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PC Magazine volume 10, number 6 - utilities.
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PC Magazine volume 10, number 6 – utilities.
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BOUNCE.C 8347 2046 deflated
BOUNCE.DEF 409 225 deflated
BOUNCE.EXE 5408 2867 deflated
BOUNCE.MAK 256 143 deflated
CIRCLE.ICO 766 110 deflated
DBLEAP.PRG 657 413 deflated
FILLCIRC.ICO 766 177 deflated
FILLRECT.ICO 766 94 deflated
FLOODFIL.ICO 766 200 deflated
FLOPEX.WWD 590 324 deflated
ICO.C 18517 3625 deflated
ICO.H 5565 1577 deflated
ICONDRAW.C 9901 1976 deflated
ICONPROC.C 21756 3602 deflated
ICOREAD.C 5653 1765 deflated
ICOWRITE.C 3820 1223 deflated
IKE 770 331 deflated
IKE.BAS 196606 26649 deflated
IKE.DEF 380 239 deflated
IKE.DOC 2415 1109 deflated
IKE.EXE 38400 11330 deflated
IKE.ICO 766 172 deflated
IKE.RC 5208 1342 deflated
LEAPTEST.PRG 619 407 deflated
LINE.ICO 766 73 deflated
MACDOC.WWD 4198 1255 deflated
NET.ICO 766 153 deflated
OPENFILE.C 9791 1896 deflated
OPENRECT.ICO 766 98 deflated
PENCIL.ICO 766 167 deflated
POKEWORD.ASM 884 365 deflated
SELECT.C 4543 761 deflated
STRU.PRG 1429 643 deflated
TENMAC.WWD 2848 825 deflated
TESTXBUF.C 856 362 deflated
TOOLBOX.C 12485 2891 deflated
XBUF.C 3038 1119 deflated
XBUF.H 269 137 deflated

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Contents of the IKE.DOC file


Marc Adler March 28, 1991 (Utilities)

Purpose: An icon editor that every Windows 3.0 devotee can use either to
create icons from scratch or to read in icon files for editing. The average
icon is 32-by-32 pixels and contains 16 colors, so this is the format for
which IKE is designed. In use, IKE displays two separate viewing areas: an
actual-size display of the image being edited, and a larger editing window
that contains a magnified view of the icon. IKE provides you with a variety
of drawing tools and lets you work with a palette of 16 available colors.

Format: WIN IKE [filename]

Remarks: This is where the optional filename is the name of an existing
icon file. Alternatively, you can start IKE from the Windows Program Manager
by double-clicking the mouse on IKE's own icon. If you do not initially
supply an icon filename you can still select an existing icon file for editing
with the File/Open menu choice. To create a new icon, simply start drawing in
the edit window.
The toolbox palette at the bottom of the display lets you click-select
from among 8 different drawing tools. The pencil tool lets you draw an
individual pixel, and the line drawing tool produces one-pixel lines. The
hollow and filled-rectangle drawing tools and their ellipse counterparts let
you work with a variable-width brush. The fill tool lets you flood an enclosed
area of your icon with a selected color; and the net lets you capture and copy
a portion of your image and paste it elsewhere, using the Edit/Copy and
Edit/Paste menu choices. You can pick any of 16 colors from the color palette
at the bottom of the screen. Your current tool and color choices are
highlighted with a black border around their buttons.
After you finish editing an icon you must save it to an icon file.
Choose the File/Save or File/SaveAs menu item, and enter a filename for the
icon if requested.
To associate an icon with a program in the Program Manager, you choose
the File/Properties menu item from within the Program Manager. Click on the
"Change Icon..." button and enter the full path name of the icon you want to
associate with that program. Then click on the OK button, click OK again in
the Properties box, and you're all set. The new icon will then be associated
with that program whenever the Program Manager starts up.

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