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PC Magazine vol.13 no.9 archived utilities.
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PC Magazine vol.13 no.9 archived utilities.
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Contents of the INIBAK.DOC file

INIBAK.EXE (VERSION 1.0) Copyright (c) 1994, Neil Rubenking
First Published in PC Magazine May 17, 1994 (Utilities)

INIBAK by Neil Rubenking

INIBAK automates the backup of selected Windows INI files.
If an INI file becomes corrupted, INIBAK can be used to restore an earlier

To install INIBAK, copy INIBAK.EXE and INIBAK.HLP into the
directory of your choice and, if you don't already have them, copy
VBRUN300.DLL and CMDIALOG.VBX into your Windows system directory
(usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

Finally, add INIBAK to your Program Manager Startup group so it
will be launched each time you load Windows. If you run INIBAK again during
the same Windows session, it will skip the automatic file checking.


When INIBAK first extends its protection to an INI file, it
makes a backup copy of that file in a special directory. The backup has
the same file name as the INI file, but a file extension of 000. The next
time INIBAK backs up the same file, it pushes the first backup down
the "stack" by changing its extension to 001 and gives the new backup
the 000 extension. Each time INIBAK adds another backup, it pushes the
old ones down to the next higher extension. When the number of backups
for a given INI file exceeds a user-defined maximum (from three to twelve),
INIBAK automatically deletes the oldest.

Each time you start Windows, INIBAK checks for changes in your
selected INI files. If a change is detected, INIBAK will display a Warning
box that lists the differences. If you want, you can restore a backup
version of the INI file at this time. But you don't need to wait for a
warning to restore an earlier version; this option is also available from
the main INIBAK menu.

Some INI files are not good candidates for protection. For example,
if you've checked the Save Settings on Exit option in Program Manager,
PROGMAN.INI will change every time you start Windows, so you probably would
not want to select it within INIBAK.
Neil Rubenking is is Technical Editor of PC Magazine.

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