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PC Magazine source volume 10 number 1 including PC Spool.
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PC Magazine source volume 10 number 1 including PC Spool.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
A.BAT 92 92 stored
BIOSDATA.EXE 6384 3988 deflated
BIOSDATA.PAS 3553 1232 deflated
DELBAK.BAT 121 88 deflated
EDLIN.SCR 15 15 stored
EDLIN2.SCR 19 19 stored
ERRTRAP.WQ1 2731 983 deflated
ERRTRAP2.WQ1 3052 1178 deflated
GLOBAL.BAT 334 219 deflated
INT9.EXE 6560 4322 deflated
INT9.PAS 6697 1976 deflated
MAKECLIP.BAS 2461 1071 deflated
MAKECLIP.EXE 41680 30851 deflated
MAKEFOX.BAS 2397 1053 deflated
MAKEFOX.EXE 41592 30811 deflated
PCSPOOL.ASM 129718 25567 deflated
PCSPOOL.COM 6192 4427 deflated
PCSPOOL.DOC 2620 1254 deflated
STATUS.BAT 610 199 deflated

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Contents of the PCSPOOL.DOC file


Michael Holmes and Bob Flanders January 8, 1990 (Utilities)

Purpose: A TSR utility that spools files to be printed into memory
or onto disk, freeing the PC and application for immediate use
while printing takes place in background. Controls and displays
status of up to three printers through command line and window
commands. Queued files can be skipped, canceled, and separated
by formfeeds and/or pauses with prompt messages.

Format: PCSPOOL /I [/1] [/2] [/3] [/Cnn|/D[d:\path]]
PCSPOOL /P [/1] [/2] [/3] [Comment]
PCSPOOL /F [/1|/2|/3]

Remarks: The /I (Install), /P (Pause), /F (FormFeed) and /U (Uninstall)
commands cannot be combined, but must be executed separately from the DOS
prompt. LPT1: is assumed if no entry is made for /1, /2, or /3, but
printer(s) to be controlled can be changed from the pop-up window, whose
default hotkey is Ctrl-Alt-P. The /C switch reserves nnK of conventional
memory for the queue; default is 16K. Alternatively, a drive and path,
including EMS RAM disks, can be specified with /Dd:\path. (Note: No space
between /D and d:. The filename PCSPOOL.QUE will be used.) A comment entered
with the /P command (to change paper, for example) will be displayed when the
pop-up window is activated. PCSPOOL's TSR code requires 7K of memory.

Printers not specifically controlled by PCSPOOL receive data
normally; serial printers, even if set up with MODE LPTx:=COMx:, cannot be
controlled by PCSPOOL. Pauses and formfeeds should not be issued while data
is being sent to the queue for their placement will be uncertain.

Single-letter commands to disable control (D), pause (P), send
formfeed (F), reset printer (R), skip to next file (J), and to flush the queue
(C) are applied from the window to LPT1:. The same letters with Ctrl- apply
the function to LPT2:, and, with Alt-, to LPT3:. The window Go (G) command
takes control of a printer or ends a printer pause. (Two G commands will be
required if both command line and window pauses have been issued.) Printer
status, amount of the queue being used by the printer (Gauge), printing rate
(CPS), characters printed (CP), characters remaining in queue (CIQ) and time
required to print the present queue contents are shown in the pop-up window.

Instructions for changing the hotkey and for downloading the program
and its .ASM source code from PC MagNet are printed in the published article.

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