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Contents of the MAKEBAS.DOC file


Salvatore P. Ricciardi
1988 No. 16 (Utilities)

Purpose: Converts binary files into an ASCII text format contained within a
BASIC program that will recreate the original binary code when run. Used to
transmit executable programs, spreadsheets, charts etc. over communications
services that do not permit sending binary files.

Format:MAKEBAS [d:][path]filename[.com]

Remarks: Entered with the filename of a binary file (preceded by its drive
[d:] and path if other than current), MAKEBAS produces a ready-to-run BASIC
program that is stored in the same drive and directory as the source file.
The data statements in the created .BAS file represent a hex image of the
bytes that constitute the source file's original binary (machine) code.
Source files of up to approximately 12,000 bytes can be converted while
staying within the usual 64K .BAS file limit.

By default, MAKEBAS presumes the source file has a .COM extension, but
other extensions (.WK1 for example) can be preserved by entering them as part
of the filename.

Files created with MAKEBAS can be reconverted to their original form
by being run under IBM BASICA, GWBASIC, Quick BASIC, Turbo Basic, or any BASIC
interpreter or compiler compatible with Microsoft BASIC. Note that up to 15
ASCII nulls may be added at the end of the restored binary file, but these
will not affect its operation.

In addition to converting executable code into a form that can be
sent, for example, over MCI Mail, MAKEBAS.COM is the program used at PC
Magazine to produce the BASIC listings of its utilities programs.

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