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PC Magazine programs from Vol 7 #21.
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PC Magazine programs from Vol 7 #21.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANSI.COM 24 24 stored
ANSIBOX.BAT 233 151 deflated
ANSIKEY.BAT 811 266 deflated
ANSIKEYI.BAT 203 80 deflated
ANSIKEYL.BAT 186 157 deflated
BIOSDATE.COM 137 103 deflated
COPY.PAS 2715 788 deflated
DELETE.PAS 665 366 deflated
FNGETKEY.BAS 2379 928 deflated
GETASCII.PAS 1903 844 deflated
LOG.ASM 26586 7271 deflated
LOG.BAS 9930 3143 deflated
LOG.COM 1807 1466 deflated
LOG.DOC 2045 1077 deflated
PP721.ZIP 15113 13739 deflated
READ123.BAS 3822 1472 deflated
READ123.EXE 41069 30503 deflated
VIDEOFIX.COM 292 169 deflated
WRITE123.BAS 4139 1254 deflated
WRITE123.EXE 33851 24756 deflated
WS4XLATE.C 741 328 deflated

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Contents of the LOG.DOC file


Jeff Prosise
1988 No. 21 (Utilities)

Purpose:A memory-resident utility that automatically maintains a record
of computer activity suitable for tax records, client billings, and use-

Format:LOG [filespec] [/U]

Remarks:Entered without the optional filespec parameter, LOG opens a
file named USAGE.LOG in the root directory of the current drive. The user may
over-ride any or all of the drive, path, and filename defaults by supplying his
desired parameters as the filespec option when LOG is initially run. Although
it can be executed from the DOS prompt, LOG is normally loaded by being included
as a line in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Provided it is either the only or the last
memory-resident program loaded, LOG can be uninstalled by executing the command
with the /U parameter.

After listing the date, LOG files provide a single-line columnar display
of start, end, and elapsed times for each program run. The program name and any
parameters entered with it are also logged, as is the "level" of DOS activity.
The original DOS level is 0; a program running under DOS is level 1; invoking a
secondary copy of COMMAND.COM by shelling out from the program to DOS,
represents level 2, etc. LOG can track up to 10 levels of DOS activity. Time
spent at the DOS prompt is identified as . LOG does not record the use of
internal DOS commands (DIR, CD, REN, for example), nor command calls that fail
("Bad command or filename"). LOG produces pure ASCII files that can be TYPE'd
to the screen or to a printer and that can be used with a browse utility or text

Available for downloading from PC MagNet (see the LOG by Modem sidebar),
LOG.COM is already compiled and ready to run. LOG.BAS will automatically create
LOG.COM when run once in BASIC. To create LOG.COM from the LOG.ASM source code
requires use of a macro assembler (IBM or Microsoft, Version 2 or later) and the
following commands:


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