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Byte magazine April 1988 benchmarks programs.
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Byte magazine April 1988 benchmarks programs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FLOAT88.C 7230 1826 deflated
GRAPH88.C 5538 1989 deflated
MATRIX.C 6394 2054 deflated
MOVE88.C 3913 1170 deflated
README 1904 943 deflated
SCBIGRD.C 1174 617 deflated
SCBIGWT.C 1311 685 deflated
SCDSSK.C 4169 1673 deflated
SCFILEIO.C 9377 2467 deflated
SCFM87.C 10992 3337 deflated
SCHDSEEK.C 3785 1469 deflated
SCRAND.C 454 295 deflated
SCSW88.C 1410 598 deflated
SIEVE.C 1963 829 deflated
SORT.C 4962 1756 deflated
TEXT.C 3158 1390 deflated
VIDEO.C 8594 2902 deflated

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Contents of the README file

BYTE Low-leve Benchmarks for IBM PC, XT, AT, and compatibles.
April, 1988

Written in BYTE Small-C.
BYTE Small-C is adapted from Small-C created by Ron Cain and extended by
J.E. Hendrix.

Files in this archive:

SIEVE.C - The Sieve of Eratosthenes
SORT.C - The Sort benchmark; includes algorithms for Quicksort, Shellsort, and
MATRIX.C - The Matrix benchmark. Adds two matrices, multiplies two matrices,
and takes the transpose of a matrix. Assumes square matrices.
MOVE88.C - String move benchmark. Moves a block of bytes from a source to
a destination. The move is done byte-wide and word-wide. The
word-wide move is done on even- and odd-byte boundaries.
FLOAT88.C - Floating-point coprocessor benchmark. Two phases: (1) tests
fundamental math operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and
(2) tests transcendental functions sin(x) and e^x by performing
a trapezoidal integration.
SCFM87.C - 8087 Floating-point library. Used by FLOAT88.C.
GRAPH88.C - Low-leve graphics benchmark for CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA, MDA and
Hercules monochrome modes.
TEXT.C - Text display benchmark.
VIDEO.C - Video support library used by GRAPHICS88.C and TEXT.C.
SCFILEIO.C - File I/O benchmark. Tests disk throughput at the filesystem
SCDSSK.C - DOS-level disk test. Benchmarks disk throughput at the DOS level...
beneath the filesystem.
SCHDSEEK.C - Hard disk seek benchmark. Reads raw disk sectors.
SCBIGWT.C - Write a 1,000,000-byte file and time the results.
SCBIGRD.C - Read a 1,000,000-byte file and time the results.
SCRAND.C - Random number generator.
SCSW88.C - Two routines for creating a software stopwatch.

--Richard Grehan
BYTE Senior Technical Editor

Thanks to:
Tom Thompson and Curt Franklin
BYTE Magazine

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