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Gene Kavner October 29, 1991 (Utilities)

Purpose: A stand-alone Windows 3.0 application that attaches itself to the
Program Manager by adding a Save Configuration item to the Program Manager's
File menu. When you select Save Configuration, the cursor changes to an
hourglass for a couple of seconds while your configuration is saved. You
remain in Windows during the entire operation, and none of your active Windows
or DOS applications running at the time are affected. This one-step operation
is so simple and intuitive that you will begin to feel that CFGSAV is a
natural part of Windows.


Remarks: CFGSAV.EXE and CFGSAV.DLL, the two files that make up the
executable portion of the utility, should be copied into your Windows
directory. You must then add CFGSAV.EXE to the LOAD= line in the [Windows]
section of your WIN.INI file. (NOTEPAD.EXE or SYSEDIT.EXE are handy programs
for editing WIN.INI.) This ensures that the utility will execute immediately
after Windows is started up. When you are through editing WIN.INI, it should
appear as follows:
INSERT 1(18)--5 lines
INSERT 1(18)--5 lines
INSERT 1(18)--5 lines
INSERT 1(18)--5 lines
INSERT 1(18)--5 lines
LOAD=CFGSAV.EXE [other applications]

When you now restart Windows there will be no visible difference in how the
Program Manager and other applications are displayed until you select the File
item in the Program Manager's menu. When the pop-up menu is displayed, you'll
see the new Save Configuration menu item, as shown in Figure 1. Now, any time
you make a change to the Program Manager you can save your configuration by
simply selecting Save Configuration from the Program Manager's menu.

Although CFGSAV is an application separate from the Windows Program
Manager, it does take advantage of certain Program Manager characteristics. It
expects, for example, that during shut-down the Program Manager will display
an Exit Windows dialog box that prompts you to check the Save Changes box. It
also expects that you will confirm your intention by pressing either the OK or
Cancel buttons. These assumptions may not hold true under future versions of
Windows. If they don't, the utility will simply terminate (after displaying an
informative message box). However, if a future release of the Program Manager
requires it, I will post a new version of CFGSAV on PC MagNet.

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