. Hummel 1988 No. 4 (Utilities)

Purpose:Substitutes up to 26 user-selected control sequences
in the output to a printer for simple macro-designating keystrokes
entered in the text.

Format:ASPRN [ /U | [/S] [/Mx | /Cnnn] ]

Remarks:ASPRN is a terminate-stay-resident (TSR) macro
processor and editor that intercepts characters on their way to the
printer. When it detects a macro designating key combination--the
default is a tilde (~) followed by a letter--it substitutes the user
-designated printer control codes.

Example:The H-P LaserJet series II requires the Escape
sequence ^[&l0O^[(10U^[(s1p10v0s0b15T to cause it to print in portrait
mode using this downloaded font. Many word processors cannot send the
actual ASCII ESC character (027d, or 1Bh, designated ^[ above), or
could not send the required sequence in the middle of a line of text.
They could, however, send ~A, to which the user could assign the
sequence, and ASPRN would make the substitution.

To make or change macro assignments, enter ASPRN /S. Both an
optional descriptive name and the codes that constitute the macro
itself can be entered and edited on the screen, which automatically
adjusts to any video mode that has a screen width greater than 10
characters. The bottom line of the screen indicates the use of the
various editing keys. The ASCII ESC character is entered by hitting
the Esc key; it appears on screen as a left-pointing arrow. Pressing
F7 allows saving all macros and descriptive names entered under the
name, which may either be loaded as such or renamed.

The default macro identifier (the tilde) may be changed by
invoking ASPRN with either the /Mx or the /Cnnn switch. The x is any
printable ASCII character, e.g. the # or & symbol. The /Cnnn switch
is used if a non-printing character is to be used for the macro
identifier. To use the the backspace character (ASCII 008) instead of
the tilde, for example, you would enter ASPRN /C008. To make the
macro identifier change permanent, use both the /S and the /M (or /C)

Subject to the usual TSR deinstallation limitations, ASPRN may
be uninstalled from memory by invoking it with the /U switch on the
command line. It should be loaded after any print spoolers or any
redirection made using the MODE command.

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