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Future View Key Forces That Will Shape the World of Computing Frank Werner 401116Changes computers will bring to the way people live and work in the next decade.
Future View Other Voices, Other Futures Lemley Brad 401133Changes computers will bring:people in diverse areas match forecasts w/W. Frank.
Marketplace The Best of 1984, and Some of the Worst Krasnoff Barbara 401139New PC products of 1984: the best & worst (Editor's Choice)
Graphics Graphics That Dress for Success Alesandrini Kathryn 401164Business presentation graphics: ExecuVision, HyperGraphics & EnerGraphics.
Graphics Charting Your Course on the PC Bishop Jack 401177Business presentation graphics: different packages applied to different needs.
Graphics PC Systems for Pie Chart Picassos Raskin Robin Christopher, Tom 401187Business presentation graphics: 3 software packages produce quality art graphics
Graphics Samurai Image Processor Burns Diane Venit, S. 401199Samurai produces quality slides of computer graphics quickly & cheaply.
Graphics PC Graphics Challenge the Mighty Cray Fowler John 401205Cray supercomputer graphics compared to PC graphic capabilities.
Applications Shuttle Radar and PCs Map the Earth Goldberg Cheryl 401213Mapping the earth with the use of the Space Shuttle and PC-XTs.
Operating Systems Zooming in for a Closer Look Aarons Dick 401221Excelerator: designs and documents complex interdependent systems.
Alternate Input Screenbusters Wexler Dan 401237Touch screens & touch pens: input devices that bypass the keyboard.
Word Processing Eek! A Mouse for the PC Werbin Richard 401251Mice: how a mouse interface with word processing programs affects input.
Design Freehand Graphics Kass Mark 401277Drawing programs: PC Paintbrush & Dr. Halo offer MacPaint-like capabilities.
Medicine For Doctors: Windows in the Office Friedman, M.D. Bernard 401281Doctor's Office Manager from IBM reviewed.
Law A PC Helps Fight Class-Action Suits Landis Dick 401287Class-action suits: PCs help process data (case history).
Business Up in Smoke Gast Bruce 401293Fire protection: fire-fighting chemicals that do less damage to PCs and data.
Programming Keyboard Codes Abel Peter 401331Keyboard codes: understanding complex character and scan codes.
Telecommunications Let a Broker Do the Searching Glossbrenner Alfred 401354Information brokers: search on-line databases for facts you need--for a price.
Graphics More Than Pretty Pictures Corr Robert 401 91Guest Edit: PC generated business graphics--no one package fills everone's needs
Norton Chronicles Hard Disk Housekeeping Norton Peter 401105Storage: clearing out duplicate and unnecessary, old programs.
PC Arcade Checkerboard Challenge Wiswell Phil 401263Games: Gramps: The Checker Champion, Sargon III.
Book Review PC Graphics and Sound: Unlimited Designs Filbeck Bruce 401271Graphics: 2 graphics books reviewed.
Micro/Mainframe Can We Talk? The Micro-to-Mainframe Connection Catchings Bill 402108Micro to mainframe communications: links that make this possible.
Micro/Mainframe A Micro-Mainframe Primer Daney Charles 402114Micro to mainframe communication: primer on communication methods & applications
Micro/Mainframe The Async Link Derfler Frank 402131Micro to mainframe asynchronous communications software links.
Telecommunications Data by Satellite Derfler Frank 402140Satellites: pros & cons of these communications carriers.
Hardware When the Mini Plays Host Kariya Scott 402144IBM System/38 business-oriented microcomputer links PCs to emulate mainframe.
Micro/Mainframe Bisync Comes of Age Harts Bill 402149Bisync, communications protocol, enables 2 machines to communicate.
Micro/Mainframe 3270 PC: All Things to All Users? Valenzuela Edward 402157IBM 3270 PC review: is it an effective micro/mainframe link?
Micro/Mainframe PC Metamorphosis: 3270 Emulation Singer John 4021693270 emulation product transforms PC into mainframe terminal.
Micro/Mainframe The Future of the Connection Harts Bill 402179Micro-to-mainframe link is far from perfect, but moving in the right direction.
Science Mini Power for the PC Hultquist Paul 402186ASYST data collection & analysis software program for scientists & engineers.
Business Organize Your Desk and Your PC Petzold Charles 402204Organize your desk: calculator/ directory/notepad with 4 programs
Accounting Getting Wise with Solomon Dauphinais Bill 402218Price Waterhouse Report: Solomon accounting software review.
Portables The Hewlett-Packard 110:The Next Step in PortablesPoor Alfred Webster, Robin 402230Hewlett-Packard 110 PC portable reviewed.
Real Estate Real Investments: Gaining the Edge Alvernaz Bil. 402259Real estate software packages for the real estate business professional (Part 1)
Mathematics A Calculating Tool Barcellos Anthony 402263HP-PC Programmable Scientific Calculator reviewed.
Law Better Boilerplate for Small Firms Lener Jeff 402269Legal Systems Software customizes legal documents for use with WordStar.
Medicine Find It with MINET Friedman, M.D. Bernard 402273Minet, on-line medical database accesses drug & info listing for 3,500 diseases.
Programming Parity Insurance Hunter David 402309Parity checking hazard: how to avoid losing data without disabling this feature.
Writing A Frame of Reference Blank Hannah 402335Framework helps you organize thoughts, outline work & write effectively.
Word Processing Waiting for Quality Word Processing Mohammadioun Said 402 85Guest Edit: word processing market should come up with better software for PCs.
Norton Chronicles A Serious Lap Computer at Last Norton Peter 402101Portables: Data General One, a full-function, PC compatible lap-size computer.
PC Arcade The Plot Thickens Wiswell Phil 402245Games: The Witness, Murder on the Zirderneuf.
Book Review Learning Through Games Wiswell Phil 402251Learning programming through computer games: two books reviewed.
Networks Local Area Networks 403114Networks: introduction to network issue.
Networks The Lay of the LANs Derfler Frank 403116Local Area Networks (LAN) introduction and glossary of terms.
Networks Networks at Your Service Goldhaber Nat Rosch, Winn 403125Network servers: PCs that handle commands, functions, speed & security of system
Networks The Novell Solution Cowart Robert Rosenthal, Steve 403131Novell network operating system: leading the PC market for LAN software.
Networks Looking Ahead at IBM's LAN Software Lisker Peter Machrone, Bill 403144IBM PC network preview: looks like a winner because of reliability & ease of use
Networks An Inside Look at IBM's LAN Sammons & Assoc. 403136IBM PC network preview: it's features, trade-offs & performance.
Networks Benchmarks for Network Ratings Cowart Robert Feldmann, Peter 403152Network rating tests used in this issue to judge LAN systems.
Networks LAN Speed Trials Dickinson John 403168Network test results: how LANs measure up in speed and productivity.
Networks Battle of the Network Stars 403178Networks: detailed test results of 13 networks (performance, ease of use & cost)
Programming Try a Door, Not a Window Dickinson John 403273DOORS program uses color & monochrome displays together as coordinated windows.
Real Estate Real Estate Returns Alvernaz Bil. 403287Real estate software packages for the business professional (Part 2).
Medicine Pharmaceutical Riches On-Line Friedman, M.D. Bernard 403291Pharmaceutical on-line database: part of Knowledge Index's 8 medical databases.
Law Legal Equalizers Harris Thorne 403299PC Law & Advanced Legal Software manage financial side of small law offices.
Telecommunications Remote Access with CTTY Glossbrenner Alfred 403337CTTY command lets you run your PC from another's computer console.
Norton Chronicles Software for One and All Norton Peter 403103Generic software: the problems & promise of software that runs on most machines.
Hardware Adapted for the Screen Hart Glenn Forney, Jim 404116Video graphics adapter boards: their capabilities.
Hardware Video Board Reviews Hart Glenn Forney, Jim 404121Video adapter boards: 25 video graphic boards reviewed.
Hardware Video Wizardry with PC-EYE Forney Jim 404173PC-EYE video expansion board turns PC into a picture machine.
Hardware The C-77 Video Mix-up Forney Jim 404186C-77 Video Mixer merges video images & text on one screen.
Graphics Getting on the Air Powell David 404190TV broadcast images: producing video images using Color/Graphics Adapter.
Applications The PC Pied Piper of North Dallas Kariya Scott 404196Catholic priest shares love of PC with his parish.
Graphics 2010: A PC Odyssey Krasnoff Barbara 404216Filmmakers use PC to produce special effects for major motion pictures.
Education Oxford Goes On-Line Porter Martin 404233Oxford English Dictionary to go on-line at the end of the decade.
Accounting Accounting for Individual Tastes Dauphinais Bill Seller, Glen 404200Price Waterhouse: Rags to Riches accounting program for small businesses.
Integrated Packages Enable Does It Right Burns Diane Venit, S. 404209Enable software combines word proc/spreadsheet/graphics/database & telecomm.
Games A Microcomputer Crossword Van Gelder Lindsy 404226Crossword for microcomputer users--test your knowledge.
Programming REDirecting Your Files Dickinson John 404245Moving files from one directory to another without using Copy or Erase.
Medicine PC Clinical Testing Crouch Michael 404263Clinical Research System integ. pkg.:statistical analysis from patient profiles.
Finance Modeling with 1-2-3: The RAND Command Boswell James 404269Financial modeling from your spreadsheet--using Lotus 1-2-3 RAND function.
Law Legal Connections Grunbaum Werner 404273Telecommunications for the law office: attorneys share information & services.
Education Hyped-Up Authoring Dunn Gregory 404277HyperGraphics, a versatile authoring system.
Writing Throw Out Your Index Cards Pearlman Dara 404331Editing system used instead of index cards to take notes, keep files,build data.
Education Long Live the Almighty Manual Rigo Joseph 404 89Guest Edit: manuals--nothing will render them completely obsolete.
Norton Chronicles Full-Screen Output: Fast and Compatible Norton Peter 404105Screen drivers for writing information onto computer's display screen.
PC Arcade Strategic Moves Wiswell Phil 404241Games: Baron, Computer Diplomacy.
Book Review Peering into the PC's Brain: Assembly Language Hannotte Dean 404327Assembly language programming--2 new primers.
Voice Synthesis Personal Computers Speak for Themselves 405113Speech synthesis introduction.
Voice Synthesis The Voice of the '80s Aarons Dick 405114Speech synthesis boards from Tecmar & VYNET capabilities reviewed.
Voice Synthesis When You Talk, Your PC Listens Schoen John 405122Speech recognition boards reviewed: the voice as an alternate input device.
Telecommunications The PC-Telephone Connection Hart Glenn 405133Telephone-related hardware/software to enhance PC/phone/user communication.
Voice Synthesis Talking Software for the Visually Impaired Ritchie David 405148Handicapped users: hardware turns PC into talking terminal for blind PC users.
Voice Synthesis Speaking Your Mind with MicroVox Rosch Winn 405157MicroVox hardware: for building your own speech synthesizer, cheaply.
Networks Fiber Optics Light Up Networks Hecht Jeff 405169Fiber optics in telecommunications and PC applications.
Statistics Good with Stats: SYSTAT & EPISTAT Lee Robert Cohen, Jacob 405179Statistical packages: SYSTAT & EPISTAT reviewed.
Statistics SPSS Arrives on the PC Vanderbok William 405191Statistical Package for the Social Services, now available for PC-XT.
Database Management Structuring Data As You Like It with DayFlo Pearlman Dara 405227DayFlo database mgmt. program structures data in a freer, less rigid form.
Programming Control Your PC from Anywhere with CTTY Manes Stephen 405198Telecommunications: CTTY command lets you access your PC from any terminal.
Languages Cleaning Up C with Windows Christian Kaare 405206Mark Williams Co. C compiler includes excellent C language debugger.
Languages New Ways to Kill BASIC Bugs Hart Glenn 405216Debugging programs for BASIC, Active Trace & BASIC Development System, reviewed.
Programming The Great Printer Swap Dickinson John 405241Printers, attaching two to PC: switch betw. high-speed drafts & letter quality.
Finance A Line on Investments: Knowing the Value Boswell James 405241Investment analysis using Value/Screen.
Business Manage Your Accounts with PFS Abelson Glenn 405279PFS software package--used by salesman to organize accounts.
Medicine Clinical Uses for Spreadsheets Lempert, MD Philip 405283Integrated business programs, like Lotus 1-2-3, have clinical applications too.
Education Making Inroads at the Ivory Tower Porter Martin 405287IBM's generous equipment grants to Ivy League schools raise ethical questions.
Telecommunications The Urge to Merge Stone M. David 405345Merge files--expanding PC-TALK III's capabilities.
Marketplace Here's My Beef Green Paula 405 90Guest Edit: Advertising campaigns--computer companies underestimate consumer.
Norton Chronicles Screen Drivers and Output Norton Peter 405101Screen drivers create quick display screen output.
PC Arcade Instant Wordplay Wiswell Phil 405249Games: Word Challenge, Monty Plays Scrabble.
Book Review Software Sorting Karten Howard 405341Software guides (2) reviewed.
Repair/Maintenance Whatever Ails Your PC 406114Maintaining your PC: introduction.
Repair/Maintenance Maintain Your Sanity: Maintain Your Disk Drives Beechhold Henry 406116Disk drive failure: troubleshooting & maintaining this prime source of breakdown
Repair/Maintenance Circuit Board Home Remedies Williams Gene 406124Circuit board malfunction: PC's self-diagnostics helps you discover problems.
Repair/Maintenance Power Plays and Peripherals Williams Gene 406130Power supply and peripherals problems: how to diagnose them.
Repair/Maintenance Taking Out a Contract on Your PC McKibbin Wendy Lea 406136Service contracts: picking the one that's right for your system.
Repair/Maintenance Keeping the Repairman Away Atwater Dorothea 406142Preventative maintenance: simple precautions to ward off breakdowns.
Languages A Grand SLAM for Simulations Young Jan 406148SLAM II: simulation modeling language.
Accounting Dow Jones Does the Books Dauphinais Bill Yesko, Michael 406162Price Waterhouse: Dow Jones' software automates sm. business financial systems.
Education Speed Through the Reading Barrier Pearlman Dara 406175Speed reading: PC takes you through Evelyn Wood Dynamics Speed Reading course.
Business Software for the Hard Sell Vaughan Frank 406194Sales: 4 software packages help salesmen sell.
Finance Modest Investments Yield Large Returns Meyers Thomas 406225Stock market: 5 low-cost investment packages analyze market & track investments.
Portables Computing on the Run Racko Roland 406188Visual Commuter Computer reviewed.
Hardware PC-870: Fast Anchor for Your Network Rosch Winn 406233PC-870 hard disk uses memory cache to offer your network high speed/performance.
Word Processing Put Your Text in Top Form Hannotte Dean 406209Text formatters for highly complex documents with indexes, footnotes, etc.
Programming Copying Files Selectively Holzner Steve 406239Copying files with MOVE utility avoids tedium of creating backup files.
Education Testing the Testmakers Rosenberg Jordan 406263Testmaking programs fail to make the grade.
Medicine Putting the PC Before the Cart Droege Thomas 406265Surgery: PC ensures the right instruments are available for the right procedures
Law Computer Education: Legal Aid Rosensweet Bob 406269Education in computers for attorneys offered in law school & professional groups
Accounting Print Sideways Kass Mark 406273Sideways software prints long spreadsheets w/many columns sideways on paper.
Writing Typesetting for Writers Ulick Terry 406329Typesetting: by learning the basics, writers can bypass the manuscript stage.
Norton Chronicles Writing Programs for TopView Norton Peter 406105TopView windowing program: modifying your programs to work with TopView.
Book Review Apple to ZDOS: Where to Find It Karten Howard 406325Directories: 2 hardware/software directories reviewed.
Tax Preparation Tackling the Tax Problem: Software for Your PC Komlyn Anthony Levine, Jay 407117Tax software packages: overview of categories & reviews of packages available.
Portables Resorting to the Portable Stallings Stephanie 407164Data General/One lap-top portable reviewed.
PC-XT Compatibles The Tandy 1200 HD: A New Direction for Radio ShackRosch Winn 407172Tandy 1200 HD, PC-compatible XT-clone, reviewed.
Portables Tandy 200 Lap Computer: A Lightweight Heavyweight Krasnoff Barbara 407211Tandy 200 PC portable has improvements, extra memory and features.
Operating Systems Beating the DOS-CP/M Compatibility Blues Aarons Dick 407181Uniform utility program emulates disk drives to offer CP/M & DOS compatibility.
Medicine PC Psychologist: The Doctor Is In Dubroff Bobbie 407186Psychologists use PC software programs to test & evaluate patients.
Memory Breaking the Memory Barrier Owen Bruce 407193Bank-switched RAM software, Tall Tree's JRAM-2, offers almost unlimited memory.
Education A Victory for Computer Literacy Waterloo Helliwell John 407204University of Waterloo in Canada expounds computer literacy for all its students
Marketplace Is It Cheaper in Hong Kong? Folsom Tyler 407215Buying your PC or PC-compatible cheaply in Hong Kong.
Programming Recovering Lost Files Holzner Steven 407225Undeleting files that have been accidentally deleted with UNDEL.COM.
Medicine PCs in Prenatal Care Porter Martin 407251Obstetrical UltraSound Reporting Software analyzes results of prenatal tests.
Engineering Support for Science: IBM's Latest Basta Nick 407257IBM's Engineering/Scientific Support System (E/S3) hardware & software reviewed.
Business PCs Forecast Down on the Farm Landis Dick Landis, Jan 407261Farm commodities & trading software, Chart Analyst & Crop Model, reviewed.
Law Tax Plan Models Brasch Norvell 407265Tax lawyers' aid, BNA Income Tax Spreadsheet, for complex tax calculations.
Telecommunications A Low-Cost Database Pool Glossbrenner Alfred 407315Business Computer Network gives access to 16 on-line databases for $5 a month.
Norton Chronicles Across-the-Board Surprises Norton Peter 407105IBM's Enhanced Graphics Adapter board & AST's Advantage board reviewed.
Book Review Software at a Glance: Two New Catalogs Raskin Robin 407323Software guides: 2 catalogs reviewed.
Expert Systems Artif.Expertise:Intel.Software for Problem SolvingLemley Brad 408108Artificial intelligence used in Expert System software emulates thought process.
Expert Systems An Affordable Adviser Derfler Frank 408113EXSYS low-cost Expert System package reviewed.
Expert Systems Expert-Ease Makes Its Own Rules Derfler Frank 408119Expert-Ease Expert System infers logical rules/links effects w/potential causes.
Expert Systems Revealing Business Solutions Webster Robin 408125REVEAL Expert System aimed to corporate market.
Expert Systems Raw Power for Problem Solving Tello Ernie 408131Advisor Expert System: comprehensive tool aimed at experienced programmer.
Expert Systems Marching to a Different Drummer Tello Ernie 408139TIMM-PC Expert System solves problems even when crucial information is missing.
Expert Systems M.1 Makes a Direct Hit Webster Robin 408145M.1 Expert System offers powerful features for developing knowledge bases.
Expert Systems Lightyear's Ahead of Paper Taylor Jared 408159Lightyear, while not a true Expert System, helps you evaluate options.
Languages The Language of AI Research Tello Ernie 408173LISP & PROLOG languages suited for writing Expert Systems & other AI programs.
Accounting One-Write Plus:Variations on an Accounting ClassicDauphinais Bill Yesko, Michael 408190Price Waterhouse Report: One-Write Plus accounting package reviewed.
Word Processing Wordstar 2000: Laden with Luxury Stone M. David 408202WordStar 2000 reviewed.
Integrated Packages That Special Intuition Pompili Anthony 408213Intuit integrated software program reviewed.
Education A School Without Walls Pearlman Dara 408224On-line correspondence school offers teacher & student interaction via modem.
Programming Printing Program Files Dickinson John 408233Program printouts: producing good printed versions using PR.COM utility.
Law Training Students to Object Meadows Laura Lou 408259Education: NYU law professor combines laserdisk & PC technology to teach law.
Finance Personal Financial Planning: Three Aspects Woodwell Donald 408263Personal financial software: 3 categories of financial planning aids.`
Education Teacher's Aide Rosenberg Jordan 408269TenCORE authoring language: teachers create instructional syst/evaluate progress
Writing The Ins & Outs of Indexing Anderson Charles 408321Indexing: creating an index with Micro Indexing System.
Norton Chronicles It's Odds and Ends Time Norton Peter 408103Updated Word/Businessland speeds IBM products delivery/Realia COBOL compiler.
Book Review Artificial Intelligence: The Quest Continues Hannotte Dean 408311Artificial intelligence: the people & methods behind it (2 books reviewed).
Operating Systems TopView: From the Bottom Up Machrone Bill 409110TopView review: IBM's new windowing, menu-based, multitasking environment.
Operating Systems TopView Enters the Fray Edelhart Mike 409124TopView: the product & it's market strategy plus competing systems reviewed.
Operating Systems TopView: The Hard Facts Catchings Bill 409132TopView: Questions & Answers on how the system works.
Operating Systems TopView: A DOS (Dis)Service Somerson Paul 409137TopView's long menuing sytem hampers DOS & offers disappointing performance.
Medicine Computers with Heart Porter Martin 409173Heart implant operation on William Schroeder aided by Compaq computer.
Printers Printers from IBM: Traditional and Trendy Dickinson John 409157IBM printers reviewed: IBM Wheelprinter & Quietwriter.
Integrated Packages A Wide Open Approach to Integrated Software Hughes George 409142Open Access integrated package w/6 modules that are good enough to stand alone.
Database Management GOLDATAbase: Truly as Good as Gold? Lipton Russell 409165Goldatabase data management tool for novice & expert alike.
Database Management KALEIDOSCOPE: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep Phillips John 409169Kaleidoscope database manager reviewed.
Computer Crime The Ethics of Software Piracy Lewenstein Bruce 409178Piracy of software is robbing economy & subverting our ethics.
Programming Making Your Own Macros Holzner Steven 409189Macro building with a single keystroke using ONEKEY program.
Finance Stock Analysis: Fundamental Knowledge Gianturco Michael 409211Stock Market: sifting out specific list of stocks from thousands of alternatives
Medicine Medical Diagnosis with a PC Twist Lener Jeffrey 409215Diagnosing aid, PKC Software, uses current data from medical journals/textbooks.
Computer Crime Peace of Mind Gast Bruce 409219Theft: protecting your computer from theft by using locks & cables.
Telecommunications Taking Notice of Bulletin Boards Stone M. David 409261Bulletin Boards outgrow fledgling graphics & offer color, graphics & music.
Norton Chronicles The Good News About DOS 3.x Norton Peter 409 33DOS 3.x: tips on disk flexibility & data rescue.
Hardware Plug-Ins: The Inside Story Rosch Winn 410110Add-in peripherals:plug-in & cartridge hard disks, half-height floppy drives,etc
Hardware Installing Megabytes in Minutes Burns Diane Venit, S. 410114Adding an internal hard disk to your PC--to increase storage capacity & speed.
Hardware Portability Meets Privacy Derfler Frank 410124Cartridge hard disks offer fast backup, data mobility & security.
Hardware Double Your Driving Pleasure Rosch Winn 410132Half-height floppy disk drives--four alternative models reviewed.
Hardware An Up-Front Approach to Backup Rosch Winn 410138Internal cartridge tape drives offers backup capabilities & data security.
Hardware New Frontiers for Add-in Technology Rosch Winn Feldmann,P.&Stark,C.410144Add-in technology:quad-density floppy drives,multimegabyte,embedded-servo drives
Word Processing Get Smart with MaxThink Taylor Jared 410162MaxThink: thought processor helps organize your thoughts into outline form.
Lotus 1-2-3 Processing Your Thoughts with 1-2-3 Flast Robert 410177Outline writing w/macros & Lotus 1-2-3 which mimics thought processor programs.
Accounting 2001: Futuristic Accounting? Dauphinais Bill Smith,G.Levinbook,G.410180Price Waterhouse Report: 2001 accounting system for small businesses reviewed.
Software Aids Macro Dynamos for the PC Pearlman Dara 410193ProKey & SmartKey--2 macro processing programs compared & reviewed.
Business Fine-Tuning Your Sales Technique Young Jan 410204Sales:The Sales Manager software tracks client records,sales,expenses,commission
Integrated Packages Perfect Components: All in the Family Raskin Robin Christian, K. 410223Perfect Software series combines ease of use with wide range of functions.
Programming Finding Anything Anywhere Holzner Steve 410241LOCATE program: finds misplaced files from little pieces of their content.
Law Keeping the Wolves at Bay Meadows Laura Lou 410269Bankruptcy program:aids companies w/many creditors reorganize financial planning
Finance Banking on Your Computer Friedman Kenneth 410277Banking at home by computer simplifies transactions and adds many services.
Languages Restoring Matrix Commands to BASIC Barcellos Anthony 410281Matrix 100 restores BASIC's lost matrix commands.
Finance Enter at Your Own Risk Meyers Thomas 410285Financial analysis programs in books that bargain-hunting investors can input.
Writing The Organized Writer Anderson Charles 410327ThinkTank thought organizer helps writers outline structure of writing projects.
Norton Chronicles Complementary Comments Norton Peter 410105Hard disks, using non-IBM hard disks in tandem w/IBM Enhanced Graphics Adapter.
Book Review Taming a Wild Language Andrews Nancy 410323Assembly Language books: 2 books for learning to program in Assembly Language.
Spreadsheet Face-OffThe Great Spreadsheet Face-Off Wiswell Phil 411114Spreadsheet packages (10) given standardized tests in spreadsheet contest.
Spreadsheet Face-OffThe Teams Wiswell Phil 411130Wharton MBA candidates who tested spreadsheet packages in spreadsheet contest.
Spreadsheet Face-OffWhat They Don't Teach You at The Wharton School Hood Ray Wilding, Michael 411136Spreadsheet Face-Off problem designers analyze results of contest.
Portables Pivot Passes the Screen Test Pepper Jon 411150Pivot portable PC, from Morrow Designs, reviewed.
Telecommunications OmniTel's Encore Performance Stone M. David 411162Modems: Encore 1200B from OmniTel has many Hayes-like features.
Hardware The DataTower of Strength Rosch Winn 411182Priam Corporation's DataTower Hard Disk Subsystem reviewed.
Applications Software for Hard Decisions Pearlman Dara 411166Decision-aiding software: Decision Aide and Expert Choice reviewed.
Business Negotiating One-Upmanship Howard William 411177Management analysis software: Management Edge & Art of Negotiating reviewed.
Ergonomics LUMEN Lights up Your Room Pompili Anthony 411194Lighting design software, Lumen$ & Lumen-Micro, helps builders model lighting.
Science The Sky's the Limit Duntemann Jeff 411204Astronomy:TellStar & Journey to the Stars create planetarium models on PC screen
Subdirectories Stalking the Elusive Subdirectory Path Dickinson John 411231Subdirectories: 5 path-like facility software programs for accessing files.
Applications Software Takes to the Air Joyce Edward 411188Radio program in Seattle broadcasts free software to its audience.
Graphics PC Animation: A Dream Come True Waldman Barry 411219Animator uses innovative graphics programs to create low-cost animation.
Science Simulating Nuclear Accidents Stallings Stephanie 411249Nuclear accident simulations on PC used to study possible power plant accidents.
Programming Fundamentals of Fractals Estvanik Stephen 411255Fractals or fractional dimensions: the PC measures irregular shapes (Part 2).
Science Scientific Word Processing Christian Kaare 411285Word processing program for scientists, WordMARC, reviewed.
Finance Successful Investing: Seizing the Moment Gianturco Michael 411291Stock Market: sorting/charting software for analyzing when to buy or sell.
Medicine New Approaches to Practicing Medicine Friedman, M.D. Bernard 411297CME software simulates cases to help doctors keep up with developments.
Education Computerized Classroom Visions Beechhold Henry 411303Computers can be used in classroom to simulate real-world jobs.
Writing Making Book with Word Processing Joyce Edward 411355Typesetting: advantages of delivering electronic manuscripts to typesetter.
Norton Chronicles Waiting for Good Print Norton Peter 411103Printers from IBM: Wheelprinter & Quietwriter printer reviewed.
Book Review An Entrepreneurial State of Mind Nasta Terry 411321Business: The Computer Entrepreneurs--Book Review.
Graphics Giving Power to Presentations 412110Business Graphics: PC reviews 36 graphics packages for business.
Graphics Fast Graphs 412116Business graphics: Fast Graphs software package review.
Graphics dGRAPH III 412118Business graphics: dGRAPH III software package review.
Graphics Micrograph by 2Y's 412121Business graphics: Micrograph by 2Y's 2.0 software package review.
Graphics Infographics CHOICE 412122Business graphics: Inforgraphics CHOICE software package review.
Graphics PC Illustrator 412124Business graphics: PC Illustrator software package review.
Graphics EnerGraphics 412126Business graphics: EnerGraphics software package review.
Graphics Microsoft Chart 412128Business graphics: Microsoft Chart software package review.
Graphics PC Presents! 412130Business graphics: PC Presents! software package review.
Graphics Executive Presentation Kit 412132Business graphics: Executive Presentation Kit software package review.
Graphics BPS Business Graphics 412134Business graphics: BPS Business Graphics software package review.
Graphics GrafTalk 412136Business graphics: GrafTalk software package review.
Graphics Boardroom Graphics 412138Business graphics: Boardroom Graphics software package review.
Graphics PC-Draw 412142Business graphics: PC-Draw software package review.
Graphics Chart-Master 412146Business graphics: Chart-Master software package review.
Graphics Zebra Business Graphics 412152Business graphics: Zebra Business Graphics software package review.
Graphics Giraph Business Graphics 412158Business graphics: Giraph Business Graphics software package review.
Graphics VCN ExecuVision 412160Business graphics: VCN ExecuVision software package review.
Graphics GraffHopper 412162Business graphics: GraffHopper software package review.
Graphics Draw-It 412166Business graphics: Draw-It software package review.
Graphics DR Graph 412170Business graphics: DR Graph software package review.
Graphics Condor Graf 412178Business graphics: Condor Graf software package review.
Graphics Artpak 412182Business graphics: Artpak software package review.
Graphics Grafox 412188Business graphics: Grafox software package review.
Graphics ChartStar 412192Business graphics: ChartStar software package review.
Graphics Executive Picture Show 412196Business graphics: Executive Picture Show software package review.
Graphics Business Graphics System 412200Business graphics: Business Graphics System software package review.
Graphics Pyxel Visuals 412204Business graphics: Pyxel Visuals software package review.
Graphics btGRAF 412208Business graphics: bt GRAF software package review.
Graphics Hypergraphics 412214Business graphics: Hypergraphics software package review.
Graphics TelePaint 412218Business graphics: TelePaint software package review.
Graphics GSS-Plottalk 412222Business graphics: GSS-Plottalk software package review.
Graphics Plotrax 2 412226Business graphics: Plotrax 2 software package review.
Graphics PC-Graph 412228Business graphics: PC-Graph software package review.
Graphics PFS:GRAPH 412230Business graphics: PFS:GRAPH software package review.
Graphics GRAFIT 412232Business graphics: GRAFIT software package review.
Graphics Graphwriter 412234Business graphics: Graphwriter software package review.
Graphics Graphics: A Two-Edged Sword Alesandrini Kathryn 412239Busn. graphics done properly enhance a presentation, done poorly they weaken it.
Norton Chronicles Gang of Fourteen: Disk Types for the AT Norton Peter 412103Hardware: AT add-on hard disks.
Programming Watching for Disk Errors Holzner Steve 412263Disk program helps spot small-scale disk errors.
Education Studying SAT Programs Malamud Mark 412289SAT preparation software: choosing the right one.
Finance Check Out Hot Tips with Dow Jones Meyers Thomas 412295Stock Market: Dow Jones News/Retrieval gives access to investment information.
Business Safekeeping Your Software Gast Bruce 412289Fire or humidity disk damage: how to avoid these threats to your magnetic media.
Law One-Stop Shopping Brasch Norvell 412305Price Waterhouse Legal Tech Seminar enducates lawyers to be wiser consumers.
Book Review Basic Repairs for Your PC--Too Basic? Rosch Winn 412351Repair books: 2 books help you locate problems but don't help you fix them.
Telecommunications Picking the Proper Protocol Stone M. David 412355Error-correcting protocols: Xmodem CRC, Kermit & Microcom Networking Protocol.
Hardware The Enhanced AT: A Personal Vision Finefrock Michael Aarons,B./Hale, C. 413120PC AT: the ultimate AT built with add-on products that power up this IBM micro.
Accounting Nonprofit Accounting with PC-FUND Dauphinais Bill Yesko,M,/Buttine,C. 413138Price Waterhouse Report:PC-FUND accting pkg designed for nonprofit organizations
Accounting Business Accounting Software Comes of Age? Dauphinais Bill Yesko,Michael 413146Price Waterhouse Report:summary of past accting software trends & future outlook
Word Processing Word Takes Another Forward Stride Burns Diane Venit, S. 413151Word Version 2.0 from Microsoft, retains advanced features & corrects old flaws.
Finance Mainframe Financial Modeling Comes to the Micro Edwards Ken 413164IFPS/Personal financial modeling program: adaptation of popular mainframe pkg.
Word Processing Sidekick Puts Windows on WordStar's World Manes Stephen 413188Sidekick software program adds advanced features to WordStar.
Telecommunications Long-Distance Computing at Full Power Derfler Frank 413176Remote software package allows you complete access to your computer from afar.
Hardware Massive Storage: 120 Fast Megabytes Rosch Winn 413183Memory: IDEAdisk DPR-120-FT offers massive storage.
Book Excerpt Appraising Job Performance Wortman Leon 413193Business Problem Solving With the IBM PC & XT lists BASIC & PASCAL programs.
Applications Preserving the Past on Disk Lemley Brad 413199Archives prg. from Smithsonian Air & Space Museum save & index photos& documents
Norton Chronicles Reaching the 32-Megabyte Barrier Norton Peter 413115Memory: DOS storage limits.
Programming A Bar Chart for All Reasons Cuellar Gabriel 413213Graphics: bar charts, 6 programs for producing them.
Science A Bridge to Better Graphics: The Math Utilities Barcellos Anthony 413247Graphics:The Math Utilities display formulas/plot curves/represent 3-D surfaces.
Education Confessions of a PTA Fund-Raiser Raskin Robin 413249Fund raising for your child's school projects with interactive BASIC programs.
Medicine Continuing Medical Education On-line Friedman Bernard 413253Education:GTE's MINET database offers doctors AMA accredited interactive courses
Business Forecasting Tools for the Business Manager Forrest N.B. 413257Forecasting software for business: interactive pkgs. save time & reveal trends.
Book Review Dishing Up Computer Tidbits Raskin Robin 413299Digital Deli & The Computer Cookbook--examine computer lore & computer enviro.
Writing Dot Matrix Typesetting with LePrint Anderson Charles 413303Typeset your writing in 13 diff. typefaces using LePrint & dot matrix printer.
Alternate Input Periphal Vision:Guide to Optical Character ReadersStanton Tom 414104Optical character readers (OCRs) overview.
Alternate Input The Kurzweil 4000: A State-of-the-Art Reader Stanton Tom 414110Optical character reader: Kurzweil 4000 OCR, top of the line in quality & price.
Alternate Input Midrange OCRs: Reliable and Reasonably Priced Stanton Tom Stark, Craig 414116Optical character readers(OCRs):DEST 211, Hendrix TR100 & TOTEC TO-5000B review.
Alternate Input Oberon Omni-Reader: Recognition Becomes AffordableRosch Winn 414124Optical character readers: Oberon Omni-Reader, a budget-priced OCR.
Alternate Input Scanners at a Glance Rosenthal Steve 414128Scanners translate two dimensional images into computer pictures.
Database Management The Latest in Databases Poor Alfred 414139Project Database Update: reviews of 8 new products & analysis of DBMS market.
Software Aids Backing Up Made Easy Rosch Winn 414173Backing up your data with Bakup & Gemini Backup software makes disk backup easy.
Applications PCs on the Rubber Plantation Howard William 414158Rubber tree plantation in Indonesia uses PCs to analyze & raise crop yields.
Voice Synthesis Key Tronics: Beyond Touch Typing Cowart Robert 414162Speech recognition keyboard, Key Tronic KB5152V, for inputting commands by voice
Norton Chronicles Breaking the Barrier Norton Peter 414 93Storage: effects that breaking DOS's 32-megabyte barrier will have on industry.
Programming A Snapshot for Remembrance Holzner Steve 414183Snapshot program stores a screenful of data and recalls it in two keystrokes.
Science For Equation Processing Only Christian Kaare 414227Volkswriter Scientific, a scientific word processor that processes equations.
Business Heavy-Duty PC Forecasting Forrest N.B. 414231Forecasting software (part 2): 6 packages reviewed.
Education California-Style Computer Curriculum Lyles Rebecca Moore 414235Computech, middle school in Fresno, uses computers in all aspects of curriculum.
Medicine Tapping into the FDA Porter Martin 414239FDA bulletin board: online from ITT Dialcom, gives pharaceutical information.
Book Review The Greatest Story on Earth:The Chip and Its RootsNasta Terry 414273Technological advances of the computer age, chips & Bell Labs: 2 books reviewed.
Apple/IBM PC vs. Mac: An Unfair Match? Burns Diane Venit, S. 415110Macintosh challenges the PC in the business environment.
Telecommunications A New Standard in Communications: 2,400 bps Stone M. David 415132Modems: 3 reviews of new 2,400 bps modems that double last year's speed.
Telecommunications 2,400 bps: He Who Hesitates Is Smart Glossbrenner Alfred 415147Modems: 2,400 bps modems--perhaps not a good buy for moderate users.
Hardware Canon's First Shot Stone M. David 415158Canon Personal Computer A-200, a compatible, competitive machine.
Hardware The Model 100 Lives On with Add-ons Machrone Bill 415168Expansion hardware for Tandy Model 100 portable improves an already good machine
Accounting Macola's Accounting Software: A Major Asset Dauphinais G. William Owens, Steven 415150Price Waterhouse Report: Macola's Financial Software reviewed.
Applications PCs Set Sail Poor Alfred 415177Sailboat design: America II challenges Australian team to win back America's Cup
Norton Chronicles Hot Tips a la Norton Norton Peter 415105Tips on some good software & hardware from Peter Norton.
Programming Keeper of Lost Commands Holzner Steven 415191KEEPER.COM program saves your last ten DOS commands for re-execution.
Design Getting Good Graphs Jones Maureen 415217Business graphics must adhere to principals of good visual design.
Education The PC Student as Teacher Varven Jean 415219Training: peer tutoring uses people who just learned computers to teach others.
Finance Extensive Analysis with dBASE III and Your PC Gianturco Michael 415225DBASE III--using it for extensive fundamental analysis and stock evaluation.
Book Review Hacker Heroes and Corporate Battles Raskin Robin 415265History of hackers/Coming computer industry shakeout: 2 books reviewed.
Entrepreneurs In Praise of Unsung Heroes Machrone Bill 416104Awards given by PC Magazine to computer entrepreneurs for technical excellence.
Entrepreneurs Profiles in Technical Excellence Krasnoff Barbara 416109Profiles of the entrepreneurs who received PC's awards for technical excellence.
Education Focus on PC Training: Shaping the Learning Curve Barnes Kate 416115Training Special Report: obstacles to training employees to use PC software.
Education Computer Training: A Matter of Style Raskin Robin 416121Training Special Report: factors in choosing the best way to learn software pkgs
Education The Small-Business Dilemna:Employee, Teach ThyselfHolz Loretta 416132Training Special Report: 5 small businesses solve computer training problems.
Education The Corporate Solution: Classes for the Masses Joyce Edward 416140Training Special Report: large companies solve their need for mass instruction.
Education Doing It Yourself: A Blueprint for Training Barnes Kate 416146Training Special Report: tailoring training to fit your companies specific needs
Education Surveying the Resources: 1-2-3 Training CompendiumHelliwell,Petzold Poor,Riddington 416157Lotus 1-2-3: learning it through various methods (training methods examined).
Design CADKEY: 3-D Design from Any Angle Weiner Harv 416182CADKEY: powerful graphics system creates unlimited 3-D views.
Hardware Core's Hard Disks:Workhorse of Performance ComptngRosch Winn 416193Core's hard disks for the AT: an excellent alternative to the AT's own.
Norton Chronicles Striving for Practical Perfection Norton Peter 416 97Perfect PC system: designing the perfect workstation to fit your needs (Part 1).
Programming How to Realize Cache Savings Holzner Steve 416207Cache program: puts part of your PC's memory into disk cache storage.
Finance A Graphic Pro for Investors Meyers Thomas 416231Stock market graphics:Telescan Analyzer charts stock activity to examine trends.
Book Review Silicon Valley Days Nasta Terry 416263Book Reviews: 2 books examine Silicon Valley mystique.
Word Processing Word Processing:The Latest Word Wiswell Phil 417110Word processing software: 18 software packages compared.
Database Management Lexical Electronic Filing Dickinson John 417136Lexical or word-oriented database managers organize document files by keywords.
Medicine 3-D Reconstruction: Seeing Beyond the Surface Fram Evan 4171703-D reconstruction with PC3D offers CAT scan display and other applications.
Word Processing A Footnote to Word Processing Pearlman Dara 417176Footnote management & index generation on 3 word processing programs.
Telecommunications Gateway Software to the Information Stars O'Leary Mick 417181Gateway software offers built-in searching capabilities for on-line databases.
Hardware AT Multifunction Boards: The Fast Five Rosch Winn 417146Multifunction boards for the AT -- 5 memory expansion cards reviewed.
Portables Good is Not Good Enough Pepper Jon 417165Datavue 25 and Visual Computer laptop PCs reviewed.
Accounting One Small Plus for CPAs Yesko Michael Dauphinais, Bill 417156Price Waterhouse Report:CPA+ offers small businesses accounting alternative.
Networks RS-232C LANs: A Basic Bargain Derfler Frank 417189LANLink & EasyLAN make RS-232C ports on your PC work like a Local Area Network.
Norton Chronicles Software Makes the PC Norton Peter 417 81Perfect PC System: Peter Norton's favorite software picks (Part 2).
Quantum Leap The Gigabyte Age Jeffries Ron 417 95Mass storage: CD ROM disks forge a new memory frontier.
Computers in SocietyThe Republic of Technology Augarten Stan 417105Restaurant uses handheld terminals from Validec to deliver food orders to chef.
Programming End Big Blue's Backup Blues Dickinson John 417197Hard disk backup made easy with BAC.COM program.
Business Corporate Communications 418114Corporate communication: business telecommunications products & services.
Business Crosstalk Mark 4 & Access: Redefining State of ArtDerfler Frank 418116Business telecommunications: Microsoft's Access & Microstuf's Crosstalk Mark 4.
Business Good Things Come in Black Boxes Rosch Winn 418124Black Box Corp. communications hardware solves telecommunications problems.
Business The Smartest Modems of Them All Stone M. David 418130Mainframe modems for business telecommunications.
Business E-Mail for the Well-Connected Office Stone M. David 418137E-Mail sets up your own interoffice electronic mail telecommunications system.
Business In Touch with the Outside World Krasnoff Barbara 418153Telecommunications:3 top electronic mail systems, MCI Mail, EasyLink & Echo.
Ergonomics Grand Designs on the One-Computer Work Space Rheingold Howard 418161Workstations: designers redefine today's workspace w/innovative office design.
Ergonomics Designing Your Personal Computer Space Pearlman Dara 418169Office furniture: how to pick the right furnishings for your computer workspace.
Ergonomics Furnishing Information 418174Furniture design with computers in mind: nationwide listing of suppliers.
Ergonomics Designing Tomorrow's Office Wollman Jane 418181Proctor & Gamble designs the workspace interior of its new Tower Building.
Database Management Microrim's R:BASE 5000: A Database That Delivers Poor Alfred 418185R:BASE 5000--a powerful database management system that's easy to learn.
Database Management The World According to Zim Helliwell John 418194Zim database system uses entity-relationships to make retrieval quick & simple.
Norton Chronicles The Vagaries of WYSIWYG Norton Peter 418 83Word processors should offer simple on-screen & printing formatting.
Future View Visions of a Desktop Supercomputer Jeffries Ron 418 95Technology that may bring the power of the Cray to the desktop computer.
Computer in Society The Digitization of Everything Manes Stephen 418104Digitizing everything with the aid of computers gives us a new view of the world
Programming Give Yourself PC Privacy Holzner Steve 418201LOCK.COM program helps keep private files private.
Book Review Telecommunications: The Net Effect Hannotte Dean 418253Telecommunications examined in 2 books about PC communications.
Printer Project '85 Printers Dickinson John 419 92Printer Project intro: PC Magazine reviews & tests 70 new or updated printers.
Printer Project '85 Reviews 419 97Printers: comprehensive review & testing of 70 printers now on the market.
Printer Project '85 Printer Guide 419183Printer project: comparison chart of the printers reviewed.
Printer Project '85 Editor's Choice Dickinson John 419194Printer project: a selection of the best printers tested in each price range.
Printers Japanese Printers Taylor Jared 419200Japanese printers' impact on the printer market.
Printers Laser Printers Dickinson John 419208Laser printers: new laser-based printers and printer technology.
Printers The Little Engine That Could Harts Bill 419210Laser printer engine, Canon's LBP-CX, is part of nearly every laser printer.
Printers Lasers Get Graphic Christian Kaare 419211Laser printers: printer technology aims at producing high resolution graphics.
Printers Electro-Optical Printers: Beyond the Cutting Edge Rosenthal Steve 419214Printers future view: new printer technology on the horizon.
Printers Printer Utilities Poor Alfred 419219Printer software that beefs up your printer's performance & print options.
Norton Chronicles The Peter Printer Principle Norton Peter 419 69Printers: what qualities, besides the obvious, should influence your purchase.
Printers An Important PostScript Jeffries Ron 419 77PostScript: a printer-control language with promise.
Computers in SocietyThe Micro is the Message Augarten Stan 419 87Computers reflect the principles and spirit of today's society.
Programming Getting Graphics to Speak ASCII Dickinson John 419243PRSWAP program enables noncompatible printer to produce screen dumps of graphics
Design Design Tools for the PC Stallings Stephanie 420106Graphic design software for the PC: review of 6 packages designed for business.
Design PaintPad 420109PaintPad graphic design software reviewed.
Design PC Paint 420112PC Paint graphic design software reviewed.
Design Lumena 420114Lumena graphic design software reviewed.
Design Imigit Plus 420118Imigit Plus graphic design software reviewed.
Design Artwork and Brushwork 420122Artwork & Brushwork graphic design software reviewed.
Design Videogram 420127Videogram graphic design software reviewed.
Graphics A Partner in Graphics Burns Diane Venit, S. 420139Grafix Partner adds graphics to spreadsheets & stands alone as drawing tool.
Software Aids Can SuperKey Soup Up Your Macros? Pearlman Dara 420159SuperKey software joins the keyboard macro market.
Memory Upgrading Your 64K PC Feldmann Peter 420145Add-Mem's PC Memory Enhancement kit transforms your 64K PC to a 256K PC.
Portables The Sanyo 775 PC: Color on the Small Screen Feldmann Peter 420150Sanyo 775 PC portable is fast, well priced & resembles Compaq w/a color monitor.
Printers A Practical Look at Printer Sharing Wiswell Phil 420175Printer sharing devices allow 2 or more computers to use the same printer.
Accounting 4-in-1 Accounting: The Basics from RealWorld White Thomas Dauphinais, B. 420166Price Waterhouse Report: RealWorld's 4-in-1 Basic Accounting program reviewed.
Norton Chronicles Unearthed Treasure Norton Peter 420 81Hewlett-Packard's LaserJet printer & Microsoft Word.
Computers in SocietyFlying Lizards and Computer Paranoia Manes Stephen 420 96Marketplace competition inspires computer company paranoia.
Programming Double Duty Directory Display Petzold Charles 420189DDIR program alphabetizes your directory & splits it into 2 columns.
Book Review Explaining the Inexplicable Wiswell Phil 420245Artificial Intel. explored in 2 books: The AI Business & The Cognitive Computer.
Marketplace Low-Cost Computing: Where the Smart Money Is Bermant Charles 421108Low-cost computing products which do not sacrifice quality performance.
Hardware Cost-Conscious Computing Rosch Winn 421112Low-cost compatible computers: 6 good buys reviewed.
Word Processing Word Processing for the Dollar-Wise Wiswell Phil 421122Low-cost word processing: 6 high quality software programs reviewed.
Database Management Cost-Effective Database Management Poor Alfred 421132Low-cost database management: 4 high powered software programs reviewed.
Accounting Taking Your Budget into Account Falkner Mike Fitzhenry/Dauphinais421140Low-cost accounting packages: 4 quality programs reviewed.
Accounting The Bottom Line on Spreadsheets Taylor Jared 421150Low-cost spreadsheet programs: 4 high quality packages reviewed.
Hardware A Professional Micro from Wang Rosch Winn 421158Wang PC-S2-2 Professional microcomputer reviewed.
Networks PC Networking, Wang-Style Catchings Bill 421173Wang's local area network isn't IBM PC compatible, but it's finely crafted.
Graphics Transportable Color Graphics Pepper Jon 421178ISM Express color graphics hardware: high resolution graphics w/PC compatibility
Hardware Improving the PC's Family Ties Feldmann Peter 421199JDISKETTE makes PC & XT disks compatible with the AT's high density format.
Database Management A Flexible Formula for Application Generation Derfler Frank 421183Formula IV, a multiuser database mgmt. system uses menus to tailor applications.
Expert Systems A New Insight into Expert Systems Webster Robin 421191Insight 2 expert system combines artif. intel. with traditional programming.
Languages Workbench: A Program That Means Business Bank Eric 421209VS COBOL Workbench software brings the popular mainframe language to the PC.
Norton Chronicles A Penny Here, a Penny There Norton Peter 421 81Saving money safely: when you can & can't afford to scrimp on hardware.
Quantum Leap Mass Storage for the More Perfect PC Jeffries Ron 421 99Mass storage future view: what kind of memory will the 1988 PC feature?
Computers in SocietyExpressions of Change Augarten Stan 421103Communication by computer found to stimulate self-expression & spontaneity.
Programming Deleting Made Complete Holzner Steven 421221DELZ.COM program deletes a file with confidential information completely.
Book Review Eckhardt Robert 421263Fictional computer worlds: The Eudaemonic Pie & The Planiverse.
Programming Programming Makes Sense for Business Dickinson John 422108Programming languages: using them in business to gain maximum productivity.
Programming BASIC Aarons Richard 422116BASIC programming language used in business.
Programming COBOL Stallings Stephanie Bank, Eric 422124COBOL programming language used in business.
Programming Assembler Petzold Charles 422132Assembly language programming used in business.
Programming Pascal Duntemann Jeff 422140Pascal programming language used in business.
Programming C Christian Kaare 422152C language programming used in business.
Graphics PC Storyboard: Business Graphics Get Moving Burns Diane Venit, S. 422163PC Storyboard from IBM creates effective graphics for business & pleasure.
Software Aids Power Plays at Your Keyboard Obregon David 422167Macro-building programs acquiring new and better features: 6 packages reviewed.
Hardware Persyst Color Combo and Gold Quadboard Derfler Frank 422177Persyst Color Combo & Gold Quadboard combination cards add expansion options.
Norton Chronicles The Trouble with EGA Norton Peter 422 79IBM's Enhanced Graphics Adapter: progress, but problems for software developers.
Quantum Leap Guerillas in the Computer Revolution Jeffries Ron 422 97Commodore's Amiga & Atari's ST enter the PC competitive fray.
Computers & Society Eavesdropping at the PC Party Manes Stephen 422103Consumer outlook: is America's love affair with the computer over?
Programming A Sight Better than TREE Petzold Charles 422199VTREE: visual tree command program displays your directory with a graphic touch.
Book Review AI: The Formative Years and the Future Nasta Terry 422267Artif. Intel. books: Mind over Matter & Tools for Thought.
PC AT Alternatives High-Performance Alternatives to the PC AT Machrone Bill 423108PC AT: the standard of high performance by which the others are judged.
PC AT Alternatives AT&T PC 6300 Derfler Frank 423112AT&T PC 6300: a powerful and economical PC AT alternative.
PC AT Alternatives COMPAQ Deskpro 286 Poor Alfred 423114COMPAQ Deskpro 286: fast, versatile, heavy-duty PC AT alternative.
PC AT Alternatives COMPAQ Portable 286 Poor Alfred 423116COMPAQ Portable 286: a fast, heavy-duty portable with the power of a PC AT.
PC AT Alternatives Gulfstream Professional Computer 88 Petzold Charles 423118Gulfstream Professional Computer 88:a PC AT alternative w/lots of expansion room
PC AT Alternatives Gulfstream Professional Computer 286 Petzold Charles 423120Gulfstream Professional Computer 286:not quite a PC AT in power, more like an XT
PC AT Alternatives ITTxtra XP Derfler Frank 423122ITTxtra XP: smaller and less costly than a PC AT, and w/compatibility & power.
PC AT Alternatives Kaypro 286i Petzold Charles 423124Kaypro 286i: PC AT alternative with compatibility and high performance.
Hardware Pushing Your PC Past the Speed Limit Rosch Winn 423130Accelerator boards to turbo charge your PC to perform at high speeds.
Printers Are Near-Letter-Quality Printers Near Enough? Chisholm Paul 423143Near letter quality dot matrix printers reviewed.
Programming PEEKing at your PC's Memory Schneider David 423201PEEK & POKE give you direct control of your PC programming (Part 1).
Statistics Turning Data into Information Petzold Charles 423155STATA & Statgraphics software: 2 statistical graphics programs reviewed.
Database Management Multiple Approaches to Multiuser Database Mngmt. Phillips John 423163Multiuser database managers: TEAM-UP, PICK & Network Revelation reviewed.
DBASE II & III Smorgasbord of Fox & Geller dBase III EnhancementsHart Glenn 423219DBASE III enhancements: Quickcode, Quickreport, dGraph, dUtil & Quickindex.
Business Creating Bibliographies for Business Use Chiang Katherine Curtis,H./Guyotte,L.423249Bibliographic file mgmt. software for organizing business documents, reports,etc
Telecommunications Buffers That Boost Communications Potential Stone David 423185Communications buffers: Prometheus ProModem 1200 & Hayes Transet 1000 reviewed.
Norton Chronicles Color Me Enhanced Norton Peter 423 81Enhanced Graphics Adapter: more on the EGA's capabilities.
Quantum Leap Goodbye, Gutenberg! Jeffries Ron 423 95Printed books: will they be replaced by notebook-style computers w/disk readers.
Computer & Society The Right Place at the Right Time Augarten Stan 423103Entrepreneurs: examination of the so-called computer visionaries.
Program/Utilities Cleaning Up with SWEEP Petzold Charles 423265SWEEP program lets commands range over multiple subdirectories on your hard disk
Book Review Honing Your Programming Skills Wiswell Phil 423341Programming books that help you fine tune your programming skills (3 books revd)
Business 15 Real-Life Productivity Solutions Owen Barry 424110Productivity: 15 products to increase your office & personal productivity.
Hardware Sheet Feeders: One Page at a Time Stone M. David 424139Sheet Feeders: 8 cut sheet feeders tested and reviewed.
Hardware MacCharlie Bridges the Gap Poor Alfred 424179MacCharlie: makes your Macintosh run MS-DOS applications & become more PC-like.
Accounting Accounting for Basic Tastes Yesko Michael Dauphinais, Bill 424157Price Waterhouse Report:Back to Basics Accounting System from Peachtree reviewed
Networks Zero-Slot LANs: A Low-Cost Solution Derfler Frank 424169Networking on a budget: IDEAshare, LANLink, & EasyLAN reviewed.
Programming PEEKing at Your PC's Memory (Part 2) Schneider David 424187PEEK & POKE programs give you direct control of your PC programming (Part 2).
Education Learning to Talk Computer Krasnoff Barbara 424209Training:Personal Consultant Series uses interactive videodisk to teach new user
Norton Chronicles Choosing Character Sets with EGA Norton Peter 424 79Enhanced graphics adapter's special features examined.
Quantum Leap What's Ahead for DOS? Jeffries Ron 424 95Microsoft's Bill Gates interviewed on the future of DOS.
Computers & Society The Computer Goes to Hollywood Manes Stephen 424105Television: computer's role in generating "Midas Valley" an ABC TV movie.
Program/Utilities WAITASEC While I Get That Petzold Charles 424215WAITASEC program freezes & recalls screens that scroll by too fast to read.
Book Review Back to the Future Aarons Richard 424277Handbooks:Peter Norton Programmer's Guide & Handbook of BASIC for the IBM PC.
Entrepreneurs Lightning Strikes Somerson Paul 425112Borland International's Phillipe Kahn: the man behind Turbo Lighting.
Software Aids A Spark of Lightning Machrone Bill 425119Turbo Lighting:innovative new product is spelling checker,thesaurus,encylopedia.
Marketplace A PC Wish Book Dyar Christina 425145Wish list of possible PC-related Christmas gifts.
Portables 9 Laptops to Go Poor Alfred Pepper,Jon 425124Laptops reviewed: 9 lightweight portables reviewed.
Hardware The Hardcard: A 10-Meg Marvel Rosch Winn 425160Hardcard: 10-megabyte hard disk subsystem on an expansion card.
Telecommunications FASTLINK: Communicating at 10,000 bps and Up Stone M. David 425251FASTLINK: impressive new modem technology for heavy-duty data transfer.
Languages APL:Daring to Be Different Smith Bob 425167APL's ability to get applications up&running without tedious programming chores.
Business When Good Form Matters Stallings Stephanie 425215Forms-design software organizes info by creating flowcharts, schedules & forms.
Printers Printer Utilities Make the Difference Poor Alfred 425259Printer utility software helps you take advantage of your printer's capabilities
Publishing Words into Type:Meeting the Corporate Challenge Burns Diane Venit, S. 425180Publishing depts. using PC-based systems to produce printed matter internally.
Education Getting the Most for Your Seminar Dollar Jones Sandy 425233Training: computer seminars, how to pick the ones that are right for you.
Norton Chronicles Starting the Search for Lost Files Norton Peter 425 83Disks: how they work & why a deleted file can be recovered.
Word Processing The New Challenger in the Word Processing Wars Seymour Jim 425 91Lotus' plans to release a "smart" word processor.
Computers & Society Computers & Apartheid Augarten Stan 425 99South Africa's use of computers & moral responsibility in that environment.
Programming/UtilitieGreen Screen 1-2-3 Graphics Petzold Charles 425283Lotus utility for drawing shaded bar charts using only monochrome display.
Book Review Two Tutorials for dBASE III Obregon David 425349DBASE III: two tutorial books reviewed.
Graphics Adding a Touch of Color: 24 Plotters,$399 to $5950Hart Glenn 426108Plotters: producing high quality graphics (24 plotters reviewed).
Graphics Genoa and Paradise:Superset of Graphics Standards Rosch Winn 426147Graphics display adapters:Genoa Spectrum Graphics Board & Modular Graphics Card.
Hardware Turbocharging Your PC with the V-Series Davis Stephen 426181V-series chips inexpensive replacements for 8088 or 8086 central processing unit
Telecommunications An Ovation for Novation Derfler Frank 426189Novation Professional 2400-baum modem reviewed.
Languages Serious FORTRAN for the PC Wolf Chris 426161Fortran programming for the PC: 3 DOS compilers reviewed.
Software Aids TallScreen: More DOS Power to You Hart Glenn 426173TallScreen: a powerful DOS enhancement utility reviewed.
Word Processing Banish Typos with Spelling Checkers Pepper Jon 426199Spelling checkers: 6 programs reviewed.
Norton Chronicles Tracking Down Lost Data Norton Peter 426 81Lost files: methods behind recovering erased files.
Quantum Leap On the Threshold of Supercheap RAM Jeffries Ron 426 92Memory:with price of RAM chips falling,future PCs will come with massive memory.
Computers in Society'Tis the Season to be Floppy Manes Stephen 426 97Gift list spoof for PC Christmas gifts.
Programming/UtilitieKEY-FAKEing Keystrokes Petzold Charles 426215KEY-FAKE lets you supply initial program configuration commands automatically.
Book Review Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Word Dickinson John 426293Microsoft Word: 5 books on this program reviewed.

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