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Revised Linear Scaling C()s from September 89 DDJ.
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Revised Linear Scaling C()s from September 89 DDJ.
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SCALE.C 12408 2228 deflated
SCALE.H 332 110 deflated
SCALE.TXT 840 436 deflated
SCALER.TAU 17891 3406 deflated
SCALETST 412 200 deflated
SCTEST.C 3710 698 deflated

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Contents of the SCALE.TXT file

This source code accompanies the article, "Composing Well-Tempered Linear
Scales" by Tom Steppe, published in the September, 1989 issue of Computer

This bulletin board source code is an updated version of the source code
published in the magazine. It differs from the published source code in
two significant ways:

1) Several variables declared as "int" in the published source code have
been changed to "double" to prevent integer overflow.
2) In the published source code, the four major scaling routines returned
(via the calling parameters) the resulting number of intervals and
the scale minimum and maximum. The updated source code returns the
resulting well-tempered number and the minimum and maximum multiples.
It is easier to derive the intermediate markings from these values.

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