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Files from PC Techniques Mag for June/July 1990.
File PTV1N2.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Files from Magazines
Files from PC Techniques Mag for June/July 1990.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
256COLOR.BAS 881 485 deflated
3DWIN.PAS 1456 694 deflated
43LINES.ASM 749 318 deflated
ATTRTEST.PAS 272 189 deflated
BSOUND.ASM 2457 1048 deflated
BSOUND.BAS 922 454 deflated
COUNT.C 1262 623 deflated
DRAW.C 9916 2664 deflated
DRAW.H 942 410 deflated
MOUSE.C 1677 740 deflated
MOUSE.H 572 274 deflated
NOXLAT.ASM 577 310 deflated
PAINT.C 2730 1162 deflated
READ.ME 1205 662 deflated
SAMPLE.C 7531 2445 deflated
SD.BAT 216 130 deflated
SEARCH.C 6786 2017 deflated
TESTDUMP.BAS 1182 434 deflated
VARDUMP.BAS 4246 1463 deflated
VGAMIXER.EXE 11296 6116 deflated
VGAMIXER.PAS 7819 2265 deflated
VIDPOINT.PAS 1941 670 deflated
XLAT.ASM 914 415 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

To all our programmer friends:

These are the listings from the June/July 1990 issue of PC TECHNIQUES,
Volume 1, #2.

Subscription rates are $21.95 per year (6 issues) in the US; $29.95
per year to Canada (in US funds) and $39.95 overseas, again in US funds.
Two year subscriptions are available for $37.95 in the US; $53.95 to
Canada, and $73.95 overseas. (A $63.95 rate published for two-year
overseas subs is incorrect.) We accept personal and company checks,
money orders, and Visa and Mastercard.

We place *no* restrictions on the distribution or use of the source code
published in the magazine. Please add it to your user group library or
BBS file archives. Pass it along to your friends. Make sure that anyone
who might conceivably find the code useful will get it.

And let us know what you think. We created PC TECHNIQUES to help you
build your programming skills. Your feedback is always welcome. Write to
us at:

3202 E. Greenway Suite 1307-302
Phoenix AZ 85032

And in the meantime, keep hacking!

--Jeff Duntemann
Editor in Chief

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