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Tiny Editor/fast,ascii,up to 64k,autobackup.
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Tiny Editor/fast,ascii,up to 64k,autobackup.
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Tom Kihlken
1988 No. 19 (Utilities)

Purpose:A small, full-screen editor for line-oriented files of up to
64K in length that supports scrolling, cut, copy, paste, and printing
operations, and permits entry of all members of the IBM character set.

Format:TED [filespec]

Remarks:TED will open and read a file whose name (and path, if required)
are supplied initially. If no filespec is provided it will open a new file and
prompt for a filename when the Save and Exit command (F7) is given. The
original of a modified file is saved with a .BAK extension. The Abort command
(F1), when verified, abandons any modifications and leaves the original file

Lines may be of any length, and each must be terminated by pressing
Enter. Lines longer than the screen width display a diamond in the rightmost
column. Offscreen characters (up to 248 columns) may be viewed by using the
Ctrl- keys. Lines may be broken by pressing Enter at any point, and may
be conflated by pressing Delete at the line end.

A block of text is defined by toggling on the Mark command (F4) and
moving the cursor with the arrow keys. The Marked area is shown in inverse
video. Pressing F3 prints the blocked text; F5 (Cut) removes it to a buffer
from which it can be Pasted (F6) at any point where the cursor is located. The
paste buffer remains intact until another section is marked and cut.

Pressing F8 deletes to the end of a line; F9 deletes the entire line.
F10 restores the most recent deletion of F8 or F9. The Undo command (F2)
restores letters deleted by the Delete (but not by the Backspace) key if the
cursor has not been moved.

The Home and End keys move the cursor to the beginning and end of the
current screen line; the Tab key moves to the next column evenly divisible by
eight. Text is entered in Insert mode by default; pressing the Insert key
toggles to overstrike mode. TED configures itself to the display in use and
supports EGA and VGA text modes other than the standard 80 columns by 25 rows.
PgUp and PgDn scroll the file by the number of rows displayed, minus 5.
Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn move to the top and bottom of the file.

Any character in the IBM set can be entered by pressing the Alt key,
typing its ASCII value on the numeric keypad, then releasing the Alt key.

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