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REM All Word for Windows macros must begin with this statement.

A$ = " ("
REM The letter A is assigned a space and the begin parenthesis.

B$ = " at "
REM The letter B is assigned the text string " at ".
REM All text strings must be surrounded by quotation marks.

C$ = ")"
REM The letter C is assigned the end parenthesis.

Insert FileName$(0)
REM The current file name and path are inserted at the cursor.

Insert A$
REM A space and the begin parenthesis are inserted
REM immediately after the file name.

REM The current date is inserted after the begin
REM parenthesis.

Insert B$
REM The word "at", with a space before and after it, is
REM inserted following the current date.

REM The current time is inserted after the word "at".

Insert C$
REM The end parenthesis is inserted immediately after
REM the current time.

REM Word for Windows macros must end with this statement.