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Computer Language magazines's article on compiler construction with Turbo Pascal 4.0 code examples (very informative).
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Computer Language magazines’s article on compiler construction with Turbo Pascal 4.0 code examples (very informative).
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TUTOR0.DOC 1221 665 deflated
TUTOR1.DOC 16991 5483 deflated
TUTOR10.DOC 112732 22245 deflated
TUTOR11.DOC 54589 10927 deflated
TUTOR12.DOC 33747 10138 deflated
TUTOR2.DOC 33343 9845 deflated
TUTOR3.DOC 34022 8402 deflated
TUTOR4.DOC 31306 9298 deflated
TUTOR5.DOC 53359 12181 deflated
TUTOR6.DOC 44452 12344 deflated
TUTOR7.DOC 81304 18127 deflated
TUTOR8.DOC 27057 9142 deflated
TUTOR9.DOC 32650 9051 deflated

Download File TUTORPAS.ZIP Here

Contents of the TUTOR0.DOC file

The enclosed files are the first seven installments of a tutorial series on
compiler theory and construction. The intended audience is those folks who
are not computer scientists, but who enjoy computing and have always wanted to
know how compilers work. A lot of compiler theory has been left out, but the
practical issues are covered. By the time you have completed the series, you
should be able to design and build your own working compiler. It will not be
the world's best, nor will it put out incredibly tight code. Your product will
probably never put Borland or MicroSoft out of business. But it will work,
and it will be yours.

A word about the format: The files were created using Sprint, and THEY HAVE
EMBEDDED CONTROL CHARACTERS. They are Sprint PRN files, which means that they
are intended to be sent to a printer. They are "almost ASCII", but they do
have a few codes such as form feeds in them. They work fine on my Epson MX-80,
which means that they will probably print correctly on most other printers,
including IBM printers. Sorry about that, but it's the only way Sprint will do
formatting correctly.

Jack W. Crenshaw

CompuServe 72325,1327

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