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PC Mag's utilities (Vol.7 # 12).
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PC Mag’s utilities (Vol.7 # 12).
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Contents of the ALLKEYS.DOC file


Robert L. Morton 1988 No. 12 (Utilities)

Purpose:Alternately disables and enables the hotkeys used by pop-up
utilities so these key combinations can be made available to applications



[d:][path]ALLKEYS [/U]

Remarks:ALLKEYS must be loaded twice, once immediately before and once
immediately after loading the series of memory-resident (TSR) utilities whose
hotkeys are to be controlled. Normally, this would be done by making the
appropriate entries in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file. After the second loading of
ALLKEYS, the operation of the TSR programs in the controlled group is
initially unaffected. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Z, however, disables these pop-up
programs by passing their trigger keys to an applications program instead.
Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Z a second time re-enables operation of the controlled
memory-resident pop-ups.

If no additional TSRs have been loaded subsequently, ALLKEYS may be
completely uninstalled by entering the command with the /U parameter. This
might be used from the DOS prompt to change the set of pop-ups controlled by
ALLKEYS. If TSRs, e.g. SideKick, have been loaded after ALLKEYS, complete
deinstallation is not possible, but the /U parameter will still disable
ALLKEYS' operation.

When ALLKEYS is activated with Ctrl-Alt-Z, a series of beeps with a
rising pitch is heard. A descending sequence of tones sounds when ALLKEYS is
toggled off. Instructions for modifying these tones and for changing ALLKEYS'
own Ctrl-Alt-Z hotkey are contained in the article.

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