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;********* INCENV.ASM - increases the size of a BASIC program's environment

;Copyright (c) 1991 Ethan Winer

;Syntax: CALL IncreaseEnv(BYVAL BytesLarger%)

;NOTE: This routine will not work in the QB or QBX editor.

.Model Medium, Basic
Extrn B$SETM:Proc ;this is BASIC's internal SETMEM function

Extrn __aenvseg:Word ;this is BASIC's internal environment segment
Extrn b$env_len:Word ;the length of BASIC's environment, also internal
Extrn __psp:Word ;the PSP of the BASIC program


IncreaseEnv Proc Uses DI SI, Increase:Word

Mov BX,__aenvseg ;get BASIC's environment segment
Dec BX ;look at the segment before (its MCB)
Mov ES,BX ;through ES
Mov AX,ES:[3] ;the size is in the third byte of the MCB

Mov BX,Increase ;see how many bytes larger it is to be
Mov CL,4 ;prepare to divide by 16
Shr BX,CL ;convert from bytes to paragraphs
Inc BX ;plus one more in case of an odd number

Add AX,BX ;now AX holds the new size in paragraphs
Push AX ;save this for later
Shl AX,CL ;convert the new size from paragraphs to bytes
Push AX ;save this for later too

Add AX,16 ;bump up an extra paragraph for headroom
Neg AX ;convert to a negative version for SETMEM
Cwd ;now that value is in DX:AX
Push DX ;pass it on to SETMEM
Push AX
Call B$SETM ;now we can call DOS to claim memory

Pop CX ;retrieve the new size in bytes (was pushed as AX)
Pop BX ;and retrieve again as paragraphs (also pushed as AX)
Mov AH,48h ;DOS Allocate Memory service
Int 21h ;claim memory for the new environment
Jc Exit ;for some reason the memory request failed...

Mov b$env_len,CX ;it worked, show BASIC the new maximum env. length
Push DS ;save DS before we trash it below

Mov ES,AX ;we'll copy to the newly allocated segment
Sub DI,DI ;all segments start at address zero
Mov DS,__aenvseg ;copy from BASIC's environment
Sub SI,SI ;also starting at address zero
Cld ;copy forward
Rep Movsb ;copy the old environment to the new segment

Pop DS ;retrieve DS so we can get at BASIC's data
Push DS ;save it again for a moment
Mov __aenvseg,ES ;show BASIC where it's new environment segment is
Mov DS,__psp ;now load the BASIC program's PSP segment
Mov DS:[2Ch],ES ;and assign the new environment segment there
; so DOS will know about the relocated environment

Pop DS ;retrieve DS before returning

Ret ;return to BASIC and restore the Uses registers

IncreaseEnv Endp

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Archive   : VOL11N21.ZIP
Filename : INCENV.ASM

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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