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* Title: SNOOP.H
* Copyright (c) October 1992, Ryu Consulting
* Written by Rahner James
* This is the header file to be used for print server and NIC activities


#define SAVE_BAD_PACKETS 1 // 0:packets with errors are discarded, 1:error packets are saved
#define ACCEPT_RUNT_PACKETS (1 << 1) // 0:runts are discarded, 1:packets with < 64 bytes are accepted as one of us
#define ACCEPT_BROADCAST (1 << 2) // 0:broadcasts are ignored, 1:broadcasts accepted
#define ACCEPT_MULTICAST (1 << 3) // 0:multicast address not checked, 1:multicast address checked
#define SLUT (1 << 4) // 0:physical address must match PAR0-PAR5, 1:accepts all packets
#define MONITOR_MODE (1 << 5) // 0:accepted packets are buffered, 1:packets are checked and ACKed but not saved

#define IPX_HEADER_SIZE 30 // Number of bytes in the IPX header area (not including the NIC header)
#define NIC_HEADER_SIZE 18 // Number of bytes in the NIC header area (from checksum to src_socket, inclusive)

* ECB Flags

#define ECB_OWNER_DRIVER 0 // ECB is owned by the driver
#define ECB_OWNER_APP 1 // ECB is owned by the application
#define ECB_FREE_XMIT (1 >> 1) // ECB memory is to be freed once transmitted

** Socket numbers

#define NCP_SOCKET 0x451 // Socket for any Netware Core Protocol requests
#define SAP_SOCKET 0x452 // Socket for SAPping and SAP queries
#define ROUTE_SOCKET 0x453 // Socket for routing information

** Error return codes

#define NCPERR_NOERROR 0 // No error from NCP function
#define NCPERR_NO_QJOB -43 // No job available for the queue
#define NCPERR_FILENAME -128 // Bad filename or NULL filename
#define NCPERR_ALLOC -129 // NULL returned from memory allocation
#define NCPERR_TIMEOUT -130 // Timeout occurred with ACK from remote
#define NCPERR_NOACCOUNT -131 // Print server account not found in bindery
#define NCPERR_NOACCESS -132 // Print server can not log into file server
#define NCPERR_LOST_CONNECT -133 // Connection was lost
#define NCPERR_MALFORMED -134 // Malformed packet received from network

typedef struct NIC_ECB_S
ui next; // -> next ECB in this list (00)
us flags; // General flags used by the drivers (02)
void (FAR *esr)(); // -> function to call when this packet is processed (04)
volatile char in_use; // Contains the current usage value (08)
volatile char completion; // Contains the completion code (09)
uc node[6]; // Destination or source ID for the packet for the NIC (0A)
us NIC_length; // Length from the NIC

** The IPX structure follows:
us checksum; // Checksum of the entire packet (Moto, always -1) (10)
us ipx_length; // Length of the entire packet, including the IPX header(12) converted by driver from Moto
uc transport; // Transport control (14)
uc packet_type; // Packet type, 0,4=IPX, 5=SPX (15)
ul dest_network; // Destination network number (Moto) (16)
uc dest_node[6]; // Destination node (1A)
us dest_socket; // Destination socket (Moto) (20)
ul src_network; // Source network number (Moto) (22)
uc src_node[6]; // Source node (26)
us src_socket; // Source socket (Moto) (2C)


typedef struct TASK_S
struct TASK_S FAR *next;
struct TASK_S FAR *prev;
uc priority; // Task priority (255 = highest, 0=lowest)
uc status; // Current status of the task, <=0 = done with return code, 1 in list, 2 processing
void (FAR *function)( struct TASK_S FAR * ); // Function to call, near call for now, called with ptr to TASK_T in DX:AX
void FAR *buffer; // -> buffer to send to the function

extern ui Base_Port;
extern ul Int_Count;
extern uc IRQ_Number, DMA_Channel, NE2000_Address[6];
extern ui Buffer_Start, Buffer_Size, Total_Allocated, First_Free, Last_MCB;
extern volatile ul Tick_Count;
extern volatile ui Total_Unread_Buffers;
extern volatile ui Total_Xmit_Buffers;
extern volatile ui Total_Xmit_Errors;
extern volatile ui Total_Recv_Errors;
extern volatile ui Total_Missed_Packets;
extern volatile ul Total_Xmit_Packets;
extern volatile ul Total_Recv_Packets;
extern uc NIC_Normal_Recv_Config;

extern int init_ne2000( void );
extern int start_ne2000_interrupts( void );
extern int stop_ne2000_interrupts( void );
extern int init_memory( void );
extern void FAR *alloc_NIC_ecb( ui );
extern int free_NIC_ecb( void FAR * );
extern NIC_ECB_T FAR *read_packet( void );
extern void start_time_isr( void );
extern void stop_time_isr( void );
extern void show_packet_body( void FAR *, int, int );
extern void show_net_address( int, int, void FAR * );
extern void show_node_address( int, int, uc FAR * );
extern int is_packet_valid( NIC_ECB_T FAR * );

extern int is_ipx( void );

extern int add_task( TASK_T FAR * );
extern int do_next_task( void );

extern void atoaddr( char FAR *, char FAR * );
extern void FAR *farset( void FAR *, char, unsigned int );

#ifdef __WATCOMC__
#pragma aux init_ne2000 "_*";
#pragma aux start_ne2000_interrupts "_*";
#pragma aux stop_ne2000_interrupts "_*";
#pragma aux init_memory "_*";
#pragma aux alloc_NIC_ecb "_*" parm [cx] value [es di];
#pragma aux free_NIC_ecb "_*" parm [es di];
#pragma aux read_packet "_*" value [es di];
#pragma aux start_time_isr "_*";
#pragma aux stop_time_isr "_*";

#pragma aux is_ipx "_*";
#pragma aux show_packet_body "_*" parm [dx ax] [cx] [bx];
#pragma aux show_net_address "_*" parm [di] [ax] [cx si];
#pragma aux show_node_address "_*" parm [di] [ax] [cx si];
#pragma aux is_packet_valid "_*" parm [es di];

#pragma aux add_task "_*" parm [es di];
#pragma aux do_next_task "_*";

#pragma aux atoaddr "_*" parm [es di] [dx si];
#pragma aux farset "_*" parm [es di] [ax] [cx] value [es bx];

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: