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Files from PC Magazine Volume 11, No. 6.
File VOL11N06.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Files from Magazines
Files from PC Magazine Volume 11, No. 6.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
2.BAT 311 148 deflated
ALTDIR.WPM 1019 371 deflated
ALTH.WPM 1255 420 deflated
CLRPRI.BAS 1571 728 deflated
DEMO5 618 282 deflated
DEMO5.C 10547 3144 deflated
DEMO5.DEF 349 219 deflated
DEMO5.EXE 18041 5776 deflated
DEMO5.H 410 220 deflated
DEMO5.RC 1336 412 deflated
DEMO5.RES 423 231 deflated
MIDIDE.EXE 5120 1771 deflated
MIDIDEVS.BCP 405 195 deflated
MIDIDEVS.C 6998 1596 deflated
MIDIDEVS.DEF 424 230 deflated
MIDIDEVS.MSC 351 170 deflated
PCDICT 236 155 deflated
PCDICT.C 6503 1887 deflated
PCDICT.DEF 290 190 deflated
PCDICT.DLL 11529 3288 deflated
PCDICT.H 446 137 deflated
PCUNZP.ASM 59218 10806 deflated
PCUNZP.COM 5140 4220 deflated
PCUNZP.DOC 1723 821 deflated
TIMED2.XLM 2854 1182 deflated
TIMEDA.XLM 3985 1547 deflated
TRYALT.PRG 5049 1332 deflated

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Contents of the PCUNZP.DOC file

PCUNZIP.COM Version 1.0
Michael Mefford March 31, 1992 (Utilities)
Purpose: Provides a smaller, no-cost alternative to the shareware
utility PKUNZIP.EXE for decompressing .ZIP files downloaded from PC MagNet
and elsewhere.

Format:pcunzip filename [\path] [/V] [/E] [/O] [/?]

Remarks: Entered simply with a filename (adding the .ZIP extension
is unnecessary), PCUNZIP uncompresses all files within a .ZIP file into
the current directory. A path to an existing subdirectory can be supplied
if it is desired to store the decompressed file(s) elsewhere. The optional
/V (view) switch can be supplied to display a listing of the files
contained in a given .ZIP filename. The /E (extract) switch, followed by
the name of one of these contained files, will extract and decompress only
the named file. By default, PCUNZIP issues a confirming prompt before
overwriting a same-named file in the target subdirectory. This warning
can be overridden by executing PCUNZIP with the /O switch.

PCUNZIP and its /V and /E options support the use of the DOS * and
? wildcards. This enables viewing or extracting all or only the similarly
named files for a C program, for example. Unlike the full PKUNZIP utility,
however, PCUNZIP does not support the decompression of encrypted files.

Updated versions of PCUNZIP will be made available for download to
reflect any changes to the PKZIP program implemented in files on PC MagNet.
PCUNZIP requires 5K of storage space and 100K of working memory while

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