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Jeff Prosise 1988 No. 10 (Utilities)

Purpose: Provides a software toggle and an on-screen
report of the states of the CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock

Format: TOGGLE [+c|-c] [+n|-n] [+s|-s]

Remarks: Entered without any parameters, TOGGLE simply
reports the current status of the three toggle keys. The c
(CapsLock), n (NumLock), and s (ScrollLock) parameters may be
added on the TOGGLE command line to change the state of the
specified key(s). A + (plus) sign preceding a parameter toggles
that key on; a - (minus) sign forces that key off. The optional
parameters may be entered singly or in any combination and order,
and in upper or lower case. Requested parameter changes are
processed before TOGGLE issues its on-screen report. Entering
TOGGLE with any unrecognized parameter (/H or ?, for example)
produces an error message that displays the correct syntax.

With 83-key PC and XT keyboards, which lack status LEDs,
TOGGLE eliminates the need to determine the states of the
CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock keys by trial and error.

Owners of "compatible" 84-key keyboards often find that
their status LEDs get out-of-sync with the true states of the
toggle keys. This condition arises when an LED-equipped keyboard
is matched with an XT BIOS design, which lacks provisions for
updating the indicators when a program rather than a keystroke
changes the toggle-key state. TOGGLE can be used to restore the
synchronization, which will be retained as long as only
keystrokes are used to change the toggle keys' status.

The BIOS interface for the current 101-key (Enhanced)
keyboard causes the machine to boot up with the NumLock state on.
All previous keyboards have provided the opposite default
condition. Including the line


in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file will cause the NumLock key to
boot up in the off state when using the Enhanced keyboard.

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Archive   : VOL7N10.ZIP
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